Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Monologue 2018

Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Monologue 2018

Jimmy’s opening monologue from the 90th Academy Awards. #Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Monologue 2018

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74 Responses

  1. Abel & CAIN says:

    Well, there’s a lot to talk about, but the two most important ones are, first, I missed some Matt Damon beef, second, where is Denzel?

    • LiS Wright says:

      Denzel was sitting in the front seat for the longest; why are you asking?

    • J McK says:

      Awww, no Matt Damon? That was 99% of why I bothered clicking. (Kimmel is funny and all, but at major events at least, this is their shtick.)

    • Wesley Solmon says:

      They did a tribute of films for the war veterans and Saving Private Ryan was included. After it aired Kimmel apologized to all the veterans for Matt Damon being included in the tribute

    • CEOofFRESH1 says:

      Does anyone still watch the Oscars?
      I mean these people are the biggest hypocrites in the country.
      How could anyone stomach this?
      They awarded Kobe a f’ing Oscar. LMFAO XD XD While peaching about sexual abuse. XD XD Come on man. XD

  2. Sam Masghati says:

    Helen Mirren not included… not interested anymore :/

  3. Marie Skaryd says:

    This was horrible!!!

  4. Noir Rain says:

    I hope Mel Gibson releases passion 2 just to piss off all these snowflakes

    • M.S. M. says:

      Noir Rain …and cast JK to play JC

    • Chris Paez says:

      “Snowflakes.” 😪😪😪

      Bore me somewhere else.

    • bootsy says:

      Noir Rain he is releasing it. It’s called the resurrection and it’s coming to a theater near you soon. Guaranteed to piss off all the right wing fake Christians

    • Ajaz Malik says:

      u r damn right. Leave the man alone. He’s been through a lot. Why can’t Hollywood forget ??? 😡

    • Noir Rain says:

      Ajaz Malik They can’t, because he is better than them. So they attack him on his personal life because that’s the only thing left for these so called “actors” they can’t accept that Mel Gibson is a better actor, director and always succeed in whatever he puts his hands on. Typical.

  5. Dante Crailman says:

    I was expecting Matt Damon but I remembered that he’s in Australia…


    • Ruby Abc says:

      Why is he in Australia?

    • Dante Crailman says:

      Ruby Abc If I’m not mistaken, he seems to be in process of buying property in Byron Bay.

    • Sam De Prez says:

      +Kalergi plan, the Great European Replacement
      All Matt damin said was that these accusations are not te be taking lightly, and that just because somebody is accused of rape or sexual harrasment doesn’t mean that it’s true, and that padding a woman on the back without her consent is not the same as raping her. If i call you a murderer right now it doesn’t mean you are a murderer, there should be evidence and a trial, or if you push a guy in the street you also shouldnt be convicted as a murderer. Thats what matt damon said and the Feminazis started calling him a rapist and a women hater. If saying you need evidence before convicting somebody makes you a racist and women hater i think 95% of the people in the wester world are racists and women haters.

    • Andre Knowledge357 says:

      So no Matt Damon but they awarded Kobe Byrant the rapist an Oscar.
      Yeah. This seems 100% legit.
      I’ll be sure to tune in next time for lectures on morality from Hollywood elites.

    • Dark Shadow Figure says:

      Just arrest Jimmy Kimmel already

  6. Hop Man says:

    Not one Black joke , he must be a Racist ! lol

  7. Straight Outta Jutta Fresh Ausm Iserbrooklyn Gettho says:

    This is the most overhyped unimportant bullshit event ever

  8. 69erBaron ! says:

    ricky gervais would have crushed those hollywood hypocrites.. everybody in this room knew about weinstein!!

  9. SHAURYA181 says:

    Too political show..looks like a talk show rather than award show

    • Griffin Right says:

      ya’ll keep saying that every single year..news flash they are probably going to mention politics and stuff going on in the country like they have done for literally every single Academy Awards show..you going to complain about next years too? Might as well just get it out of the way now..

    • Farkus Garvey says:

      Ya it’s like football becoming political. They just can’t leave us alone with the bullshit. Oh well..

    • W!zard says:

      Farkus Garvey you’re autistic

    • Sarah Grayson says:

      SHAURYA181 well he is a talk show host, what were you expecting

  10. karanick016 greece says:

    They might as well pick a random feminist from the street to host the next Oscars…

  11. Sylvanas Windrunner says:

    Oscars is becoming a cringe to watch.

  12. Jamie Evans says:

    Why is it all about political correctness? 😒

  13. xsbutter says:

    Too politically correct and BOOOORING!

    • Love is Dope says:

      lalmuanpuia ralte
      Bill burr got my vote lol

    • xsbutter says:

      One host per oscar night is out of fashion. Get multiple hosts! And make it racy! These jokes are so boooring! I think even Colbert would have done better than this dude Kimmel.

    • Jun Chen says:

      So politically correct and old that his wife’s titties are dancing to polka on a weekly basis

    • Ti My says:

      +xsbutter exactly. The Emmys had Amy Poehler and Tina Fey and they were hilarious. The oscars should follow that route.

    • The Balding Sparrow says:

      To be quite honest I didn’t even watch the Oscars. I just clicked the video to see how terrible Jimmy Kimmel was. If the Academy had got Rick Eat Your Face I would have watched it as he would of destroyed Harvey WankStain and everyone in that room, It could of been very entertaining and the politilcy correct DingleBerries would have been fuming. Oh the drama of it all would of been hilarious but no. #Takingapoop.

  14. Arjun says:

    Just more bullshit.

  15. Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss says:

    If you really care about women, go look up #120db

  16. Lord Voldemort says:

    The Oscars was one big joke.

  17. MrYorkieLover Fitness says:

    Amazing that the more PC this show becomes, the less funny it is.

    • BLUE5294 says:

      Amazing that conservatives want less PC but also less Political jokes. Can’t have it both ways

    • MMA DYNASTY says:

      MrYorkieLover Fitness You assume I back a political party when I don’t lol. You don’t have to lie man. Jimmy insulted your man Trump and you took it personally. I get it. 😂

    • MMA DYNASTY says:

      Jamie’s YouTube Videos too racially charged against white people? Wow. That’s a first.

    • Sgt. Keyboard Warrior says:

      MrYorkieLover Fitness yooo mrYokie didn’t expect to see you here but glad that u share same opinion as me.

  18. mimi // says:

    i see a room filled with a bunch of pretentious hypocritical feminism and black movement bandwagons

  19. Soraia Ferreira says:

    Jimmy, is the best <3<3<3

  20. bridge4 says:

    im only 5 minutes in and im getting effin teary eyed lol. this is a great monologue!

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