Jeanie Buss is to blame for the Lakers’ dysfunctional season – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

Jeanie Buss is to blame for the Lakers’ dysfunctional season – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

Jalen Rose and Brian Windhorst place most of the blame for the Los Angeles Lakers’ disappointing season on owner Jeanie Buss. Windhorst says LeBron James expects the Lakers to hire competent coaches and front office members after Magic Johnson abruptly stepped down. Jalen disagrees that the Lakers’ coaching job is desirable since most elite free agents are not interested in joining L.A. to chase rings.

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85 Responses

  1. The Calvin Westburg Show says:

    Magic should take a lot of blame for this whole mess. He didn’t handle this well

  2. Your Angry Friend says:

    Nah this is totally Lamar Odom’a fault!

  3. Sleepy Archived says:

    Lebron is bringing in his old pals David Griffin and Ty Lue

  4. Hossain Bapi says:

    Jerry’s children are unlike him. They all are incompetent.

  5. ssimpson11234 says:

    Just when the nba season was nearing the end and it looked as if all the talk shows would have to actually talk about playoff teams who are relevant … Magic Johnson says “hold my beer…”

  6. Moboluwarin Ayeye says:

    It always starts with ownership, she didnt pick good enough management, i sorta blame her

    • sorry, idgaf. says:

      King T’Challa how is he garbage? Before Lebron came everything was fine and he was developing these players, Lebron comes it changes? You blaming Luke for working with pieces “Lebron wanted and Magic and Palinka wanted.” That’s bullshit. You sound stupid and irrational

    • Neil Truick says:

      +King T’Challa: Luke isn’t the problem. Luke hasn’t been the problem. Chris Broussard is reporting a rumor he heard about back in December regarding an attack piece against Magic coming from ESPN originating from inside the Laker organization. Apparently, the piece was so damaging, the league pressured ESPN to hold off on the story until the season was over. This could be the reason why Magic chose to walk away right before the last game.

    • TheNarutodbzss19 says:

      Luke is a unproven coach

      Winning on golden state staff proves nothing

    • sorry, idgaf. says:

      TheNarutodbzss19 just like Tyrone Lue then, lol he didn’t have to do much coaching.

    • TheNarutodbzss19 says:

      +sorry, idgaf. I never even mentioned lue as a point

      Bringing him up was irrelevant

      He’s a garbage coach as well

  7. Robert French says:

    Antonio Brown just screenshot a message of Magic Johnson messaging him on IG when Magic was a rookie asking Antonio for advice.

  8. Raymond Redington says:

    This an opportunity to clean house and lbj get out fast man !

  9. Aalique Grahame says:

    Have you ever seen Rob Pelinka and Rob Lowe the same room?….

  10. LA Clippers says:

    Magic Johnson stunned me twice in my lifetime.

    November 7, 1991 ? ?
    April 9, 2019 ? ?

    • Rasar Amani says:

      *S A V A G E*

    • Nobody Unknown says:

      Magic as irresponsible as ever all these years later. He was having unprotected sex with gay men then. Now he’s abandoned the franchise that gave him everything without giving Dr. Buss (who gave him everything)’s daughter a warning that he was leaving. All this after forcing Jeanie to fire her brother 2 years ago leading to family estrangement. Magic is a selfish lowlife scumbag.

    • ReturnoftheBrotha says:

      1991 was clearly a hoax! He should have broken records as the longest surviving HIV victim who never developed full-blown AIDS! Magic Johnson is a medical miracle!

    • Dirty30 #PackNation says:


  11. LA Clippers says:

    Laura Rutledge was born in 1988 but even she knows who Rob Lowe is. Wayne’s World! Party time! Excellent! ?

  12. Neutral 69 says:

    Jeanie doesn’t have the mind & smarts & mind in sports & business & do what u have 2 do like her dad, jerry buss. RIP Jerry B. ?

    • dre_cityofangels 777 says:

      Finally someone speaks facts about Jeanie Buss.

    • jack harrington says:

      Steve ballmer and jerry west are laughing all the way to the bank ???.

    • Air 22 says:

      what she does not pay extra money under the table like her dad

    • Dee Jax says:

      Big difference in the Era.Dr. Buss had a Era where it was biggest bag wins the player. Now you have a cap with it favoring smaller market teams it’s only so much u can do. Now what I do blame is for her not putting a foot down back in 15′ when they had a chance to get the great Jerry West back and didn’t cause the brother didn’t want him. Now it’s time to see if she keeps it family like or finally break away and go get David Griffen for GM n maybe can sway Jerry with the Pres of Ops then they can be that great organization again.

    • Air 22 says:

      +Dee Jax trust mr buss gave money under table to magic

  13. Brandon Ninja says:

    ESPN is obsessed with Lebron the story isn’t about him.

    • The Muffin Man says:

      right?? Its waay deeper than that and bigger than Lebron. But looking at comments the average casual NBA fan doesnt get it “Lebron fired magic” “letoxic the teamkiller” “lebron was the real gm anyways” . naivity at its finest

    • Proud Vet says:

      This drama follows LeBron

  14. Mirmoney Bryant14 says:

    Jalen Rose has PTSD To 81 when he sees the Purple and Gold???????

  15. tatashady says:

    Jalen Rose married the most annoying person on ESPN. His opinion is no longer valid.

    • Dylan Holley says:

      Falcon imagine naming yourself falcon and having your profile picture look like that

    • Skylar says:

      i mean if the shoe fits they both say the most stupid stuff on tv. Im surprised it took u so long to realize his opinion is bs. Hes just a former nba player not an analyst, he just says whatever he wants/feels.

    • Jay HM says:

      Molly’s a snack dude tf is wrong with you

    • Dee Jax says:

      Skylar this have to be the dumbest reply lol
      Jalen has been doing nothing but being the guy that breaks news before it’s doing the roundabout. Maybe you should watch/listen to his show “Jalen & Jacoby” broken news all day alot of insight and knowledge. It might sound crazy but in a few months it comes to light n all we can say was damn Jalen who told you that ?

    • tatashady says:

      Brendan NPC Cronin -Orange man bad!

  16. Edwin Paez says:

    As a Laker Fan, I feel almost betrayed by Magic.

    • Ronald Wilson says:

      Rob pelinka is a snake I had a feeling about him…he probably wanted magic position in the first place… Magic quit right now perfect timing to hold these dysfunctional motherfukers accountable

    • Illuminate I says:

      This will be good for the lakers mark my words

  17. Andrew Mendoza says:

    Magic is Jalen’s idol so of course he’s going to blame Jeanie but you know Jalen has PTSD from the purple and gold 81?

    • AVERY TATE says:

      Jeanie don’t know how to b like her dad.

      Decision making bad for women.

    • Luk Phom says:

      It is Jeanie fault but he wouldn’t let Magic do his job Magic wanted to fire Walton but she didn’t and what’s he point of letting Magic be basketball ops if your not gonna let him do his thing that’s why he said in his conference that he had his hands tied behind his back and also that he didn’t want to tarnish ha relationship between luke and Jeanie

  18. Mark Lim says:

    Jalen is just hating on the Lakers….Kobe 81pts

  19. Geoff Thompson says:

    I still think the Lakers need a 2nd notable free agent this off season, but Magic Johnson just shook up the off season.

    Things are unpredictable now.

  20. hotbezee76 says:

    ESPN need to give chubs a special chair. He bout to tip forward and hurt himself. ??

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