Jimmy Kimmel Fights Back Against Bill Cassidy, Lindsey Graham & Chris Christie

Jimmy Kimmel Fights Back Against Bill Cassidy, Lindsey Graham & Chris Christie

Jimmy responds to Senator Bill Cassidy, Lindsey Graham, Chris Christie, and Brian Kilmeade after they reacted to his monologue about the #GrahamCassidy health care bill.

Jimmy Kimmel on Bill Cassidy’s Health “Care” Bill https://youtu.be/cOlibbx5sx0

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Jimmy Kimmel Fights Back Against Bill Cassidy, Lindsey Graham & Chris Christie

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20 Responses

  1. Kio says:

    Damn! I love the realism. This is why kimmel is much better than fallon.

  2. Joni Rose says:

    Chris Christie says Kimmel is not a serious person. LMAO

  3. DrewMcIntyreBrand says:

    What? No way! A politician lied to you? This is the most surprising news I’ve ever heard in my life!!!

  4. Darcy Nishi says:

    Oh jimmy. just shut the hell up and stick to trying to be funny.

  5. 范嘉盛 says:

    good job kemmel.way to go

  6. Melva Valencia says:

    Having many pre existing conditions, been in the hospital 40 times, 47 rounds of radiation and reoccurance I am so grateful you gave us a voice. I am well informed but couldn’t really find info. You have put this out there. I shared it put the number on my share and I appreciate you. Prayers for your baby and God bless us everyone…

  7. L D says:

    Thanks jimmy keep it going we need the humor and pressure on these dopes

  8. Franck TheGaijin says:

    This was glorious. He will probably end up fired or quitting but I totally stand by him! Great job!

  9. Mattias Berggren says:

    Jimmy is a savage!

  10. KG says:

    Leftists are basically children and leftism is more of an emotional state than a set of principles tested by history. Lots of unicorns involved. $15 min. wage? Hell, why not $100? And everyone should get 100% access to the most expensive health care in the world. Legal or illegal, taxpayer or not. Nevermind Hauser’s law, we’ll just tax “the rich” to pay for it (totally ignoring income vs assets because that’s beyond our childish understanding of economics.) Like Bernie says, 90% is doable. Rich people are just gonna stay put and pay it, nevermind the 190+ countries who would capitalize and steal away all the wealth, tech and talent. Money moves faster than government, but by God, we’re the “good people” in this world, and that’s all that matters, whether it leads to disaster and starvation or not. In Venezuela, they eat animals at the zoo, but they did it right. They’re the good people like us, like the celebrities we worship, like economic & legal scholar Sean Penn who’s never lost a brain cell to drugs.

  11. The84nino says:

    Ben Shapiro destroy Jimmy Kimmel on this subject 100% with no doubt

  12. Mikael Salo says:

    Cheers from Finland, you are awesome Jimmy!

  13. Daniel Roberts says:

    I am very glad that Jimmy’s son was rescued by doctors, but since when are victims suddenly experts? Jimmy’s son went through something terrible and survived. That doesn’t make him a healthcare expert. Everything he was denouncing about Cassidy’s plan was similarly problematic in Obamacare. And I’m not endorsing this new healthcare bill because I don’t claim to be an expert either, but this notion that if you go through something you’re automatically the authority on it is utterly ludicrous.

  14. Dalir Farzan says:

    Kimmel needs to shut up. I don’t watch his show to hear his views on politics. If I watch it, it’s to be entertained.

    Also, I don’t need to pay for someone else’s sick kid or selfish decisions. If I need to, I’ll pay my own costs when and if I have them. We do NOT need a national health care plan — PERIOD!

  15. TheAwkwardChic says:

    Hail Jimmy Kimmel! They are threatened by you because you make sense and do understand. Please continue to do your thing and care. Thank you for calling them out on their bs.

  16. Edina Pasic says:

    Hahah Jimmy is awesome!!! Especially for calling out people like Brian! #Jimmy2020

  17. Khamron Confused says:

    Kimmel does a better job advocating policy than the whole DNC.

  18. BbguM gnarl says:

    The best host in history. Keep it up Kimmel!

  19. Bill Al says:

    Love you Jimmy. You are more a hero than any of these a-holes that are supposed to represent us in Congress.

  20. Kate Sabadash says:

    This is great what you’re doing, keep it up!

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