Joe Harris stuns Steph Curry in 3-point contest | NBA All-Star 2019

Joe Harris stuns Steph Curry in 3-point contest | NBA All-Star 2019

Brooklyn Nets sharpshooter Joe Harris defeats Charlotte hometown hero and Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry in the 2019 NBA 3-point contest at All-Star Weekend. Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki participated in the contest in what is likely his final season, scoring a 17 in the first round. Harris scored a 26 in the final round, as Curry failed to eclipse the winning mark with the ball in his hands last.

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88 Responses

  1. T T says:

    Lebron needs Joe Harris o wait he had him

  2. MrAVGNdude says:

    I really wanna see Steph get All star MVP in his home town. I think he has a 40 piece in him?

  3. Ian bennett says:

    Proud of my mans for turning his career around in Brooklyn. He was looking like a dud on the Cavs.

  4. Lebron James says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that curry blew a 10-0 start 3 point contest lead and lost to a plumber

    • kevinseveneleven says:

      +Bryan Halstead we’re not talking about what they play for. We’re talking about your claims about Stephen Curry’s exploits in the NBA Finals.
      To back up your claims, I was wondering how many Finals MVP awards he’s received. This award is reserved for the best player in the series and has only once in the history of the game been awarded to a player off the losing team, in 1969 to Jerry West. So if he beat LeBron he won that award right? How many times?

    • Bryan Halstead says:

      kevinseveneleven wahhh wahhhh wahhhhhhh let me know when you’re done crying honey ???

    • Manny2k says:

      Lebron would get like 8 points lmao

    • Lelouch Lelouch says:

      Don’t let this distract u that lebron thinks hEs the GOAT???

    • kevinseveneleven says:

      +Bryan HalsteadBryanna, get back on topic.

  5. Hit This Loud G Before I Change My Mind says:

    Joe Harris outshooting Curry? That’s some cheeeeeeeesssseeeeeeee!

  6. TJ Smith says:

    Steph got beat by a math teacher

  7. Kevin M says:

    Joe Harris came outta nowhere to spoil the Curry Vs. Curry Hyped Finale ????

  8. JayR j says:

    America thanks Joe Harris.

    • doyouevenlift t says:

      +David James u mad af lmao

    • Joshua Hart says:

      David James that’s like saying LeBron sealed his fate when he got destroyed by the Mavs in 2011 even with a superteam on his side. One blemish doesn’t equal a destroyed legacy

    • Joshua Hart says:

      David James and Curry didn’t cry for no one, Draymond was the one recruiting KD in the parking lot after they beat the Thunder lol

    • pale rider says:

      +Joshua Hart what the hell is this crap about draymond cried for durant to join warriors have anyone heard the call durant was a fa and the warriors layed out the best recruiting that he liked so he came aboard not from a phone call.

  9. Iceman GG says:

    Pink Diamond Joe Harris coming soon

  10. Was up Playa says:

    Because if you don’t stop then we don’t stop it’s BROOKLYN IN THE HOUSE

  11. 1400 Curry says:

    The warriors didn’t wanna trade McCaw for him lol smh

  12. GRABA85 says:

    Next GSW blockbuster trade: Joe Harris for Steph Curry and picks.

  13. Joshua Smith says:

    Damn, Jonas Valanciunas really showing up

  14. Refund HD says:

    Steph ran outta gas on those last 3 Racks bruh

  15. Chris Breezy says:

    Curry always shoots in the 20’s but theres always one dude that gets hot in the final round like Booker or Harris. Oh well, its just for fun, don’t really mean nothin.

    • Chip Skylark says:

      +bigq1977 Joe looked like he didn’t even want to be there and he’s giving the trophy to his old school he don’t give a fuck about this lmao

    • lowercaseE says:

      +Chris Breezy “Oh well, it’s just for fun” but if Curry won you’d be like “my princess goat Steph won for the second time nobody better than him and I deepthroat him for a living and I’m proud”

    • Peoples Hernandez says:

      +lowercaseE get some therapy

    • Long_Necky Boii says:

      Peoples Hernandez I mean he ain’t wrong these curry fans are like that

    • ahmet çendek says:

      +lowercaseE nobody better than him give me one name that can shoot deep,contested,off the dribble catch an shoot,a smothered threes like steph.

  16. Bishop Shakur says:

    Congrats to Joe on the Win. Glad to see Brooklyn giving you a chance.

  17. Strongaholic says:

    Awesome match! Exciting AF… ???

  18. Little King says:

    Legend said that Dell Curry is still drinking his Gatorade

  19. Mobile Apps And Games says:

    Reggie miller said arguably. Who arguing? He is the greatest shooter.

  20. Nolan Carter says:

    Joe Harris is shooting 47% from 3 this year. Second best in the league. I don’t know why everyone is shocked.

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