Jennifer Lawrence Plays “Movie Review or Wine Review?” // Omaze

Jennifer Lawrence Plays “Movie Review or Wine Review?” // Omaze

Can Jennifer Lawrence tell the difference between a review of The Hunger Games and an ‘89 Cabernet? She’s in for a big surprise! Watch her react as we reveal the answers, then enter for the chance to go wine tasting with Jen! This is not a prank—enter HERE:

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20 Responses

  1. Omaze says:

    What was your favorite Jennifer Lawrence reaction?

  2. Yisaxan says:

    Full-bodied and alcoholic. It seems pretty good to me. 5/7, would go.

  3. Nicole Ekkel says:

    I will but i am not 18

  4. Casper Brenneche says:

    Love Jennifer Lawrence personality.

  5. It Ain't Me says:

    Jenny ?

  6. Orlando Ramos Covarrubias says:

    If i win can i have sex with her?

  7. kelanth462 says:

    Talking to Jenifer Lawrence about politics would probably be like talking to a 4 year old about where babies come from.

  8. Kim Rambles says:


  9. David C says:

    lol. She is funny . too scared to meet her in person

  10. Rix xy says:

    you’re right. its ridiculous; there’s no pre-requisite at all to be a movie reviewer. Even “Day after tomorrow” has a 6.4 on IMDB…

  11. Diana Parmeter says:

    Thanks for doing this for a good cause, Ms Lawrence!

  12. Marcelo M. says:

    Is anybody else bored of Jennifer Laurence?

  13. Joseph Emerson says:

    Video posted 6 hours ago with 7k views and on trending. Just fuck off youtube.

  14. Darren Cooks says:

    Remember when you split up Chris Pratt and Anna Faris by fucking Chris while they were together?

  15. hanna rezvani says:

    i’m 15. please take me with you

  16. savage t Aesthetic Knight says:

    I’d hang out with you. That would be lit. Can I drink _beer_ instead though?

  17. pit fermi says:

    i only like her nude pics. nothing more

  18. Marc B says:

    I would love to go wine tasting with Jen. Unfortunately, I’d have to enter the USA.

  19. generic bleach says:

    I’ve seen her her full nude?

  20. Daniel Flores says:

    This bish is good for one thing and one thing only

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