John Oliver Fought the Urge to Panic About Coronavirus Appearing in New York City

John Oliver Fought the Urge to Panic About Coronavirus Appearing in New York City

John Oliver talks about coronavirus and his stint on an obscure British TV show.

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John Oliver Fought the Urge to Panic About Coronavirus Appearing in New York City- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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78 Responses

  1. sum1rllyspecial says:

    I’m Australian. There is national shortage of toilet paper at the moment, because people are panicking about the virus. Why toilet paper? No one knows. But as long as you can still buy toilet paper in your country, you are not truly at ridiculous panic levels just yet.

    • Divya Sasidharan says:

      sum1rllyspecial 😂😂😂

    • La Pernice says:

      Same here in Germany. Italian pasta and toilet paper. Verry verrrry civilized… or just crazy 😎😅

    • Mac Mcleod says:

      It is a big product and very noticeable when it runs out. There’s a yuck factor associated with cleaning your bottom with water from the toilet.
      It can be in sanitary and give you e-coli infections would you want to avoid.
      It’s a security item.

  2. Alternative Spicer says:

    I click on John Oliver notifications faster than the spreading of the Coronavirus

  3. Dee Normus says:

    Ok in the old picture of John, he looks like British John Denver. 😃

  4. Paul Chatteris says:

    I freakin loved him on Mock The Week, that was the golden age of the show, all the regulars were still there, they had top quality guests and John was one of the best.

    Too bad the rest of the country was laughing at twats like Micheal McIntyre and Lee Evans, our loss is America’s gain I guess

    • Brant Lambermont says:

      Yes and no. That was an amazing time for MTW. Frankie’s pedo obsession and painfully seeing David Mitchell trying to do improv stand up. yikes. You can tell he HATED it like John ! However, I have seen some McIntyre routines that killed…so funny. ‘Unnecessary names’…..As David said on BFQOTY , “I’m being paid to sit here and be sarcastic.” and he (and John) do it SOOOO well. 😂

    • Paul Chatteris says:

      @Brant Lambermont Ah that’s why Frankie was there lol, saying jokes that will disgist some people is literally his job. Yeah I agree Mitchell is much better on a panel show or in peep show lol.

      All comes down to tatse I guess, as an ensemble Dara Andy Hugh and Russell are right up there with Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady, personally I find McIntyre unbelievably cheesy I can’t stand the bloke lol

    • scarymonsterer says:

      @Paul Chatteris McIntyre is unimaginative and wet

  5. Henke Ria says:

    John Oliver – “just don´t be an idiot”

    Usa – ffs come on…!

    • eagle PHD says:

      Henke Ria more americaphobia from the left

    • Henke Ria says:

      @eagle PHD no, this was just a prejudiced joke.
      you should know this if the PHD is true.

    • hi there says:

      @Aisha Abdi

      That’s not what you should be looking at. You should be looking at how benign the symptoms are, making everyone a potential carrier without even knowing it. What people fail to see is how it affects old people AND those with pre-exhisting respiratory conditions WHICH include a bad flu and the common cold. You may be safe right now, but when you get hit with the seasonal sniffles and just happen to breathe in particles sneezed by a guy who has nCov but doesn’t know it since his symptoms are similar to the cold (which, btw, nCov is just another strain of the common cold), you’re dead or worse: a dead man walking which in turn creates more future dead men around you.

      EDIT: DON’T PANIC THOUGH. Another thing that’s not mentioned enough is how avoidable this is. You should be safe if you wear a proper medical mask (none of those cloth fashion mask bullshit) and practice basic hygiene, like bathing and washing your hands. With that said, avoid this year’s Comic Con. No one washes themselves there.

    • hi there says:

      @eagle PHD

      Americaphobia. HAHAHAHAHA! If anything, the world has The American Laughing Stock Syndrome. We’ll all die of laughter while you all die of incompetence. Stop being another clown in your circus of a country, loser.

    • Sumner Svensson says:

      @eagle PHD there’s nothing to suggest that comment came from the left.

  6. KevinNashiscool says:

    In that old picture John looks like every 90s made for TV movie stereotypical computer nerd.

  7. Todd Sheridan says:

    You know, I thought John Oliver and Stephen Colbert got along great, but he and Seth may be even better.

    • evrem says:

      It was fun watching them have genuine banter. Wish more interviews were like this

    • Valiant Bradley James says:

      Till he tied the bow on that interview lol

      “we need a guest for thursday, oh i’ll just ask John to come back”

      Mr. Oliver: “here’s a stock tip, NO!!!” lol

    • 420Galleon says:

      Stephen is exceptionally clever and has vast experience to draw from, but Seth has the quicker wit.

    • phylwx says:

      Dunno bout Trevor Noah but John Oliver AND Steven Colbert lauded US invading Venezuela so they’re both imperialist xenophobes in my book, albeit funny ones.

  8. Laurastar2009 says:

    Was just watching old episodes of Mock the Week that had him in it. Back when we thought the worst US president was Bush, or that bird flu was gonna kill us. Simpler times.

  9. Marius Thefaker says:

    If you’re old enough to remember Ben Elton from the same era they could be twins…

  10. Lemonie Lala says:

    It might well be because I’m Finnish, or because I’d be quarantined with three smallish hyperactive kids, but my first hoarding/stocking up thought wasn’t “rice, pasta, canned food”, mine was “Wine. Liquor store.”

  11. SOlson2375 says:

    Don’t lie to me that Mock the Week picture was actually taken in 1973 and John is just a time traveler

    • Lakrids Pibe says:

      It’s more of a 1997 look, I think. There was a lot of hippie revival vibe going on in the 90s. Remember Madonna’s Ray of Light?
      Edit: Mock The Week didn’t take of untill 2005. So much for my fashion sense (Or John Olivers)

    • Chasmodius says:

      Paisley is surprisingly popular among British TV comedians. Or maybe that’s just Paul Merton.

    • sweiland75 says:

      Everything from the UK looks like 1970s.

  12. Mac Taylor says:

    Why does young John Oliver look like all the beatles combined?

  13. Kanchan Rochwani says:

    Our dear Joliver is so giddy in this interview it’s infectious…

  14. Katie Kane says:

    The Costco in rural N. Georgia was sold out of toilet paper & paper towels. People have lost their collective minds.

    • ThatOneGirl says:

      In India they don’t use toilet paper. They use a cup (if they’re lucky enough to have a bathroom at all). So I know we can figure things out without toilet paper… eventually…

    • Abram Carroll says:

      Better to have extra than wipe with pine cones * a few million people = empty shelves.
      The freeze dried emergency food mostly sold out in days. Warehouses with 6 month supplies for the entire country, emptied out. Mountain House needed to pull its website down.
      The government was late and forced Amazon to stop selling masks as the government couldn’t get any.
      It is more likely that if millions in the USA are going to die from this, that it will start in October. All people know is that the mortality rate is 20x the flu, that it is spreading very fast, and the government is MIA.

    • Tom Mole says:

      @ThatOneGirl …. a cup?? My imagination fails me… on earth does that work?

    • Barbara Corso says:

      They’ll get more stock in.

    • Jesus Rocks1 says:

      I live n Was state didn’t stock up on food yet but did grab about a month’s worth of toilet paper… Why because if we’re on lockdown I don’t want to have to wipe my bum with my husbands socks..

      Btw, Jesus is almost here whoever’s reading pray up and get saved up..say no to the mark of the beast be strong friends…

  15. Dorfhexe says:

    John and Seth are even funnier together than when they‘re on their own, simply magical

  16. MaxWeitzz says:

    I love how normally hosts are like: “So this is your new book/a picture of you in … new film”, but Seth’s just like: “so I was scrolling through my youtube recommended yesterday…”

  17. TechMyLifeVideo says:

    What they didn’t mention is that when John was on that episode of Mock the week, they were talking about the Bird Flu and how the media were over playing it.

  18. Cloud says:

    Isn’t “Mock the week” still the working title of John’s show? 😅

  19. Christopher Carey says:

    To be fair, John’s “mobile home financing” episode was brilliant.

  20. Erica Carlson says:

    If I ever meet John Oliver, I will offer him a stock tip

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