Jay Williams and Jalen Rose react to JR Smith’s Game 1 gaffe vs Warriors | Get Up | ESPN

Jay Williams and Jalen Rose react to JR Smith’s Game 1 gaffe vs Warriors | Get Up | ESPN

Jay Williams and Jalen Rose react to JR Smith’s NBA Finals Game 1 gaffe vs the Golden State Warriors.

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68 Responses

  1. William Turner says:

    Who the beautiful chick

  2. Leonardo Dabestio says:

    At this point I hope Steph Curry wins finals MVP so that it puts the notion of KD being the “best player in the NBA” to rest. Plus, Steph deserves one.

  3. striderOO7 says:

    I gotta cop me a J.R Smith Jersey after this one. Dude is clutch.

  4. Flashyfinancier says:

    JR is not the sharpest tool in the shed

  5. Jordan Turner says:

    Damn who is she

  6. tiger22 says:

    Javale: Damn I just got stuffed by the rim, how embarrassing

    JR: Hold my Henney

  7. Vaddy ! says:

    As soon as JR got the rebound and started running backwards I knew the Cavs were toast

  8. redspin2ify says:

    LeBron needs to move to Houston. Him harden and cp3 will finish GS.

    • NATHAN DSOUZA says:

      Let me state all that needs to be said in this one comment. What Stephen Curry did when Kevin Durant was added to the roster, will be the last time a two time MVP will ever do. Let go of your ego as the alpha and pass it on to a new guy? Stephen has been on this team ever since they drafted him, but not once did he say anything to shoo Durant away. That’s called a “team”. Draymond and Klay were quite accepting as well. But Houston has a horrible “team” atmosphere. They rely on Hero ball. They are not suited to have someone like Lebron because even if CP3 accepts him, Harden won’t. For Harden the “narrative” on himself is more important than someone trying to steal his limelight. Philly on the other hand are a much better suited team for Lebron. All their players are young and really want to learn. Lebron can be the perfect veteran/leader for them.

    • Jim Parrish says:

      no go lebron is way to ball dominate to share it

    • shottakidd2 says:

      It’s funny how everyone hates the warriors because they are a superteam and it’s unfair but they want LeBron to join the next best team like that would be any different.

    • Derrick Luv The Genius says:

      redspin2ify fuck letravel!

    • Mvgic704 says:

      redspin2ify nah harden needs the rock & lbj not giving that up

  9. Travis Butler says:

    Jr Smith needs to be traded for real that was a stupid move on him💯💯💯👍👍👍

  10. landwolf00 says:

    Don’t try to blame LeBron for any of this. The dude put up 51 in regulation, only to be stopped by horrible calls and JR being mentally non-existent.

  11. Indy Custom Made says:

    Why is no one talking about the overtime choke. I get they had a chance to win, but they also had a chance to win in overtime and blew it.

    • Rufaro Manjala NZ says:

      When you play sports, any time someone blows a huge chance , no matter how mentally tough you are, the next play will be in the other team’s favour. Momentum + Warriors = game over.

    • Deborah Nadolski says:

      Indy Custom Made Very true. The Cavs missed a bunch of shots in OT.

    • Coonhunter #1 says:

      Indy Custom Made shouldn’t of been over time at all, the Cavs should of won the game.

    • Phillip says:

      brandon wheeler Copy and paste that statement.

    • Nyirobi Ojulu says:

      unknownT He could have also gotten fouled and gone to the line though either way he has to try and win the game had he known the score he probably would have

  12. Austin Ryan says:

    J.r. was thinking about what club he was gonna go to after the game… ridiculous

  13. 👑KING23💪 says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that, that lady host is absolutely gorgeous <3

  14. Pinehurst Media says:

    Can we get off of this JR thing already? Hill should be taking more heat for missing the free throw. A FREE THROW TO WIN. There was no guarantee that JR would have made a layup over KD or any other player would have won the game at the end of regulation.

    • Novens Jean-Baptiste says:

      Pinehurst Media
      I really didn’t care he missed the shot, just take the fucking shot. Instead of running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

    • Will Jay De Vega says:

      Pinehurst Media If Hill Was Made That FT. The Warriors Would Call A Timeout. There is still A chance That gs Would made the buzzer

    • Brandon Johnson says:

      I actually believed he missed on purpose to try and get an offensive board. It worked… but JR got it😭

  15. Alycia Cooper says:

    JR stands for Just Retarded.

  16. Pete Kondolios says:

    the GOAT was let down by a goat.

  17. The Universe Galaxy says:

    well if there is one player not complaining about all the attention on JR its George Hill cus he did miss that free throw but lets be fair its not JRs fault or Hills fault, the team has 4 quarters to win the game is not just the last 2 minutes watesr

  18. Intel-Pick says:


  19. Fearless BLaZ says:

    My back hurts, watching LBJ carry these dudes! I’m ☠☠☠

  20. KLUNKER 714 says:

    The NBA should drug test JR Smith🤔

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