Jennifer Hudson Recently Won $75 at a Karaoke Contest | The Graham Norton Show

Jennifer Hudson Recently Won $75 at a Karaoke Contest | The Graham Norton Show

She’s still got it!
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19 Responses

  1. Bryan :-/ says:


  2. iambiggus says:

    I saw Matthew Perry at a bowling alley once, but he wasn’t singing, just bowling. And being a real douche bag to the proprietor and anyone who tried to come up and say hi. That’s my random story for the day

  3. Déborah V. says:

    Poor contestants… they didn’t even know they didn’t stand a chance to win

  4. Honeystain says:

    When I first saw the title, I thought it was $75000.

  5. erkan yunis says:

    i hate that word finna

  6. Splinks says:

    Imagine if a group of musicians did together and just took over a karaoke event without being noticed

  7. Legion Ivory says:

    How do they not know, after hearing her voice, she was Jennifer Hudson?

    I mean come on.

  8. myoldreteacher says:

    And, err… what’s the name of that bar in Florida you’ll be going back to sing at? *Grabs pen and paper*

  9. A ZAPP says:

    When her family was killed Donald Trump quietly put her up at Trump towers for free for a month yet

    She didn’t have the decency to speak up for his decency during the election. I’LL NEVER SUPPORT HER AGAIN!!
    He is a good man with a good heart & we need to trust & know that now…

  10. Gabi Grassi-Hoying says:

    *Clicks on video because Peter Capaldi’s in the thumbnail*

  11. Kahnane says:

    I see Capaldi, I click

  12. Redjason212 says:

    Who ready to watch the new season doctor who

  13. GarageStudio says:

    I would have​ left right after she uttered sang the first line; I’m keeping my dignity…

  14. GarageStudio says:

    Ooh imagine if someone beat her; that person would have to quickly be given a record deal…

  15. GarageStudio says:

    I wish Sohyang just happened to be there as well ?

  16. Credo-Ape-Thor says:

    This content sucks. Keep it on cable

  17. 7Somerset says:

    Love that she still appreciates 75 bucks even though she got millions

  18. Jonah Hanoj says:

    Imagine finally getting up the course to entering an amateur singing competition for the first time and your competition is Jennifer Hudson.

  19. The Dynast Queen says:

    Great now random bowling alleys are gonna be flooded with people trying to catch a glimpse of Jennifer Hudson destroying poor amateurs.

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