Jennifer Lopez Taught Kerry Washington to Dance

Jennifer Lopez Taught Kerry Washington to Dance

Kerry Washington talks to Jimmy about her little-known Bronx substitute dance teacher and shares her furry secret weapon for handling dramatic Scandal scenes.

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Jennifer Lopez Taught Kerry Washington to Dance

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19 Responses

  1. Owamiking34gmail joy says:

    Kerry from the block ?

  2. Emily KB says:

    Jimmy is a giggling sunflower and he brings so much JOY to the show I don’t
    understand how anyone can have bad things to say about him, but that’s just
    me. ALSO, Kerry Washington is so wonderful I love her more every time I see

  3. Angela Rhodes says:

    Kerry and Jenny from the block!

  4. Joel Garcia says:


  5. Loren Adiutori says:

    Never realized she had a lisp?

  6. Kar Barz says:

    Is she on drugs?? ???

  7. Kar Barz says:

    And why is she out of breath????

  8. LadyHashZ says:

    I cannot stand her !!

  9. LadyHashZ says:

    Why is stupid Jimmy talking over her!?!? Shut up

  10. Hagus McGuiness says:

    Fucking stupid, don’t dance to that piece of shit song Kerry, you’re a
    long-time crush of mine, you’re better than this!

  11. Ajeya Chauhan says:

    Black Scarlett Johansson.

  12. Lothario Bazaroff says:

    What a beautiful woman. “I saw her today, I saw her face, it was a face I

  13. Kuz Singh says:

    I’m so happy for her! When did she get her eyesight sorted??

  14. MAJOR3058 says:

    she has the hairline of a balding old man. And those veneers make her teeth
    seem oversized for her mouth. But apart from that I love her :)

  15. João Oliveira says:

    i LIVE 4 kerry, god!

  16. Ai Rong Lin says:

    Ok, so Kerry is either ready for a silk bonnet & then it’s bedtime or
    prepping for a sow-in. Either way that hair is a don’t. Love her to pieces,
    but ?.

  17. Mani says:


  18. Mariana Ortiz says:

    I love Kerry Washington! ❤

  19. Mao Yang says:

    Kerry from the block LOL. LOVE her!!!!