Joe Rogan Experience – Fight Companion – February 19, 2017

Joe Rogan Experience – Fight Companion – February 19, 2017

Joe sits down with Ian McCall & Eddie Bravo to watch fights from February 19, 2017.

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20 Responses

  1. Wolf Tickets says:

    the awkward moment when UFC Halifax was a better card then UFC 208

  2. Mert Su says:

    enter eddie bravo hater comment

  3. Peaceoo8 says:

    Eddie Bravo is a funny character.

  4. Benjamin Van Den Berg says:

    edgy brah i Love him on the podcasts

  5. SadBoys 1996 says:

    “thanks young jamie” “powerful young jamie” acting like this isn’t auto uploaded after it’s streamed. smh. #StayWoke

  6. Scotty Wills says:

    This is where Eddie shines. On point and very informative. Powerful Podcast.


    YOU GOTTA PUT JOEY DIAZ IN MORE OF YOUR PODCASTS HE HASNT BEEN ON FOR A LONG TIME, and he’s a great addition to many conversations

  8. gjh gyjdg says:

    “Eddie Bravo was never my friend”
    -Joe Rogan

  9. Factual Free Thinker says:

    I’m gonna say something controversial as fuck: Fight Companions are kinda stale without Shaub and Callen.

  10. SupaPixelGirl says:

    Fight Companion is the best thing on youtube

  11. Tagem Bagem says:


  12. Fullmetal Ifrit says:

    I get hyped every time I see there’s a Fight Companion.

  13. biron halo says:

    *checks to make sure brendan schaub isn’t in the video*
    *proceeds watching*

  14. Jesse G says:

    I thought I didn’t like Eddie Bravo. Turns out I don’t like drunk Eddie Bravo. Sober Eddie is cool.

  15. Bernie Sanders says:

    Eddie Bravo is a genius. Bravo, Mr.Bravo!

  16. arana001 says:

    bring Alex Jones in for a Fight Companion lol

  17. Chuck Schick says:

    The UFC was much better when there was only one PPV a month…shit is watered down now and now that Bellator is dead there’s no other promotions…boxing is dead…baseball dead…your girlfriends cunt after I’m done with it…dead

  18. mattesl1 says:

    t was nice to hear a chilled Eddie Bravo talk for a few hours without everyone yelling their opinion over the top of him.

  19. SkankHunt42 says:

    Ian fucked up by talking about the IV bag, son!

  20. Random Commenter says:

    That new announcer that replaced Goldberg fucking sucks. Dude was saying the dumbest shit all night. He has no clue about fighting or any of the fighters. Fuck that guy.

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