Today I have JLo’s Legendary Makeup Artist SCOTT BARNES transform me into JLo. xo’s ~ Tati
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29 Responses

  1. Elizabeth says:

    This is the first make-up artist I’ve actually been amazed by. ????????????

  2. Julie Roggero says:

    Wow. He is an ARTIST. So talented! Your makeup looks absolutely beautiful.

  3. kayleigh zaborek says:

    This video was so relaxing and GOOD!!!!! I loved the connection between the two of you! Scott is a master!!! Great video Tati!

  4. WeNeedLives Productions says:


  5. Daniela G. says:

    His makeup skills truly impressed me! Like Scott made Tati seem so glam, but like ‘snatural’, everything looked like it melted beautifully into her skin…I’m so obsessed ?

  6. MelissaAH6 says:

    Scott Barnes… WOW!!!! That was the most fantastic makeup artistry I have ever seen!! Tati, you look glowingly gorgeous xx

  7. Maria Forfang says:

    Why I need to pay $500 to go to a master class?
    when I have Tati’s channel in my life!!

  8. Johanna S says:

    One of my favorite videos from you Tati! Scott is a true MUA! Love yalls chemistry! ????

  9. Abby says:

    AMAZING!!! He is INSANE!!!! ???
    Tati you look SO STUNNING!!!!

    More Scott and Tati!!! What an INCREDIBLE VIDEO!!!! ??????????

  10. A C says:

    This was pure art. I legit sat entranced, slack jawed, during the entire video. I’m ready to take out a loan for Scott’s brushes ??

  11. Sara Ornelas says:

    Tati convincing me I need all of Scott Barnes products ?

  12. TONI DUPONT-MORA says:

    Wow! Tati, he’s not even done yet, and you already look so Gorgeous!
    I love his techniques. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    You look so elegant.
    Scott is very talented. He has a great personality!

  13. lucy says:

    I would love to see Tati try and recreate this using his techniques!

    Please like so Tati can see it would be such a good video ??

  14. Denae Pitts says:

    can’t believe this is free i feel like i owe money for watching this

  15. Karina Rekhels says:

    Geez! I didn’t think you could look any more perfect but Scott Barnes achieved it ?? ?? ??

  16. Ojreader says:

    Every man who has pointed to JLo and said I want a natural woman like her is quaking ???

  17. Jessenia Rodriguez says:

    I really never heard on Scott Barnes before . I love the make up look he did on you . So interested in his make up and brushes now . ??

  18. Clearwater says:

    I love how humble Scott is! I mean, he can tell he knows how ridiculously AMAZING he is, but he is still somehow soooo humble at the same time. It’s such a rare quality to find these days and watching you two together was so refreshing! I hope the humble-ness rubs off ?

  19. Emma says:

    Hahaha Tati talking like she’s not as talented and amazing with makeup, but two beautiful people!!!!! love this vid

  20. Alea Chanel Holm says:

    You should do a giveaway with some Scott brushes and products ♡

    Sending lots of love from Norway ♡♡
    Ig: aleawraas

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