Joe Rogan Experience #1477 – Tony Hawk

Joe Rogan Experience #1477 – Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder, actor, stuntman, and the owner of the skateboard company Birdhouse.

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  1. Theo C says:

    The timing of this with the remakes having been announced.. b-e-a-utiful

  2. Flex Piper says:

    *Tony:* Yea I just love the sport of skateboarding.
    *Joe:* That’s cool man you should do physical training.

    • John Wick says:

      @Nathan Cassidy Physical prowess? Mick Jagger looks like he just stepped out of Auschwitz.

    • Flex Kuntsmash says:

      Lift weights, eat meat, be based. Skating is cool too, but if you ain’t training your whole body you’re a fool.

    • Garry McCammon says:

      @Truth Teller The best workout is when you don’t even realise you are working out.

    • Truth Teller says:

      @Renaud Villacis no it doesn’t… There’s always exceptions to the rules.. Tony Hawk didn’t lift weights for a reason and that’s because tight muscles wouldn’t allow him to flow in his transitions… I respect the fact that Tony never mentioned it but perhaps he’ll explain it in a book later down the road…. If that’s the case then Snoop Dogg should start lifting weights so that he can rap better… SMH.

    • Zac Koop says:

      Neen Williams style 😎

  3. phalanger1 says:

    ‘The way you move with your skateboard, you are so adept’ – Joe sure knows how to recognize a budding talent 😀

  4. Billy Finn says:

    This will get lost in the comments but, us skaters def love Tony Hawk and this is totally the coolest JRE pod for me personally, but we’re all dying to have Daewon or Rodney Mullen on here.

  5. David P says:

    The nostalgia I’m getting is crazy

  6. Matt Cottam says:

    Joe: “Is there a big problem with CTE in skateboarding?”
    Tony: “Not that I know of”
    Joe: “Yah, this MMA fighter I know has really bad CTE, you should take nootropics.”

  7. LoneWhiteWolf98 says:

    When Tony didn’t say he was wearing a gorilla suit when he broke his pelvis made me laugh

  8. Anthony Kilgore says:

    Tony’s a legend and my entire childhood was on a birdhouse deck. Him and Rodney Mullens was the reason I started skating.

  9. Serious says:

    Tony should drop a documentary called The Last Grind. Mad people in the hood was playing Tony Hawk Underground

  10. Conor Gray says:

    tony hawk randomly showed up at a local skate park here in belfast one day, the kids couldnt believe it , he skated for a while then got pictures/autographs with everybody. he seems like a cool guy

    • Thomas Marston says:

      Same thing happened in my small home town. He help pay for the local skate park. And showed up unannounced the week it opened

    • Joe Piersma says:

      Thomas Marston where you from? He built so many parks in Montana. He might be responsible for more concrete in the 406 than anyone! So much respect for what he’s done

    • Fernando Martinez says:

      He is a cis white male, with money.
      No way he can be cool.

      For real though, he does look like a cool guy, i would bet he is very humble too.

    • waybogus says:

      Despite being “The Bird Man”, he sure is down to Earth. Nothing but respect for such a great guy!

  11. noturaveragewatcher says:

    Seeing Tony makes me realise I’m going to be old soon.

  12. Kevin Dooley says:

    I don’t think kids today realize how huge Tony Hawk was when I was a kid in the 90s and early 00s.

    • Bobby Johnson says:

      @Keef Lee haha

    • phanatic215 says:

      @Gary W-l-o-t I feel so old. I look at what’s popular today, and I feel that a lot of it has not a lot to do with talent and skill, but just being marketable to dumbed down masses. The Kardashian women should not be famous. They don’t do anything. Sure the one girl has a makeup line, but she has it because she’s a Kardashian, not because she spent years working on makeup engineering

    • X Æ A-12 Musk says:

      @Bobby Johnson Damn who pissed in your cornflakes this morning?

    • Mr. Laconte says:

      I was born in 03 and no one I know gets it except me cause my older brother who was born in 93 was this huge skater stoner kid haha

    • music is timeless says:

      The games only were

  13. Chentz 2D says:

    Joe: “You ever try any sort of physical training or bio metrics?”

    Tony: “Nah, I don’t think I need to do all that since I think I am in pretty good shape as a professional skateboarder”

    • Deomegapunk says:

      @dash allday Lol he’s already the best that’s ever been, and you think he needs to improve?!

    • Yakuza XXI says:

      @dash allday “be a better skateboarder”.. wait what? lol this is Tony Mf’n Hawk

    • Andrew Percario says:

      Skateboarding enhances your proprioception more than any type of fitness training. Not only are you working hypertrophy but you are doing mobility and stability. Skateboarding is the ultimate full body workout and physical therapy at the same time.

    • VariousValue says:

      Kigoz4Life well if the training is just for his skating he doesn’t really need it he’s not skating professionally anymore just as a hobby

    • Hamza Jay says:

      @Kigoz4Life best way to train for stuff is to do it

  14. edit11 says:

    “Tony Hawk hey I skated with that guy!” – ps1 Spider-Man

  15. Daniel Ruiz says:

    Tony Hawk still sounds like he’s 17

  16. Bosco26726 says:

    tons of respect for Tony, none of this just fell in his lap, he had to learn to adapt and push on and now hes the michael jordan of skateboarding

  17. Maher Hasan says:

    even when i was in Syria 9 years age i’ve heard of this Man, such a Legend.

  18. Kelly Pagano says:

    He sounds exactly like “The Californians” from SNL.

  19. Motivation Man says:

    I like how often Tony acknowledges Jaime, most guests just make him nonexistent in their minds

  20. Brice Marchant says:

    Joe: What about your diet, do you eat healthy?
    Tony: Bagel Bites, and McDonalds

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