Jimmy Kimmel on Florida Shooting Survivors Being Called Fake News

Jimmy Kimmel on Florida Shooting Survivors Being Called Fake News

Students in Florida and as far away as Arizona and Washington walked out of class the day after the Florida State House refused to even debate a bill to ban assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines. There’ve been so many courageous, passionate and well-spoken students, many of whom were in the school and survived the attack, speaking out and demanding that something be done. Unfortunately, there are some who are attacking these young people and calling them actors and “fake news.” Well known people like Donald Trump Jr. and Ted Nugent are perpetuating these lies and we can’t just sit there and let these scumbags spread lies about children who survived a shooting a week ago.

Guillermo at NBA All-Star Media Day 2018 – Finding LeBron https://youtu.be/50Z5msbmEmg

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Jimmy Kimmel on Florida Shooting Survivors Being Called Fake News

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83 Responses

  1. Angel Rodrigo Urrutia Díaz says:


    • Universe Man says:

      Angel Rodrigo Urrutia Díaz That’s one way to describe the world nowadays.

    • Danny Branderson says:

      Yeah he really manipulates the truth to make it sound unbelievable doesn’t he? Watch at 3:53 for example. He left out the fact that the Russian group was also setting up anti-Trump events. Anti-Trump events that were covered by CNN. So they were fooled by this group too. That Russian group has been known about for a long time, they just try to cause division. They didn’t support Trump or hate him. They just want the country divided. Jimmy knows that. So why is Jimmy manipulating the news to fit his agenda? Why can’t he just tell the whole truth instead of partial truth? It’s not like he can keep Trump voters from seeing the truth, they don’t watch him anyways. So he is just spewing propaganda. The right wing media told the FULL story, why didn’t Jimmy?

  2. James Herington says:

    So very sad

  3. RedNiNo Fioz says:

    Those kids are Eagles through & through. Remember never let anyone tell you diffrent.

  4. Steph and Anthony says:

    Everything to them is fake news. Something is wrong in their brain where they think everything is conspiracy theories. And if Trump really care for these people, he should say and do something about it. He started with all of this “fake news” stuff and now he has all his followers saying the same thing.
    What has this world come to?!

    • Vee K. says:

      The brain power is lacking.

    • One of these days says:

      No it was truth in plain sight and more divide and conquer BS. Now you so called smart ones should know by now that the party system is just a smoke screen an illusion of choice. If you have lived at least 3 decades you should have noticed that these parties do nothing for the masses on either “side” they just continue the divide while robbing us blind with taxes, fees, insurance etc. The war machine  against the weak countries continues all to spread “democracy” but your ok with those guns and bombs and drones killing those “bad” other people (mostly brown ) to keep you safe in the good ole USA so you can keep shopping.

    • Rlinda mcfarlane says:


    • Taylor Johnson says:

      Dyler Turden are you a Hillary supporter? Talk about pathological liar

    • Alvin Hill says:

      It’s not only Trump supporters saying it dumbass.

  5. New Message says:

    The ones attacking these traumatized kids are the same guys who call themselves the ‘moral majority’. Think about that.

  6. kætý says:

    bless you jimmy

    condolence to the families and survivors

  7. loved012one says:

    Thank you, Jimmy!

  8. hugo 4363 says:

    This is the sickness in this country, i have a gun and plan to keep it. Mentally unstable people shouldnt be allowed to have guns, the regulations and background checks should be stricter. Getting a gun shouldnt be the easy was to commit these kinds of crimes. I know some will find other ways to commit atrocities, but why let this keep happening. It sucks that we have to ask you to pretend its your kid, family member or loved one, but do that and ask yourself how you would feel.

  9. Sir Smiles says:

    I saw this in the comments on CNN’s video of the FBI’s reaction. So many people calling the incident fake I couldn’t believe it. There is really seriously something wrong with the US.

    • Big Virgil says:

      JB Ye then guys have mental issues , always wanting to feel like they know something the public doesn’t to make there miserable lives more interesting . Where in actuality they sound retarded .

    • MRTN13 says:

      I remember the 90s when the internet was going to ‘connect us’. Welcome to 2018, where everyone is in their own bubble with like-minded people, no matter how crazy that bubble is.

    • atomant91 atomant91 says:

      Sir Smiles it was fake the problem is people like you just go along with whatever they tell you

    • Jim Bob says:

      Fake news CNN- just got caught trying to script a conversation with a student at the FL hs . Now that’s sad.

    • Albert Nave says:

      They don’t want to believe that evil exists.

  10. Beetlejuice says:

    Jimmy was on fire. But he’s just a talk show. They need to just dedicate a entire show in protest of what’s going on and use it to broadcast to millions to wake them up! Truly appreciative of him and all his outspokenness!

  11. Nick Angelos says:

    Not surprised. Remember those are the same people who believe Earth is flat…

  12. icela malik says:

    Very well said, Jimmy.

  13. Nikhil Mistry says:

    This is a sad situation but 6:35

  14. Ginger Pizza says:

    Im republican and I disagree with the statement that the surviving kids are fake

    • Ginger Pizza says:

      Shawn damn tell me how you really feel

    • Ginger Pizza says:

      I am a republican but also an a American citizen who when sees fit will say my team messed up or what they are saying is wrong because it is when children die going to school and they have bravery after the math to stand up more then 99% of my political party it makes me disappointed that no one but the ones that looked death in the eye, have had students shot dead inches away from them makes me sick to say “oh its fake” This meeds to be fixed HAS TO BE FIXED for we meed to come together to fix this not ignore the signs

    • Ginger Pizza says:

      Shawn with a hateful message like that I believe that women will also need there time to have rights fought for them but when children die i feel we have to take action now before anymore die I feel all that you have said is true that is wrong but im not like them I believe abortion is a choice and that America is made on immigrants and republicans need to see that not what they think

    • Cory Lyons Music says:

      Dylan EVERYTHING IS dem vs. rep…that’s what people always boil it down to in political situations…and also the reason so many others think we are idiots…I don’t blame them

    • Cory Lyons Music says:

      Ginger Pizza it’s not something to disagree about…it’s either fact or fiction lol

  15. Marvin the Martian says:

    They always say:

    “don’t talk about this tragedy, give the victims time to mourn………

    …..unless they don’t agree with our narrative, in that case just attack and call them actors or something.”

    • Marvin the Martian says:

      Care to explain?

    • Mark Armage says:

      Marvin the Martian Those aren’t real survivors, they’re kids who were lucky enough not to get shot, they did nothing, and they survived. So how come they’re being seen as some experts in the field, those are conspiracy theories, Democrats are using kids image, that’s immoral.

    • Marvin the Martian says:

      -a person who survives, especially a person remaining alive after an event in which others have died.

      Also, nobody is saying these kids are experts, but they do deserve to be heard. There’s nothing immoral about it as this issue directly affects them and will continue to do so unless something is changed.

    • MRTN13 says:

      You looked up the wrong definition for Mark, here’s the correct one:

      – less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one’s age.
      _”the child is badly retarded”_
      – Very foolish or stupid.
      _”In retrospect, it was a totally retarded idea”_

    • EloquentTiger says:

      Back to Russia with you Mark!

  16. Maicon Junior says:

    What a world we live in

  17. Erika Hatziyannakis says:

    I support Jimmy on everything he has to say. Thank you for using your platform and risk your popularity. Love u Jimmy!

  18. Karla Hernandez says:

    I have so much respect for kimmel, using his platform to enlighten the public in a subtle and comedic way!

  19. Paul F. says:

    What if law enforcement mistakes a teacher as a shooter when they see a teacher wielding a weapon and ends up killing a teacher ?

    • Shawn says:

      theyll call it “doing their job” and they’ll NEVER see jail time. THE USUAL RESULT OF POLICE MURDERING PEOPLE IS NO JAIL EVER

    • Eliu Saucedo says:

      Jesse Lopez you really think because there is no bomb store, you can’t make a bomb Lol. Very ignorant, just like saying, you can’t make a gun with a 3D printer.

    • mbelma6329 says:

      What if this…

      What if that…

      This is the real world and not a fantasy/utopia. The world will never be the way we think it should be.

      As long as people have free will, they’re going to do bad things. It’s our responsibility as fellow humans to try and not just prevent bad things from happening, but to stop them from getting worse when they do

    • Bruce Leroy says:

      Eliu Saucedo soooooo make bombs legal and easier to get?

    • Mictla says:

      Bombs are not easy to make and tend to draw a lot of suspicion. A gun is quick and easy.

  20. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    how and why be a crisis actor , even in Cali today saw high schoolers walking out before 3pm

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