Jerry Lewis dies at 91

Jerry Lewis dies at 91

Jerry Lewis, the American actor, singer, comedian and humanitarian, died peacefully in his home surrounded by family, according to his publicist.

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20 Responses

  1. theylied1776 says:

    He became such a bitter man in his last years.

  2. Diet Clorox Bleach says:

    Jerry Lewis will be missed.

  3. Ęÿūį Æßñ says:

    Rest in Peace Jerry Lewis. You will never be forgotten.

  4. Living in me Mom's Basement says:

    ME almost died yesterday I was attack by a angry Bear, I got it all on video on my YT page !

  5. Infinite Wisdom says:

    Seriously who cares. Another kike is dead and it is more Jew tears. We have an entire nation burning and you dual citizens are still sucking off of the average American. Fuck off.

  6. sexyvita88 says:

    I remember watching Jerry Lewis when i little with my Mother the movie called The Nutty Professor ….he was funny…R,I,P Mr.Funny

  7. world weary says:


  8. Chad Redden says:

    One less jew we need to gas.

  9. Adam Baum says:

    Jerry Lewis was a no talent hack, and an arrogant fool. Jerry was one of the worst people on Earth, GOOD RIDDANCE! He is now burning in Hell, FACT!

  10. Clorox Bleach says:


  11. James lee says:

    Devil got one of his own back

  12. WEAKKNEED says:

    YouTube Banned in France After Insults to Jerry Lewis – The Breitbart News Network

    Thanks all you trolls, haters, Nazis, White Supremacists, Trump supporters, who take any opportunity to express hate even at the death of a beloved icon of American and French culture.

    I especially want to point out all the CNN trolls, Trump supporters, Jock supporters, russian trolls (3 rubles, really), chinese trolls, basement dwelling little boys, gutless republicans, people that watched but didn’t donate, people from that church that hate veterans, people that go to a gay hairdresser or barber but then hate on gays, Jeff Sessions supports ( eww), Mike Pence supporters (double eww), Jonny Colt, Debangsu Sarkar, m31570, Infinite Wisdom, Chad Redden, Looter92, Nothing Burger, the fake Clint Eastwood, the fake Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Scaramucci and especially Steve Bannon

  13. Val Valor says:

    Greatest ACTOR of all time! His life spans so many decades. Jerry…thanks for the memories! Look at the date.. just a couple weeks shy of Labor Day..and we all know what that means 🙂

  14. Daniel Ritchie says:

    Great peice. Glad to see wholesome news. Instead of trying to get us to fight each other

  15. joe sgro says:

    RIP MR LEWIS, thanks for all you did, walk on Jerry , walk on!

  16. Sally Forth says:

    What the fuck were people laughing at with this cunt?

  17. MrMystery99 says:

    Shame he’ll be remembered by younger people as the prick interview guest from a few months ago.

  18. More Crayton says:

    Trump supporters I guess this is “Fake News” to huh?

  19. Alexandria says:

    My heart is broken. My mom and I just held hands and cried watching our favorite clips of him. I cannot believe he’s gone. I grew up watching him. Forget disney channel, I’d rather watch Cinderfella! From Martin and Lewis’ colgate comedy hour to his solo movies… Gosh, he could make me laugh on the worst day, and with his movies he always will. Rest in Peace Jerry! I’ll never forget you 🙂

  20. A Medium sized bag of trash says:

    Fake as fuck hes still alive who would trust this gay cnn shit?

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