Joe Budden and Migos Turn Up, Rae Sremmurd Checks In, Post Malone Lights Up | Everyday Struggle

Joe Budden and Migos Turn Up, Rae Sremmurd Checks In, Post Malone Lights Up | Everyday Struggle


On today’s very special episode of #EverydayStruggle, Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska take over the BET Awards red carpet where they talked to the likes of Post Malone, Cardi B, Fat Joe, Irv Gotti, and many more. The episode also features sit-downs with Rae Sremmurd, who finally talked things out with Budden, and Migos, where things took a heated turn during the middle of the interview. The Rae Sremmurd segment begins around the 55-minute mark, while Migos come to the platform at the 1 hour and 16-minute mark.

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20 Responses

  1. E T says:

    this is gonna be tight congrats akademiks i thin k he did his best with that migos shit and respect to joe for being real as fuck

  2. Teddybreezy says:

    Sheeeeeeeeesh Tammy Rivera 😤😤😤😤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Heather Doucet says:

    why didn’t joe have dj akademiks back wit vic bitch drama like dj had his

  4. Weltall says:

    Everyday Struggle is the best thing to ever happen to complex.

  5. Round Box says:

    22:54 Akademiks was waiting for his kiss lol

  6. BOTBALL says:

    Safari Talk 4:10
    D.R.A.M 15:00
    Mack Wilds 21:53
    Dascha Polanco 26:10
    Post Malone 28:30
    Irv Gotti 34:54
    Fat Joe 40:54
    Cardi B 44:27
    Bennett Brothers 48:15
    Remy Ma & Pap 52:49
    Rae Sremmud 54:56
    Issa Rae 1:02:08
    Rotimi (Dre from Power) 1:05:29
    Draya 1:07:18
    Tammi Rivera 1:09:35
    Migos 1:16:44
    DJ Drama 1:19:44
    Ending Dialogue (Thoughts) 1:24:00

  7. samuel gravel says:

    1:09:16 joe failed attempt for a kiss

  8. CezaMVO says:

    You know as soon as this finished, Akademiks broke down, cried, and said “dam from the basement to the BET awards”. Then his momma yelled at him from upstairs to shut the fuck up because he’s making so much noise.

  9. Trust YouMe says:

    1:02:07 Joe gay ass “how are you” Lmao

  10. Creux says:

    *Akademiks dressed like he about to DJ a funeral.*

  11. RizzyWow says:

    Joe is 100% right. Migos were being rude as fuck, they didn’t care to converse. They didn’t want to be on the show, so fuck them.

  12. BATTLES NBA says:

    Akademiks is mad awkward asking questions, he’s too hyper my nigga needs to relax.

  13. Kiing Vaides says:

    man, i can’t believe i watched this whole thing

  14. Klay Clarke says:

    The way the camera switched between Ak and Takeoff looked weird and scripted. Anyways, Akademiks had me dying when he didn’t know what Takeoff was saying.

  15. dimeji faluyi says:

    22:45 lil mama in the back not looking like bow wow….wow..

  16. KuyaJoe_ says:

    Everyday struggle need to be on vice land

  17. Aye Guala says:

    budden disrespectul af come to Texas wit that see how far you make it

  18. Super Benis says:

    AK lookin like he’s attending a funeral and can’t afford a tux

  19. BillyWilliams says:

    lets not forget that Mr.Krabs sold Spongebobs soul for 62 cents

  20. Yrn Jayy says:

    Fuck joe budden. Migo Gang Forever

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