JayDaYoungan “Flash Out” (Official Music Video) [Shot by @Voice2hard]

JayDaYoungan “Flash Out” (Official Music Video) [Shot by @Voice2hard]

#JayDaYoungan #FlashOut produced by Trillo Beatz. ‘Misunderstood’ mixtape coming soon. Shot by @Voice2hard. “Flash Out” available at all retailers: https://JayDaYoungan.lnk.to/FlashOutID

Endless Pain out now: https://JayDaYoungan.lnk.to/EndlessPain.

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49 Responses

  1. Explucive says:

    Make this blue if you’re an og Jaydayoungan fan

  2. prod. christi says:

    if you here before a mil make this blue

  3. quezlol says:

    Who saw YouTube warn you bout community guidelines ???

  4. Kodak Racks says:

    Life if jaydayougan better than lil pump

  5. ThreePoint says:

    i been waiting for this, like if u have been to!!!!!!!!

  6. Timbo VLogs says:

    Who been waiting for that long ???

    Like if you been waiting

  7. G H O S T says:

    you are cursed with nba youngboy’s herpes.

    turn this blue to deactivate.

  8. Drekrxzy says:

    i already had the song so ik all the words??

  9. Hateful卐 says:

    You’ll be rich in 2020?

    ↙️ Like to Activate

  10. IzkingG -_- says:

    If you are a og of jaydayougan like this comment
    (You can become an og of mine today?)

  11. Kvng Trapper says:

    No cap his flow fye ASF fasho on this bxtch Ong

  12. sinfulbread says:

    James Charles never kissed you

    Like to keep it that way.

  13. XDLFromDub K says:

    Like if Jay is the most slept on artist out right now!!!

  14. G-ICE WORLD says:

    I’m top fan on facebook. This go hard but my favorite song is Opps

  15. David Estrada says:

    Why Jaydayoungan bangers always gotta be short??‍♂️?

  16. Zarion Davis says:

    If this grey then you gay

  17. YGF Gaming says:

    Don’t get caught lacking wit yo pants down lmao

  18. Dayshen Brown says:

    Here before a mil?? like if yu are??

  19. daniel prim says:

    My birthday in 2 days ??? jay neva disappoint

  20. I Differxnt_ says:

    If u reading this you gon be rich one day ?

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