John Oliver on Stephen Miller !

John Oliver on Stephen Miller !

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20 Responses

  1. Shayla Brown says:

    Stephen is one creep away from a mass murderer!!! Creepy, sick, demented, crazed, delusional a@@hole!!! Ewww!!!

  2. John Matthew Podesta says:

    Stephen Miller is one of the smartest men on Immigration. I love how everyone thinks John Oliver has an IQ of 240 because he has a British accent. At least don’t pretend unbiased when you take sound bites from someone 700x smarter than yoh

  3. Joe Hamelin says:

    You do NOT mess with Ciscoe! There will be a statue of him on day, right next to J.P. Patches.

  4. Bear Mare says:

    Better a Minion than a cuck – yeah, I’m looking at you, Oliver. Comedian. Fool.

  5. Rory O'Toole says:

    In all fairness I did think Miller owned the reporter

  6. D T says:

    trump’s little fascist ENABLERS are triggered by Oliver’s genius..
    Pure POETRY..

  7. Terisita Santiago says:

    “That poem” was the inspiration for tens of millions of non-English speaking non-computer programmers to take a chance and move to America.

    The hypocrisy of the political right wing is fueled by its ignorance.

  8. Bob Blackadder says:

    Miller’s job was to answer journalists questions and address concerns their readers had about his proposed policy so that the public would support it. He FAILED. He pretended to misunderstand questions rather than answer them so that he had an excuse to launch into a tirade of unnecessary abuse and showed he was more interested in nursing unaddressed prejudices and high school grudges than doing his job.

  9. Karl Karlos says:

    This video is very insulting to Minions.

  10. Brock D says:

    Wtf? This is why people are calling journalists fake news. He totally omitted the part where Acosta said that only people from England and Australia speak English!

    The clip he played was totally out of context.

    And the clip from high school isn’t even relevant, pretty sure he was joking about the janitor line and all sorts of fake news networks have been showing it. Fuck this shit man, when you control the narrative you control the news.

  11. Mike Heisenberg says:

    How’s this on the Trending tab?

  12. Anthony M says:

    Holy crap. It’s August and these guys still have raging hard ons for trump. You know trump is clean because every person on the left has been so far up his ass they can tell you what he had to eat back in 1960.

  13. Colin says:

    Oliver is a fucking asshole who should be shot.

  14. Same day Different says:


  15. Noah Guercio says:

    34k views and trending? ummmmmm… ok

  16. Libtard Slayer says:

    Gee whizz, John Oliver is one grotesque little worm if ever I saw one…..Insufferable cunt.

  17. Philip Brown says:

    Fats and Furious movies were great before rock. John Oliver is a beta male shill.

  18. Verano says:

    How tf does one get on trending? Honestly. How the fuck.
    Only 80 comments. 34k views.

    Does it have to do with shares?
    if thats the case then shouldnt every single pewdiepie video be on trending?

  19. Jack Acid says:

    Love this shit. I wouldn’t let that balding pedophilic looking creep near my kids much less my government.

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