Jennifer Lawrence Nails the Awkward Interview

Jennifer Lawrence Nails the Awkward Interview

Will the real Jennifer Lawrence please stand up? In this Vogue original short, filmed on the set of Lawrence’s cover shoot and directed by Cass Bird, the actress parodies photo shoot b-roll and the celebrity interview.

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Jennifer Lawrence Nails the Awkward Interview

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence
Director: Cass Bird

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20 Responses

  1. skylilly1 says:

    Cute. I see all went well with the horse. :)

  2. sportsgurl16 says:

    love her.

  3. GreenEyes688 says:

    she is simply phenomenal!

  4. flavinha 1996 says:


  5. Pauli Ramirez says:

    LOL she is sooo amazing!!❤

  6. luis alvarez Criticador says:


  7. BrianDawkins10 says:

    Her ass got fat

  8. Ashley Kohi says:

    She’s amaZing

  9. Mats De Smet says:

    Hey, Radical! property picture What’s your opinion about it 1!

  10. garrettthurman21 says:

    I want to get one of those type of dirty looking motels out in the desert
    and just make each room like a five star resort inside.

  11. Wolong Gong says:

    Wow…this actually disgusted me. Ever since I read her idiocy in that
    wages rant last week she looks like just another fake feminist. its all
    just an act on her part. she had the time to perfectly word her feelings
    in that “essay” and allowed her personality and low IQ come out on how she
    should have been paid as much as the men in a movie she had a small part in
    all while not saying a thing about the men or even the women in the Hunger
    Games movies that didn’t make what she made. Worse yet, she had to toss in
    that men don’t ask her out because they want to show their dominance over
    her…3rd wave feminist idiocy poisoning another mind and creating another
    victim out of thin air…the second highest paid person in Hollywood,
    calling Hollywood sexist over low pay!

  12. mcdouches1 says:

    She has nudes:)

  13. SophieKolvi says:

    I’m actually grossed out about some of these sexists bullshit comments.
    what’s your problem with a full on funny, fine young actress who wants to
    be taken more seriously and be respected as the hard working business woman
    she is? what the fuck rlly why is it so off putting for men to hear
    whatever it is that young lady has to say? she speaks her mind out and
    states an opinion and all of the sudden she’s no longer cute but annoying?
    ?!! men are so stupid.. I’m getting pretty sick of their immature bullshit
    like fucking grow up

  14. Daniel Melendez says:

    Wtf did I just watch?

  15. logan firmin says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is my spirit animal.

  16. Alberto Esparza says:

    she’s the best!

  17. BlueEyedBabe03 says:

    Adore this woman.

  18. Nora v says:

    i wish i could be JLaw

  19. KT Chong says:

    I’ve just read Jennifer Lawrence’s interview with Vogue and her (shockingly
    honest) criticisms of Donald Trump, Kim Davis, and the Republicans party.
    In the past her politics was a mystery, so it is the first time I read
    about her political positions on a host of issues. (And I’m so glad the
    interview asked her about politics instead of pointless topics.) I had
    thought she must be a Republican because she came from Kentucky and a
    wealthy family; boy was I wrong. I expect the backlash and calls for
    boycotts from Fox News and conservative to follow anytime now. I have to
    say: I have always mildly liked her (mostly due to her roles in X-Men and
    The Hunger Games; don’t care much for boring feminist dramas.) After
    reading her spill her political opinions, my respect for her has gone up by
    a whole lot.

  20. 82 Pythons says:

    She is the epitome of “Plain Jane”, gonna age horribly. Looks gross nude.