Jennifer Garner Reads Go the F**k to Sleep

Jennifer Garner Reads Go the F**k to Sleep

Watch our March cover star read the classic bedtime story, written by Adam Mansbach and illustrated by Ricardo Cortés. Directed by Jeremy Elkin; edited by Nikhil Shah.

Go the F**k to Sleep:

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Jennifer Garner Reads Go the F**k to Sleep

Starring: Jennifer Garner

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20 Responses

  1. Jennifer Gomez says:

    2 am now . I should go the fuck to sleep

  2. Reece Geyson says:

    Damn Jennifer !

  3. LoserlyCool says:

    She looks so elegant!!! Omg!
    Also, Ben’s an idiot.

  4. ztarbuck says:

    LOL I love you.

  5. Brad Luton says:

    Well at first I was getting there but then she kinda threw me with that F

    Bitch got that disease wut makes you say dumb shit every 5 seconds…

  6. Jimmy M says:

    My nigga Ben!! Tf u doing?!?!? Ben fuckin` up!

  7. DJ Chaos says:

    This is basically my life story

  8. K.E.V. says:

    loved it

  9. graymoe2007 says:

    3:47 am…I need to put this phone down and go the fuck to sleep

  10. Kai42 says:

    she’s ugly as fuck looks like a wax figurine

  11. cesar vargas says:

    I wish she would read this to me & put me the fuck to sleep every night.
    This is the most beautiful, most Satisfying thing ever. Just the way she
    says “go the FUCK to sleep”. Marry me.

  12. J Mouch says:

    What a babe.

  13. Shelly W says:

    I never thought I’d witness Jennifer Garner say ‘fuck’ even once let alone
    a dozen times lmaooo
    DAY: *MADE*

  14. Marco Andre says:

    I thought she was a Christian tho

  15. MEvox says:

    This would’ve been better if she was reading this in a dimly lit bedroom,
    not on a pool chair in broad daylight lol

  16. munna basheer says:

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  17. Ben L says:

    the sun is still out

  18. Hoodies&Timbs says:

    I think I could get past her fucked up toe.

  19. Hoodies&Timbs says:

    My girl has that same sweater, it looks better on Jennifer.

  20. dxmakina says:

    Sarah Jessica Parker is to Jennifer Garner
    Bizarro is to Superman