Jennifer Hudson – Prince Tribute (The Color Purple)

Jennifer Hudson – Prince Tribute (The Color Purple)

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20 Responses

  1. pdrafter says:

    yep, I’m 47 yr old, bawling my eyes out. Amazing tribute, beautiful crowd.
    RIP and thank you Prince.

  2. Valene Onasis says:

    what guns?? omg…i’m in awe…
    great tribute to an iconic legend…there will never be another!!

  3. Toyin Isijola says:

    I think I might go to church this Sunday – that feeling you get when you
    need to hear those angelic voices.

  4. HighlyValued1987 TR says:

    My GOD ! Y’all better sang!

  5. Rialda Zukic says:

    Hi Andres! My name is Rialda Zukic and I’m a story producer for Do
    you mind if we use this video (crediting you of course) for a short piece
    we’re working on? Thanks!

  6. The Beauty Scanner says:

    This was incredibly moving! Rest in peace. xx

  7. Robert Stribley says:

    Dang. Pretty good for an impromptu performance!

  8. David Smith says:

    really upset with the 15 downvotes….

  9. John S says:

    …and here I thought I ran out of tears yesterday

  10. R. Croom says:

    AMAZING. I watched it like 10 times and it gives me chills each and every

  11. Jeremy Begaye says:

    his presence lol

  12. Jeremy Begaye says:

    emotional lol

  13. Jeremy Begaye says:

    people wipe your tears a get back to family

  14. Rich Bern says:


  15. poulsdescoyes says:


  16. karen Powell says:

    Beautiful tribute

  17. wbn says:

    THank god for cameras on phones.

  18. DadDuo says:

    Interesting that Jennifer had to read a note card to remember all the words
    of the song. But perhaps they asked it very last minute and she was nervous
    she’d forget and or didn’t know the song very well.

  19. UrsullaFrancine says:

    No words can describe ? This was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, I was in such shock
    yesterday, just devastated and watching this , I lost it. I Love You

  20. Kristian Caballero says:

    I’m in tears. So beautiful. <3