John Krasinski: I Never Liked Horror Movies Until I Wrote And Directed One

John Krasinski: I Never Liked Horror Movies Until I Wrote And Directed One

John Krasinski was not a fan of the horror genre until he began work on “A Quiet Place” and the sequel, “A Quiet Place: Part II.” #Colbert #JohnKrasinski #AQuietPlace

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40 Responses

  1. rod axel says:

    Its Jim, Jack Ryan and the future Mr. Fantastic. Hopefully.

    • Gabriel P says:

      @R Nickerson Yes, despite changing the order of a few events, that´s pretty much what they left out. Please, list what other things they left out in your next comment.

    • NMS Cafe Ka-Tet says:

      @Gabriel P Man you really need to get out of this comment section for someone who clearly dislikes the actor and the film that this post is about. I mean what on earth brought you here in the first place given your stance; only to troll and blast others who’s opinions differ from yours? Cause that’s all you’ve spent time doing, go spend time on posts of content you actually enjoy and maybe it will give you a happier disposition, maybe…

    • Alan Garcia says:

      @Gabriel P As a director I’m also passionate about fictional characters. But there’s a difference between being passionate about something and taking something too seriously to the point of extremes. Look at your previous comments in this thread and tell me with a straight face that you don’t sound ridiculous to these complete strangers. Look at your comments, dude! You sound pathetic and there’s no way around it.

    • R Nickerson says:

      @Gabriel P
      No, the list of what else was left out and changed is way too long. Several different channels each have multi-part videos dedicated to the topic. You’re being disingenuous, whether it’s about how familiar with the books and movies you are or with the oversimplified edits you’re saying are the only ones.
      Troll, or just a liar?

    • R Nickerson says:

      @Gabriel P
      You have a child!? If that’s true, then that’s unfortunate. If you’re not actually a 14 year old virgin, then you’re an adult with offspring who acts like a 14 year old virgin. That’s literally worse.

  2. Prince Singh says:

    Dammit Jim we need you taking sales calls right now, not going on late night shows to impress Pam

  3. SpongeBob Squarepants says:

    I always knew jim had it in him.

  4. JustMikeThings says:

    What a range in an actor to go from comedy to action to horror to (hopefully) super hero. Ah… let’s be honest: whether he plays Mr Fantastic or not, he’s still basically a super hero! 💪🏻

  5. Saim Sidd says:

    John is such a fine wine!

  6. yashiWinchester says:

    This famous friends friendship is just delightful. One can actually see with each passing interview that they have had how their equation has developed. ❤

  7. bait clicker says:

    I heard the script almost ran to a whole page.

  8. Andrew Barratt says:

    I hope there’s no stairway nail in the sequel.

  9. Kari D says:

    “The lady who was eating her popcorn! She’s going to kill us all!”
    I laughed so hard I gave myself a stomachache. Thanks, Jon.

    • Yishai Thau says:

      While watching 1917 some guy behind be had a digital watch which kept beeping every 2-3 minutes very loudly. He didn’t turn it off until some guy on the other side of the theater said: “How many times does that fucking thing have to beep before you turn it off?!” People in theaters are great…

    • Shelley Bee says:

      @Yishai Thau 🤣🤣 That’s awesome! 🤘😝

  10. my dog helps you relax says:

    “the office” was much funnier than “a quiet place”. However, both are great comedy..

  11. Matt Silver says:

    They jimmed the camera lol

  12. Antonio A. says:

    Aaaah.. the good ol’ 8o’s.
    Who doesn’t remember such classics like “Freddy 7” or “Freddy 9”?!

  13. Firas DHAHA says:

    1:07 I love how John and Stephen respect PDA rules in the workplace

  14. Hayley Jarrett says:

    I also never liked horror movies until
    John Krasinski wrote and directed one.

    • Gabriel P says:

      2Hayley Jarrett You still don´t like horror films. That says a lot about this movie, BTW. Its a simple and generic movie, made only for generic audiences.

    • xargeshx says:

      So you like the idea of stuffing your ass before goin bed to avoid the risk of farting while sleeping?Good taste!

    • R Nickerson says:

      @Gabriel P
      Kid, you REALLY need to sit down and shut up.

  15. Yash says:

    How does a person who doesn’t like the horror genre end up making such a good one. Also love him for making Millicent the lead. She’s mute in real life and is the lead in one of the most anticipated movies of the year

  16. Mohamed Faizan says:

    3:57 – wow, they have made Jim Face into a thing 🙂

  17. Salvador says:

    I love Jim and I think I love John himself. Truly. I just hated his interview and intro. Ugh

  18. Gwen30 says:

    I really love this guy and he’s such a good husband, father also wonderful actor!

  19. Yajaira Irizarry says:

    “The lady who was eating her popcorn!”
    Yes, I remember watching the Quiet Place and people shushing those who chose to eat nachos. Not the snack to eat during that movie.

  20. Manny Ticas says:

    Quiet Place is a Thriller. Not horror

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