John Kasich Says ‘The Debates Are The Dumbest Thing Going’

John Kasich Says ‘The Debates Are The Dumbest Thing Going’

Presidential hopeful John Kasich talks debates, division and doesn’t quite answer Stephen’s question about whether or not he’d nominate a Supreme Court Justice in his final year as President.

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20 Responses

  1. fattony638 says:

    Why isn’t anyone mentioning the real issue here? There are cases before the
    supreme court RIGHT NOW! The senate has every right to approve or shut down
    a nominee, but saying they won’t even consider it?? I’m sorry, but the very
    fact of making it an issue in november is nothing but making Scalia’s death

  2. Edwin Castillo says:

    Did anyone else notice at 4:47 that the crowd noise abruptly cuts down? I
    really thought this was a live audience.

  3. DoubIeRose says:

    Republicans dislike Kasich because he’s a “democrat in disguise”
    democrats dislike Kasich because he’s “secretly still a republican”
    sad because he’d do fine as president, at least better than Clinton

  4. trippplefive says:

    I bet his voting demographic is 90 year old white men judging by his
    archaic policies.

  5. D Sharp says:

    All he needs to do is stay out of the shit-storm going on with all the
    other candidates. I’ll NEVER vote republican, but this guy is significantly
    less offensive than the rest of them.

  6. Stone Zone says:

    Wow, look a moderate Republican! Don’t scare him away they are a very
    endangered species.

  7. Lineage2MediaCom says:


  8. Ali Nelson says:

    You tell them Gary Shandling!

  9. greenspan11111 says:

    Stephen Colbert keep sucking Repbulican ass for a while now, i wonder

  10. bluewhale18 says:

    Wow, colberT really hates Republicans.
    He was really rude in this interview.

  11. carschmn says:

    I love the Republican debates! They’re great TV.

  12. Temp User says:

    You can’t unite people when your position is so unreasonable. Nominating
    justices is the constitutional RESPONSIBILITY of the president. You can
    urge Obama to nominate somebody acceptable to the Republicans, but it is
    ridiculous to say complying with the constitution is divisive.

  13. Robert Frenken says:

    To defend Kaisch on the SC matter, even if he thinks Obama should get to
    pick (which he should, no question) he still has a party to please. Being
    middle of the pack, he doesn’t have the leeway to branch out and make
    claims that would lose him a ton of votes.

  14. Kasey Calwell says:

    Kasich is my favorite in this crazy election. The answer about the Supreme
    Court was mentioning how in the current climate, its a waste of time to
    nominate a new Justice. The current Republican climate (people like Ted
    Cruz who are in there) will block anything Obama tries to nominate. With
    Kasich’s background in a swing state bringing people together, and staying
    above the stupid fights within the party, I believe he has the best chance
    at bringing the country together. And to that one guy saying Kasich is an
    extremist, far from it. He redirected money away from Planned Parenthood
    but kept it in Women’s health. He actually is ok with gay marriage, even
    went to a gay wedding. He does support the 2nd amendment, but doesn’t see
    it as allowance for every weapon. #Kasich2016 I hope he has a chance.

  15. Daisy Dottie says:

    “we need to be americans before we are republicans and democrats” omg guys
    i think we found a half decent gop canidate

  16. LotusEater says:

    WORST CROWD, They disrespect their guests, why the fuck even bring them on

  17. Zane Gregory says:

    With a gun to my head, I would vote for Kasich.

  18. Daisy Dottie says:

    If i had to vote for a republican it would be Kasich.

  19. MOSS says:

    Omg he’s not saying Obama should not be aloud to nominate. He’s saying
    Obamas nomination will not get through senate so it will most likely be up
    to the next president to nominate a justice.

  20. Ronald Crump says:

    You want respect between the parties again? Nut the fuck up and tell
    congress not to triple the record for longest supreme court vacancy. The
    idea that mutiny is going to bring us together is a complete farce.