Joe Rogan Reacts to Mike Tyson’s Return to Boxing

Joe Rogan Reacts to Mike Tyson’s Return to Boxing

Taken from JRE #1473 w/Tom Papa:

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  1. 007 says:

    If Tyson’s head was this clear back in the day he would have stayed on top.

    • Yung Cracka says:

      @Monstar A dude could still beat you down without even trying lmao

    • Xftbllplyr says:

      We are witnessing this now with Jon Jones

    • pingu says:

      @Larry for three. Bang! Mike didn’t train, didn’t bother with conditioning drills, didn’t take Douglas seriously, partied all night every night, drank, drugged, ran around with whores,and had long since stopped doing the things, little and big, which made him a great fighter.

      AND, a very talented big man fought the best fight of his life. That counts too.

    • pingu says:

      Mike maybe was physically in his prime, but mentally definetly not ready for a good opponent.

    • Tyler Durham says:

      Victor Skywalker and someone with a better reach and a little better boxing skills, and that’s exactly how he got beat 2 times

  2. Tony Brady says:

    It’s funny the way all the old heavyweights come out of the wood work when they hear the name Mike Tyson because they know he’d still be box office if it was anyone else you wouldn’t bat an eye lid. .It just goes to show the the impression Tyson made on heavyweight boxing. ..still he’s the daddy

  3. X.A J.X says:

    Just watching Mike Tyson train is already more exciting than the entire division in present day boxing.

    • Alex Bygroves says:

      Yeah your wrong. Tyson, wilder, joshua, whyte all exciting. Clearly not a boxing fan

    • treefiddytwo says:

      Alex Bygroves *-yawn-*

    • Alex Bygroves says:

      treefiddytwo exactly clearly not a boxing fan. Tyson wasn’t even near being a goat or even that good he came at a time when the division was crap only yanks inflate him and how good he was. Lost every big fight he was in and beat up an old Larry Holmes. Or Spinks who was a light heavyweight

    • Hugh Guess says:

      @Alex Bygroves Seen your man Fury, not a boxers asshole.
      Hasn’t really fought anyone great.

    • Brett D says:


  4. Ali Ragheb says:

    Joe “he has muscles on his teeth” Rogan

  5. Joshua Muli says:

    You have to take into account if you followed Mike’s career you will see he has never really gotten any real damage which means that his body is still in good condition because he has stayed in shape

    • Hatedj says:

      People sleep on Tyson’s defensive. Like only 2 or 3 fight where he got truly out boxed because he was out of shape. Plus he just wanted a check then too.

  6. George Prchal says:

    I just want another Mike Tyson’s Mysteries season.

  7. superbike1 says:

    When Mike wasn’t fighting himself and he was 100% ring prepared then it was a true spectacle.

    • John Bell says:

      That leach Givens fucked with his head too. And stole half his shit.

    • BushidoKi says:

      And Tyson is in such a better place mentally these days,

    • KGrooveBlanka says:

      When he was with Cus he was THE machine. I felt like he lost that when King was his manager.

    • goof verdinus says:

      @KGrooveBlanka If cus lived 10 more years Mike tyson would be the greatest of all time, not even debatable.

      Somethin inside mike died when cus did.
      And that fucking bastard don king took advantage

  8. SNG says:

    Never thought he’d actually be back. Because he always talks about how he left that life behind him etc

  9. Rezene Woldegebrel says:

    Reliving the good days of iron mike afer corona is a blessing.
    Since you are reading thise I wish you a Good Day

  10. Deyone Jackson says:

    Did he play God of War, seeing old Kratos whooping ass and had a dream where Kratos showed up with all kinds of people, telling him to go back?🤔😂

    Heh heh Kratos coming with Ares, Leonidas, Spartacus, Miyamoto, Marcus Cassius etc. All of them, trying to convince Tyson to go back into the ring and to reconquer the whole scene..

  11. I shouldn’t be debating on the Internet but, says:

    Dude, if you’re talking about people in their 50s who are performing at a far higher level than they would have ordinarily due to hormone replacement, ITS YOU! TALK ABOUT YOU AND YOUR EXPERIENCE

  12. Andy Badger says:

    “The gods of war have reawakened me”

  13. M Mck says:

    Holyfield: I’m making a comeback.
    Tyson: Me too.
    Holyfield sees Tyson training.
    Holyfield: I’m retiring.

  14. sz cs says:

    Mike: Hi

  15. Taylor McMillan says:

    I think his Sugar Ray interview sparked this. You could tell he obviously missed fighting & was struggling with not doing it

  16. Giltr0y says:

    This podcast:
    Tom: ” Yea, yea, yea, yea..”
    Joe: “Do you know what I’m talking about?”
    Tom” “”

  17. Siedler Joe says:

    Ok, here’s the deal. Let *everyone* take *everything* and put it on TV.
    People will pay to see this. I assure you.

  18. Jay K says:

    “He’s too old to do boxing”

    Mike Tyson: *”Hold my tiger”*

  19. mmaTweets says:

    I heard Tyson is coming back to fight an exhibition fight with joe rogan on UFC.

  20. sir psycho says:

    I guess everyone forgot about his fight against McBride…🤦‍♂️

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