Jay Boland (Kodaline) getting engaged during Ed Sheeran at Croke Park

Jay Boland (Kodaline) getting engaged during Ed Sheeran at Croke Park

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19 Responses

  1. Virginia Della Giorgia says:

    Too sweet!! ♥

  2. mike melton says:


  3. Pierson Ngo says:

    Ed is the GOAT

  4. Justin Barrel says:

    That’s disgusting.

  5. TheTruthiest says:

    +Justin Barrel Your lady boy profile pic is disgusting. Get that fixed.

  6. 5s (WEB) says:

    +Justin Barrel How is it disgusting?

  7. Jinxy Minxy says:


  8. Vermillion V1 says:

    Was I the only one who thought some girl was screaming “BORING!!!!” AT THE

  9. Siobhan Jones-Evans says:

    The crowd was chanting “Olé olé olé” and it just happened to sound like
    that because I stopped the video

  10. Grant Puffer says:

    +Vermillion V1 Sounded more like “Ballllliiinnnnnn”

  11. klever161 says:

    someone is gonna get some ass tonight

  12. aricars6263 says:

    Who the fuck are these hipsters?

  13. amp Beauty says:

    Oh wow that’s probably the best engagement ever

  14. Megan Karol says:

    The end when a girl said booooring

  15. Everything There Is says:


  16. 5thElemnt says:

    I got chills and goose bumps! Love is great!

  17. Hats ER says:

    rip headphone users

  18. Caleb Howard says:

    I’m waiting for one of these going wrong and the girl saying no 

  19. Ari Karim says:

    She looked fat lol