Joji “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Joji “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Joji’s melancholy track “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” is the second single from his debut solo album ‘BALLADS 1.’ It features production from Chairlift’s Patrick Wimberly and is one of his biggest songs to date, collecting nearly 30 million Spotify streams in one month. On the song, the 88rising artist recognizes that he’s not ready for love.

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53 Responses

  1. ParanoiaNAnxiety says:

    He’s wearing glasses because y’all can’t be nice and stop telling him he looks like he did drugs before the interview.

  2. Fuego Klout says:

    He looks like a dad now

  3. Joanna Tiller says:

    I wish he could have sang it like he did with I Don’t Wanna Waste My Time 🙁

  4. Unfair Ruler says:

    It’s so weird to hear Joji talking the song instead of singing it

  5. Chris Guzman says:

    This man did the Harlem Shake and dipped

  6. jpegasus says:

    Man, who hurt him. I just wanna talk 👁👁

  7. ReZ says:

    sound like he’s doing a power point presentation

  8. Mark Santos says:

    He looks like my dad and sounds like a text to speech robot

  9. Deadboyy says:

    Clear your throat Joji

  10. Sora Castillo says:

    But why Joji sounding like a Google traductor male voice 🤔

  11. Ambition says:

    joji king of the sad bois

    • Human Being says:

      Ohhhb Soo Kid Cudi must be God of Sad MEN.

    • First Last says:

      hot topic ass, leandoer

    • Mc Dva says:

      +Black Ninja lmao rly

    • DaNk_ MeMeZ says:

      +Black Ninja you know this dude is deppressed too and he helps people so you get the fuck out of here

    • Black Ninja says:

      hahahaha what fools we have here. ffirst i m not a american and i m not supost to know very well this language.. so,, fuck you all who seee the problem only in my bad becausee hahahaha i m not good at this fucing language… and the second… we know this george miller is such a asshole becauze you know… ” he have health problems”… only lies man… I can t believe people S T I L L believe this shit… No! THIS IS PURE FAKE SHIT! In general ” the music ” is a big fucking SCAMM. LETS EXPLOIT THE PEOPLE BECAUZE THEY ARE DEPRESSED AND LETS MAKE SOME MONEY OVER THERE! FTP!

  12. Ethan Nigel Guerrero says:

    FilthyFrank was cool enough to make sexual references 😉

  13. SwimmingBird says:

    still waiting on Pink Season album official lyrics & meanings.

  14. Monita Khuth says:

    can I change my Siri voice to Joji’s voice instead?

  15. MankeyGamez says:

    *$500 sweater with Dollar Tree glasses*

  16. Peyton Shannon says:

    bad analogy with that Ariana grande and Pete Davidson relationship there lmaoo

  17. CheesecakeLasagna says:

    I’m thoroughly convinced that Joji is living in the Genius office.

  18. Foul Banana says:

    Bro he sounds like text to speech

  19. Naśty says:

    this man ate pewdiepie’s pubes cake

  20. Parth Sankhe says:

    The difference between filthy frank and joji is just….

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