Jiminy Glick Interviews Donald Trump on His First 100 Days

Jiminy Glick Interviews Donald Trump on His First 100 Days

Donald Trump sits down with legendary Hollywood host Jiminy Glick (Martin Short) to talk about his first 100 days as president.

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Jiminy Glick Interviews Donald Trump on His First 100 Days

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20 Responses

  1. MerpyMerp [GD] says:


  2. Utsav Shah says:

    The first Trump interview in which he speaks so little…

  3. SpaceJam313 says:

    Jimmys impression getting old….nothing compared to Alec Baldwins lmao

  4. LIKED says:

    This Liberal propaganda crap is getting old!!! GOD bless President Trump 🙂

  5. charley15z says:

    Now that I’ve seen the dude on the Comedy Central’s President Show, both Jimmy and Alec Baldwin’s impressions are shit.

  6. OldCatLady MB says:

    45th.. I still can’t believe it! Too much like a comedy show to accept he is really in that position.

  7. Brittany McFly says:

    Martin Short is the comedy king

  8. Aaron Cruz says:

    Trying too hard…

  9. Vanda Dy says:

    Fuck Trump and Jimmy for playing him

  10. DeathWatch 1212 says:

    Can someone please explain to me OBJECTIVELY with facts, what Trump has done wrong in the Presidency thus far?

    On another
    note: people are giving Trump a hard time for the first 100 days, when Obama didn’t do shit in his first 100 days and didn’t receive any criticism whatsoever. #Fuckthemedia

  11. art of the possible says:

    subscribe to my channel if you dislike trump

  12. MajesticAymeric says:

    Martin Short is the best

  13. Paula BROTSKI says:

    Welcome back Jiminey! We need you more then ever. ❤️ you Martian;)

  14. Piper Fahey says:

    Waiting for the triggered trump supporters…

  15. Schneider W says:

    Even the Trump Imposter Jimmy looks better than the original.

  16. david mattiacci says:

    LOL Trump supporters are pissed? I thought this was pretty funny, probably because I’m Canadian

  17. Lawrence Calablaster says:

    I want this to be a real thing that happens just to see what the president’s responses would be. I feel Jim was too quiet for this bit.

  18. burnforce says:

    You crybaby libtards are still sooooo salty about the election!!! LOL Get over it already and enjoy your 8yr sentence. #MAGA

  19. Patrick A. Crawley says:

    Fat, loud, queen. The are the trend for interviewers. So easy to take the piss out of queers. Shameful.

  20. Vortec 67 says:

    The worst Jimmy you suck .Please no more .Martin Short your just done

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