JAY-Z “Adnis”

JAY-Z “Adnis”


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20 Responses

  1. Trevor Carter says:

    first one here from Detroit?????????

  2. Gdavis D says:

    I hope you hit hard bro, this industry needs to awaken

  3. Key Bankston says:

    Jay Z comin bacc killin. sound like some 2017 Blueprint woah.

  4. Andrew Far says:

    trending with 380 views?! really

  5. Brian O says:

    I wish I could trend a video with 500 views .

    YouTube trending section is a joke. What’s really trending

  6. Anna Browne says:

    How is this trending? I swear youtube got a paycheck from Sprint to say it is “trending”. ?

  7. Bruce Wayne says:

    trending with 500 views ok I guess

  8. SirTwitchBitch says:

    Jay Z will be 90 & still trying dropping albums exclusively on Tidal.

  9. SirTwitchBitch says:

    Looking forward to torrenting this illegally.

  10. Elee Musicc says:


  11. Johm Doe says:

    Payed to be on trending

  12. Frank P says:

    can I buy a spot on youtube trending as well?

  13. Pantopush says:

    I mean at this point you might as well make me trending, and I only have like 300 views lol

  14. gigglyfitzgirl says:

    Spotify > Tidal
    Also in terms of affordability:
    Metro PCS > Sprint

  15. _ says:

    trending at 1500 views? Jay-Z is sketchy af…

  16. Nebula Entertainment says:

    “hOW iS ThIS tRenDiNg?”

    The song sounds amazing. He is going get sprint and every other company to buy his album 1000xs. He is going to go platinum on day 1 of release lmao

  17. 8 Thackston says:

    No one cares about Jay Z?

  18. Ashish Patel says:

    jay z is fake as faq.

  19. ferave13 says:

    Pirate bay here we go

  20. C W says:

    If only YouTube actually showed trending videos and not stuff nobody cares about.

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