Johnny Cage VS Captain Falcon (Mortal Kombat VS F-Zero) | DEATH BATTLE!

Johnny Cage VS Captain Falcon (Mortal Kombat VS F-Zero) | DEATH BATTLE!

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75 Responses

  1. Robert the Dude says:

    *If Johnny loses, I’m gonna consult with the Elder Gods*

    Edit: *TImE tO KONsulT wITh tHe EldeR GOdS*

    • TheCaptain says:

      @Robert the Dude like they say. All is fair in show business

    • Dar3ll OG says:

      @Purple Panther Ed could kill him with a touch if he wanted to so it isnt one sided as you think.(someone already said this idk how u didnt see it)

    • Dar3ll OG says:

      @Queefyqueefster Mcqueef ok now ur just biased

    • SymbioteNx379 says:

      @The Bowz I never implied that it was bad. I just saw it a mile away since that was the only time aside from Smash Bros that Captain Falcon uses the Falcon Punch.

  2. Michael Murray says:

    I just got fooled big time. This thumbnail shows up and I click on it only to find I have to wait 45 hours literally two days before I actually seen it. I don’t care who wins I just want to see the fight!

    • Jacob Weatherford says:

      So I guess I’m the only one who didn’t fall for it?

    • B Rotten says:

      Guess you’ve never watched DeathBattle before

    • B Rotten says:

      Jay M they’ve begun doing this now. It allows the channels and posters to get it ready to release, and lets people know its coming. It’s actually better this way, in some ways.

    • Michael Murray says:

      @ddawgdmitri I’ve watched death battle for a long time it’s just as the first time I accidentally clicked on the thumbnail because I didn’t see the premier sign which wasn’t very visible.

  3. BlackMercury 279 says:

    *Sees Thumbnail*


    *Sees it’s a Premiere*

    Why, why would you do this?

    • Natalia Amin says:

      @Jay M omg i have the same problem

    • hOBo SwaGgiNZ says:

      @Level Z you could choose to not watch the premiere

    • hOBo SwaGgiNZ says:

      @Yuwan idk but I’m hyped. I love both characters. Personally I would like to see Aang fight Thrall from World of Warcraft cuz I want a WoW character in DB. But Aang vs Edward is still cool

  4. Matt From Wii Sports says:

    I remember the first time I was Falcon Punched. I was impressed. He managed to give me a small bruise. I shall be rooting for him.

  5. Todie85 says:

    Captain Falcon must have been one of the most difficult if not THE most difficult fighter for you to research!!!

  6. Alex Ferrana says:

    Moon Knight (Marvel) vs Batman (DC).

    Punisher (Marvel) vs Red Hood (DC).

    Soldier 76 (Overwatch) vs Soldier (from Tema Forterss-2).

    Deadshot (DC) vs Bullseye (Marvel).

  7. dg man 534 says:

    Death battle

    Whiz vs boomstick

    1 Like = 1 Vote

  8. josh mcglenn says:

    Nothing….NOTHING beats landing a falcon punch…..NOOOOOOOTHIIIIING! Also, you never mentioned cage’s power to remove a full tuxedo with one hand! That’s kinda OP

  9. rebal180 says:

    Test Your Might isn’t a credible source for calculating strength since literally every character is capable of breaking the exact same objects.

    • hOBo SwaGgiNZ says:

      There are two ways of looking at it. A: It’s discounted as player skill, or B: count it because it wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t a possibility for the characters. I personally think B makes more sense, it would not be there if the character can’t even do it

    • Marche says:

      But every character is already capable of achieving superhuman feets like shattering a skull or ribcage with your bare hands. It’s not that much of a stretch to assume everyone is capable of shattering diamonds at least if we are to assume that they worthy competitors for one another.

    • Dharshan Manivannan says:

      Yeah Johnny Cage is nowhere close to C. Falcon. Everything in the MK games besides story mode is noncanon. He is only slightly super human at best when he isn’t fighting a divine being

    • Korlan Bond says:

      Also technically he’s only capable of breaking the diamond if the player is good enough to make him?

  10. Anthony Barberis says:

    TFW Death Battle does the Final Falcon Punch before Smash Bros.

  11. Wolf5665 says:

    Johnny : We are about evenly matched
    Captain Falcon: I have a car

  12. Producciones JACR says:

    Even I’m more a Mortal Kombat fan, I knew the winner will be Captain Falcon, anyway it was an awesome fight.

  13. Hugh O’Donnell says:

    As soon as CF jumped out of the Blue Falcon to do a falcon punch, everyone already knew it was over

    • Hugh O’Donnell says:

      The Vampire Gamer It is a fair fight because the blue falcon is part of CF’s arsenal. And even if he wasn’t allowed to use it in the fight, the outcome wouldn’t change because CF has a much more impressive strength feat than JC as shown in 17:08

    • Justin Thompson says:

      As soon as the Blue Falcon started really drawing blood, you knew it was over.

    • Camden Cox says:

      “All’s fair in show business.”

      Said Johnny Cage before the fight began.

    • Tasobeats says:

      @The Vampire Gamer How is the Blue Falcon outside help? its not even a living being, but a weapon that can be summoned from afar

  14. Ragnaros The FireLord says:

    Deathbattle:Johnny’s best feat is breaking diamond

    Shinnok:aM i A jOkE tO yOu

    • BloodStalker 500 says:

      Like kenshan parchman said, beating Shinnok isn’t actually impressive for Johnny because his powers are *specifically designed* to combat Elder Gods like Shinnok (they even show it right here at 18:04). If his powers weren’t made to fight Elder Gods, Johnny more than likely *would’ve died* againt Shinnok. By that logic, beating Venom using sonic blasts is impressive; yeah, no, doesn’t work like that.

    • Three Divisions says:

      @BloodStalker 500 And on top of that Cage has died to lesser beings before in different timelines that are still canon too.

    • matthew stinson says:

      Dude I remember when they did that with DBZ characters ?

    • Premier Prendergast says:

      Bloodstalker is right but look the reason why john got put down by a bullet was because he was younger the we are talking about is the one now as you can see

    • Three Divisions says:

      @Premier Prendergast Still it sadly does not get around the fact that he has been killed before

  15. Ultrabot Ultimus says:

    The Hype is real.

    Captain Falcon: I AM THE HYPE!

  16. Entense Vibez says:

    Johnny cage got f’d up to zero pieces by falcon and f zero

    That sounded better in my head

  17. Alex Malec says:

    I was like “oh this death battles pretty cool an-“
    *i see up next*
    Me: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!

    • Kevin S. says:

      @kira black Yeah I think this is a case of just a sheer power gap, Ed is smart and capable but I don’t think he really has the ability to deal with the full power of the Avatar.

    • kira black says:

      @Kevin S. Yea it would have been better if it was avatar vs kakashi.

    • RocaDeearCenjar says:

      It should be Aang vs. Kamen Rider Wizard.

    • Saint Raven says:

      Considering all that happen with Vic. do we think we’ll see Vic record a few lines for the next DB

  18. Ja Ja says:

    I don’t know anything about Captain Falcon, but knew he was going to win. The guy just screams OP Japanese character.

  19. Jack Phillips says:

    Falcon? Winner.

    Johnny? Deceased.

    Boost? Fire

    Falcon? Punch.

    F’s? Zero

    Hotel? Trivago

  20. backup368 says:

    You forgot Johnny Cage also fought against John Cena & The Rock.

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