John Lewis & Partners Christmas Ad 2018 – #EltonJohnLewis 🎹

John Lewis & Partners Christmas Ad 2018 – #EltonJohnLewis 🎹

Watch the new John Lewis & Partners Christmas TV advert, The Boy and The Piano.

This year’s story is about the power of a gift. And how that gift inspired, changed and influenced the course of a little boy’s life. That little boy just happens to be Elton John. The film begins in present day and works backwards chronologically through Elton’s life right until the moment on Christmas morning when he received the special gift that changed his life.

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73 Responses

  1. Legend of Blenders: Blades of the Wild says:

    Worst one yet. No Christmas reference apart from that Elton gets his piano on Christmas

  2. Jake M says:

    Not sure what I think about this. Elton John abandoned his Mum for the majority of her final years with little to no contact – she also struggled financially.

    Portraying β€œhappily families” like this seems in bad taste and trying to erase the damage he did.

    • Emzy SW says:

      Jake M He probably regrets it’s now that’s why he included his mother

    • Ann TwoShoes says:

      You’ve voiced my thoughts about this, although I believe he and his mother made up before she died. I do think this is rather false, considering he cut his mother out of his life for quite a few years.

    • Jackie Quinn says:

      Well said .. My Mother and sister dont talk to me .. and it certainly wasn’t my fault.. so you are right .. dont judge ..

    • Ann TwoShoes says:

      Jackie Quinn I’m not judging him. Just saying I find it strange that he should sanction such a film about his life, when he and his mother fell out big time. Plus, it’s not Christmassy at all!

    • X4mat says:

      But they made up before she passed away. And including her in this obviously shows that he knows how much he has to thank her for..

  3. Scott Campbell says:

    When I was 14 for Christmas my mum bought be a Fender USA stratocaster, hot rod red 2001. I’m 31 now and my mum passed away in February this year, she was only 62. I still have that guitar and its such a beautiful memory of my mum. The greatest gift I have ever received. This advert came at such a wonderful time.

  4. Cooking Delight Recipes 😊 says:

    I wasn’t sure where this advert was going at first but my heart melted as soon as I saw the little boy run down the stairs on christmas day to open his present. This is such a lovely message. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸŽ„

  5. Dumbledore The Swaggy says:

    No offence but when I think of Christmas I don’t think of Elton John. I like the concept of special gifts, but make it something unconnected from us, the penguin one was a perfect example. Moreover, this is slightly condescending, β€œAsk ya mam for a piano and work hard” instead of be thankful of the gifts you get

    • Tuomo Olamo says:

      Odd to call them “wow words”. Maybe some people like writing and using those words as that’s their favourite writing style? Since this ad is about Christmas, maybe you should just live and let live, they aren’t harming anyone πŸ™‚


    • X4mat says:

      Swaggy Dumbledore, so apparently an old man dying of sadness on the moon is more christmasy than this πŸ€”

    • rosie t says:

      Sometimes we dont realise how special gifts are. This is a prime example of a gift that was (both the song and the piano)

    • Peter Kaye Year 9 Clifton says:

      Dumbeledore aren’t u dead

    • Todo-the-epic says:

      its for the promotion of elton johns rocket man movie coming next year. nearrly all the clips are from the movies trailer.

  6. Michelle Shaw says:

    Why are people so upset over this being about an egotistical, talentless, over paid, over rated , stroppy, arsehole? At the end of the day this is who shops there! ….Oh and is it coincidence that said egotistical, talentless,over paid, over rated, stroppy, arsehole’s final concert tickets went on sale today? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  7. Karolina Fontaine says:

    How is this a Xmas ad? It’s an ad for Elton John. Boring, uninspiring, probably very expensive and just meh. Big, disappointing MEH

  8. Vicki Wilson says:

    Kevin the carrots kicked you in the nuts this year πŸ₯œ

  9. andrew blower says:

    I thought this was the john lewis christmas ad

  10. Shahid Mirza says:

    Waited a year for this, what a disappointment

  11. Leanne Vickers says:

    Where is John Lewis in this advert?…John Lewis adverts have made me smile and/or giggle over the years this one must of taken the least time to put together and it shows, this advert doesn’t really say Christmas or John Lewis…

  12. Duane Evans says:

    I’m sorry but this was the WORST one of them all, it was pretty much an Elton John Mini Documentary. First the Coke Advert.. Now this..

  13. Bibbity boppity back the frick Up says:

    Genuinely so annoyed bc this is like the 2nd year in a row that it’s not been Christmas related you can’t can’t really deem it as a Christmas advert bc there is one scene of Christmas 5mil payed to him and a shitty advert for us great

  14. Ron Swanson says:

    I can’t be the only one who actually likes this one?

  15. Poondeh says:

    It was sweet, but disappointing. Its slowly drifting away from the Christmassy John Lewis ads like Man on the Moon or Monty the Penguin.

    • X4mat says:

      Man on the moon was creepy AF not christmasy. Especially when it was around the time Jimmy Savilles crimes were being exposed, and Operation Yewtree was in full swing.

    • Molly Gregson says:

      X4mat it wasn’t the same time at all. The Jimmy Savile scandal came into fruition in 2011, Man on the Moon was 2015

    • Poondeh says:

      +X4mat I get how it can be seen as creepy, but the message the video brought about loneliness for elderly people was a nice one. And definitely fit the theme of Christmas, with family, a lot more than this one.

    • X4mat says:

      +Molly Gregson But those crimes were still being exposed at that time. And all of it was still fresh in peoples minds. You have to understand, it’s still very creepy.

  16. gareth hughes says:

    What a waste of John Lewis partners money! All this advert does is help promote the new Elton John movie and give an already wealthy man another Β£5m for not a lot of work. The board at John Lewis have totally forgotten about what Christmas means to children and this video is way off the mark. But as with all companies they’ll justify the cost with some well thought out business talk!
    Bring back the Penguin,Moz and all the proper Xmas videos we all love.

  17. Margery Curnow says:

    boring, the worst advert this year, bring on the iceland orangutang x

  18. Molly Talks says:

    Flat out don’t like it. No Christmas feels at all ☹️ I feel the John Lewis Christmas adverts are getting worse every year

  19. Robert T says:

    What a dissatisfying advert not xmassy at all !!!!!

  20. Miss P Barr says:

    I prefer the banned Iceland advert! This is just a promo for Elton John. Waste of 2 minutes

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