John Cena returns as the Dr. of Thuganomics to verbally assault Elias: WrestleMania 35 (WWE Network)

John Cena returns as the Dr. of Thuganomics to verbally assault Elias: WrestleMania 35 (WWE Network)

Old school John Cena returned in front of over 80,000 members of the WWE Universe to give Elias a verbal lashing on The Grandest Stage of Them All: Courtesy of WWE Network.


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82 Responses

  1. I KNOW I SUCK says:

    Me Kofi winning is the most shocking…

    Dr thuganomnics – hold my ?….

  2. H.R. T says:

    Top 5 moments for me:
    – Dr.thunganomics back
    – No Longer part timer champs
    – Kofimania
    – Tony Nese wins CW champs
    – Demon Balor is back

  3. Vishabh Cool says:

    Nostalgic..but still better than this year whole WrestleMania

  4. Džentlmen u Pokušaju says:

    Pls stay as Dr. Of Thuganomics wwe need this !!

  5. HOUSEMDSB7 says:

    This was THE BEST moment of wrestlemania!

  6. Glenn Correa says:

    This made me rewatch thuganomics cena verbally destroy big show ??

  7. Puganes Sagar says:

    Kid: Dad, who is that?
    Dad: That my boy, is the real Cena.

    • OreoLoverBoy ! says:

      Stolen comment

    • Austang says:

      +Astro Boy Well I’m 27 and started watching John Cena when he started wrestling in the WWE back in like 2001ish, so my point is the people who actually grew up watching Cena as a kid are in their 20’s now and not teenagers. The teenagers of today were still in diapers when Cena was on his come up and gained his popularity. They maybe remember him when he was at the height of his career, but still they were very young and most likely don’t identify or relate to Cena as much as people from my age group do who literally grew up watching him rise to the top. I remember when he first came out, people booed, thought he was a joke and made fun of him. No one imagined he would become so successful turn into the next Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson basically.

    • Eduardo Ochoa says:

      Astro Boy I’m no teen, I’m 20 John cents kids are in their 20s

    • TriplomatX says:

      If only more knew about Word Life

    • Linin S. says:

      For all y’all sayin that John cena kids are in their 20’s y’all spot on?I’m 20 ,how did y’all know

  8. y0DeezY says:

    The Best John Cena of All time! ? ? ? Word life

  9. Titu Johan says:

    John Cena just stealed WrestleMania 35

  10. JokerrTV says:

    The fact that the roof was open and you can still hear a crazy pop just shows how legendary heel Cena is.

  11. You Can Use this Movie says:

    It should be RAW too…Doctor of Thuganomics is back??

  12. André Rodrigues says:

    Dead crowd.. more excitment for the Dr. please

  13. Dalton Crane says:

    whats funny is there’s probably kids there that have no idea whats going on?

  14. The E says:

    Man… It would be epic if this entrace was against Kurt Angle!

  15. J Y2J says:

    ??Spoiler Alert!??

    Dr of Thuganomics will be the new Intercontinental Champion in Summerslam 2019.

  16. Beverly Chriss says:

    The real question is what happened to Undertaker this year

  17. Simone Altrocchi: VERSUS says:

    Me: *Will the real **-Slim Shady-** JOHN CENA please stand up?*

  18. Philip Kälin says:

    Child to his Dad: What happens to John Cena Dad?

    Dad with a tear in his Eye: He is back my Son, John Cena is back.

  19. MOI Ses says:

    This era Cena vs Eddie Guerrero. Street match was insane!
    Newbies go watch it!
    R.I.P Eddie Guerrero

    • thelinedrive says:

      The build up for that match which was essentially a Smackdown show only feud with no PPV was legendary. Wish WWE still did microfeuds like that to sell their TV show.

  20. Bille says:

    We need Thuganomics John Cena back full-time. End of discussion.

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