Jay-Z B-Sides Concert FULL HD

Jay-Z B-Sides Concert FULL HD

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    Thanks for sharing

  2. b7k1l8yn says:


  3. SS Trey says:

    Jay had to loan out new rocafella chains…..

  4. Ray Williams says:

    You Savage AF for this good looks.

  5. Ian Marques says:

    That’s dope, thank you uploader

  6. DeyCmeTrollin says:

    Wait he used the word “Nigas” amirite?

  7. eljahsiemallah says:

    Thanks for the post indeed. Get it Jay Hova

  8. Pauly Funk says:

    For anyone wondering why the band broke into the beat from Eminem’s “My
    Name Is” during “Streets Is Watching” around 09:10 , it’s because both of
    these beats are sampled from the same song – if you listen to “I Got
    The…” by Labi Siffre you will see what I’m talking about

  9. Catherine W Corbell says:

    Thanks for posting! You could also stream the concert live free of charge

  10. hazard860 says:

    what venue was this at?

  11. Shayarahla says:

    where dame and yeezy?

  12. DJ Chosen 1 says:

    Say what you want about Jay but this dudes B-Sides is waaaay better than a
    lot of other singles in music period!!

  13. Cortney Warren says:

    Thanks player!

  14. ERRoN KiNG says:

    Thank you bruh!!!

  15. YOUNG LION (ZubKat) says:

    Thanks for posting. 

  16. Quentin Martin says:


  17. Bernardo Brito says:


    Thanks for the post. Muchissimas gracias. Respeto.

  18. iamelo says:

    Cheers JJBro1

  19. Duong Long says:

    A cool way to spend my afternoon. Wasn’t to interested in Clipper’s vs
    Rocket’s. Thanks for sharing