Jesse Williams Steals the BET Awards With Impassioned Speech Calling for Justice and Equality

Jesse Williams Steals the BET Awards With Impassioned Speech Calling for Justice and Equality

The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star’s moving speech received a standing ovation.

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20 Responses

  1. Sonny Crockett says:

    I’m about 1 shade lighter than him; do I get to complain about how I’m a

  2. AIRCAV006 says:

    Damn I always watch this guy on Grey Anatomy. Didn’t know he was such a

  3. screams says:

    jesse williams is so beautiful. im glad he’s smart and speaks up

  4. Clk su says:

    Annually, billions of whites fill stadiums of music and athletic
    industries. Giving $$$$$Trillions for thousands of black performers. Then,
    this ungrateful sht. Jesse. Spits on them. All lives matter first!!!!

  5. tx beachbum says:

    A bunch of rambling BS. Who is this guy anyway.

  6. Daniel Anderson says:

    They want equality yet they have a dedicated show for black people to get
    awards… Could you imagine what would happen if they had the same thins
    for white people

  7. kuunami says:

    White fragility was in full effect after that speech. LOL.

  8. Ananda says:

    Now imagine this was a white person saying the same thing about the
    opposite race, what do you think would have happened? There’d be protests
    all over the country with the “black lives matter” shit. Get the hell out
    of here!

  9. TroyKingLord says:

    White Lives Matter!

  10. Airsoft reviewer says:

    What a hypocrite “we will end racism” literally goes to an award ceremony
    by a network called black entertainment television which is racist by only
    showing black television shows

  11. MzSarenaX says:

    The minute blacks take a stand and speak out, we are readily deemed as
    racists to quiet us down with no understanding of the deep ravishes and
    aftermath of slavery, but boy the racist whites sure get alarmed when
    blacks come together and become enlightened. What a threat! Ohhh

  12. Ed Bersin says:

    13% of the population commits over half of all violent crime. Without that
    13% of the population in the U.S., the average IQ would rise 11 points
    putting the U.S. into 2nd place world wide and the prison population would
    drop by over a third. Interracial violence is overwhelming committed by
    that 13%. Over twice as many white people are killed every year by cops
    than blacks are killed by cops.

  13. Ernest Wilson says:

    I understand that what happened in the past was bad, but now we have to
    look ahead. I know that our race, and other races were mistreated, but now
    it’s time to move forward. We have bad people and good people in all races,
    so don’t put one group of people in one category. I understand that there
    has been killings of some of our black people by white cops, but you want
    to know why, look at the hip hop industry and the other things that are
    going on, most of it promote viloence, drugs, sex, hurting our own people,
    jeliously, ignorance, degrading of our women, trafficking, and all sorts of
    negitive things. More black people kill other black, then white people kill
    black people. We are catorgizing our selfs to one image(or that’s how other
    people see it)I understand that hip hop and stuff is our creating, but now
    it has gone to far. Our youth grows up listing to this music, and we wonder
    why all this crap is happening, and we just can’t put it in perspective.
    Kids minds are developing rapidly, and that is the time we should be really
    teaching them right and wrong, it’s when they are the most vulnerable. I
    know that outside of hip hop and our music that other races promote
    negitive stuff to, but I am focusing on us right now. We need to clean up
    our on shit that’s in our back yard. We as black people need to shape up,
    and look around us, and stop being blind. The hardcore gangster culture
    that happened in the early 90s needs to stop. It’s time to move foward to
    positively, and not let any negitivity in. Dress up, and be respectful, and
    have a positive attitude, and image. Stop the violence in our own
    community, and throughout the world. Let’s move foward, and address the
    problems. P.S. ALL LIVES MATTER. And leave the bullshit that’s holding us
    back all behind, look around you and be aware. And remember our great
    leaders in the 1960’s. We progressed as a race, but when the 80’s hit, we
    moved backwards, don’t allow drugs into our community.

  14. RAIN says:

    Whats up with these dislikes? its a man fighting for equal rights.

  15. Butch Seeger says:

    Fellow white people, we must coddle the blackies, the darkies and many of
    the browns, the dark blackies are weak. They are like retarded baboons,
    they act like baboons and always cry and scream when they cannot get away
    with violence. We superior whites continually give them space and we watch
    and hear them lie to us , to themselves and to eachother, they are
    inferior, low IQ primitive creatures. We have to let them get away with
    lots just to coddle their tiny self absorbed wimpyness. We continue to look
    at them like we look at monkeys at the zoo, we contain them and stay away
    from them. When they destroy property en masse which is their favorite past
    time we Whites rebuild it all.

  16. jmadude says:

    Here’s the thing about BLM. They will not accomplish anything.

    They are protesting an issue that has more to do with financial standing,
    rather than race. Remember OJ? How there was a lot of evidence against him
    and yet he still walked away free? Remember how thousands of black people
    cheered over a guilty man walking free?

    In order for poor black people to move forward, they need to face the real
    issue, gangs. They need to be there for their children, they need to
    educate them correctly.

    I come from a poor family, sometimes we wouldn’t even be able to eat.
    However, my family not once blamed it on race and they kept working. I
    followed their example, I worked hard at school, and am a college student
    with a part-time job. My parents thankfully did better, even own a house in
    a nice neighborhood,, but not because they looked for some sort of
    compensation for shit that didn’t happen to them, but because they worked
    their asses off.

  17. DANTASTIC3000 says:

    WAIT? He’s black????

  18. Homer J. Fong says:

    You nigs realize that 98% of the murders are black on black right?

  19. Brayden Hudson says:


  20. Jon McLeod says:

    That’s was beautifully said and sadly he will be criticized as a racist.
    Nothing that he said was false. Moreover, it is noteworthy that his entire
    speech cannot be found on YouTube. You have to ask why it is missing. The
    blind will say that it is missing because of some brainwashed BS to fuel
    the ignorance that is rampantly marketed by the uneducated. Don’t believe
    the hype, the video is missing for a profound reason and Mr. Williams was
    eloquent in its explanation.