John Oliver Worked the Phones at a Place that Sold Stolen Goods

John Oliver Worked the Phones at a Place that Sold Stolen Goods

John Oliver chats with Jimmy about his toddler son throwing up all over his homeland of England and what it was like answering phones for a guy who sold stolen kitchen equipment.

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John Oliver Worked the Phones at a Place that Sold Stolen Goods

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52 Responses

  1. Hazome PVPiss says:

    John is one of those people who is not aesthetically pleasant but makes it up with comedy, intelligence and a voice like a glass of chocolate milk. Feel free to quote me on this John.

  2. Simon says:

    John Oliver is a legend. What a legend!

  3. Jim-My Jumbo says:

    An American child, an British immigrant father

  4. Copyrights Can suck IT says:

    Jimmy’s fake laugh -_-

  5. Alexandra Martinez says:

    β€œThere is a reason that strippers don’t re-dress themselves on stage, cause is sad Jimmy” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£ hahahahhaha God I love him!

  6. Kat Kendall says:

    John Oliver is one of the best out there!

  7. Monkeywithagunn says:

    I just watch Oliver telling that deodorant story on this channel as it was recommended to me.

  8. Jillian Brunelli says:

    “…an american” lol

  9. I Write A Song A Day says:

    John is so damn quick

  10. King In The North says:

    60% sad. That’s the dominant percentage of sad.

  11. Bullcrap McGee says:

    60% sad?

    Am I…British?

  12. Alternative Spicer says:

    John Oliver is objectively funny!

  13. lRomez says:

    John is not from London.

    Americans think the London = UK.

  14. B. K. says:

    I see John, I click. He’s my new favorite person. 😊

  15. Virality Factor says:

    Britain should be extremely proud for John Oliver. I still watch his Net Neutrality videos whenever I lose faith in journalism.

  16. F Barbieri says:

    Is it some sort of running joke, this habit of commenting that Jimmy’s is a “fake laughter”? Or is it some kind of meme? Or is it just code for “I don’t like the guy”? I’m intrigued…

    • Yuri Nate says:

      He actually has a over the top laugh… Basically you show him a finger and he Rolls on the floor laughing. The kind of laugh that you do when someone tells a bad joke and you laugh just to make the person feel better.

    • Titania says:

      oh god !!!can’t you just all enjoy the interview ..there’s more in the interview than jimmy’s laugh you know πŸ™

    • F Barbieri says:

      Well, I know he laughs very easily. Back in the SNL times, he usually had trouble keeping a straight face when doing a skit, and he was *not* supposed to laugh during those… so laughing his ass off sounds like normal, natural Jimmy to me.
      This is usually pointed out by people who watched him before, but that doesn’t stop people from going “fake laugh lol”… so I was wondering if there was some sort of inner joke there that my age didn’t let me understand.

    • Titania says:

      F Barbieri thank you !!!! finally someone knows jimmy’s laugh ,,,it’s real you guys get over it gosh !!!

  17. Taz K says:

    one of the only reasons i would watch a Fallon video, John fuckin Oliver

  18. Mikey W says:

    John Oliver & Trevor Noah must have a show together!

    • karanick016 greece says:

      Mikey W Trevor Noah is not nearly in the same league as John Oliver. I am a Trump supporter yet I admit John is objectively funny. Trevor not so much.

  19. New Message says:

    “It’s a boy, Mr. Oliver… Yes.. yes congratulations.. but.. ok.. look. Please sit down. There’s no easy way to say this.. he’s… Well He’s American. I know.. I know it’s a blow.. it is. But it isn’t the handicap it used to be. He might grow up to be.. A successful furniture salesman.. maybe a branch manager for a mid level travel agency.. A schizophrenic YouTuber, maybe… There is hope.”

  20. Team Shmo says:

    This interview was honestly hilarious lol

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