John Oliver – Republican Reactions to Trump’s Lewd Remarks

John Oliver – Republican Reactions to Trump’s Lewd Remarks

From HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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20 Responses

  1. Bill Nye the Science Guy says:

    Thank you consumer.

  2. Boogster Su says:

    Don’t forget Kadyrov’s cat.

  3. Cryptic bone says:

    how much does he gets paid by Hillary

  4. Francisco Hernandez says:

    what about jill Stein and gary Johnson

  5. Snaggle Toothed says:

    Donald Trump is like Hitler, high on PCP, raping cancer patients in a third
    world hospice.
    He’s the worst human being who ever lived.

  6. richard w says:

    I wouldn’t fuck Anderson Coopers pussy with Bill Clinton cigar ??

  7. defiy 1174 says:

    THE ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY NEEDS OVER HAUL!!!! We must get these fucking
    idiots out of office out of congress an out of the discussion b4 they fuck
    us for another 8yrs . They are barely relevant if this us as good as theyer

  8. Peta Dowle says:

    Trump won the debate tonight.

  9. John Douglas says:

    the first female presidential candidate blah blah blah.. wait, are we
    forgetting all the truly fucking horrendous shit SHE has done? she’s guilty
    of the same fucking crime she was calling for the death of the wiki leaks
    what the actual fuck? John, what the fuck mate? and how the fuck, is what
    he said “truly heinous”? this is yet more bullshit spin. fuck the media
    these days. no integrity at all!

  10. Lord Gaben says:

    so trump talked inappropriately, but Hillary can kill anyone who opposes
    her, lie for over 40 years, and get US soldiers killed and that’s cool with
    you people…

  11. Cee Jay says:

    Hillary for one term.

  12. Dirk Tillaard says:

    Hillary and Trump. You would think a nation of 300+ million people would be
    able to produce a better candidate. You know. Someone not hated by 50% or
    more of the population. Someone like Bernie Sanders. Yeah you wasted the
    chance to pick someone decent.

  13. Jabba's Palace says:

    Hillary sucks Trump sucks… Julie Stein anyone?

  14. ChanelDarkSide says:

    Ok oliver trump is an asshole , but you dont talk about the Clinton rape
    scandal , which was way worst then trump talking about grabbing by the

  15. Szymon Weinbach says:

    Yep John Oliver is still a cuck. Nothing new, move on.

  16. nasik9 says:

    How can any woman vote for this vile repugnant buffoon is beyond me.

  17. typheran1 says:

    Great job Oliver. You slammed Trump for locker room talk that everyone male
    has done. Now cover bills rape allegations and Hillary’s intimidation.
    Cover her laughing at getting a child rapist off.

    Shitty bought media.

  18. Gabriel Moors says:

    Seeing this from the outside is just hilarious. Hillary will be pres, there
    is no doubt about that, but be sure that she will be the worst president of
    all time, I feel bad for woment that she is going to be the first to get
    there, really. I find it also very funny that people get crazy over this,
    it’s just words, we all know people who privately speak like that, I think
    Hillary and her husband actions have been far wrose, look at the tape about
    the raped girl, this just shows you how evil she is

  19. Trevor Ho says:

    This tape is way overblown. that was 10 years ago. He wasn’t even a
    politician(even now tbh). That dialogue sounded just like regular rich
    college kid. Trump is a dumb dumb while Clinton is cheating liar. The other
    two sounded a bit crazy on the side. There is just no good choice at all.
    We need a political revolution and abandon the two parties system.

  20. lherrebout says:

    The people who saw this and don’t react are the deplorables who should not
    be apologized to.