JoJo Siwa’s Freestyle – Dancing with the Stars

JoJo Siwa’s Freestyle – Dancing with the Stars

JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson dance Freestyle to “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga on the Dancing with the Stars Finale!

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36 Responses

  1. Penelope Chambers says:

    The background pro dancers dancing in same sex pairings at the end…I am SOBBING 🥺🥰🏳️‍🌈
    Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Monica Weidman says:

    I feel like this was a very JoJo dance, but a more mature JoJo dance if that makes sense? THE VIBES WERE IMMACULATE!!! Like it had JoJo’s fun spark and energy, but had the maturity of an 18 year old. It’s just such party enter and I LOVE IT! SO MAD THEY DIDNT WIN!

    • ernesto freyre says:

      Makes me wonder if the votes were rigged?? I wonder??

    • evieventer says:

      @Sharon aren’t professional dancers not supposed to be on the show? I think this was a rebrand PR for her.. She is tired of the kid stuff and bows I think they wanted a way to transition her into a young woman and allow her to get more serious work as a performer and not just a kid star. She wasn’t actually going to be allowed to win

    • amelooloo says:

      @evieventer professional dancers are usually on the show but they aren’t usually professional in ballroom dancing which is what the show focuses on

    • caslusfilho says:

      look, I’m a old dwts fan and one thing I know is that you don’t need to be the winner to be remembered – Stacey and Tony, Mya and Dmitry, Evan and Anna, Mario Lopez and Karina and so many – nor all winners are even remembered (or are remembered for bad reasons *cough*Bobby*cough* ) sorry, needed to cough =P

      My point is Jojo and Jenna just did an epic journey and will be remembered for ever in DwtS pantheon of best couples ever.

    • evieventer says:

      @amelooloo it still gives them a hell of a head start though

  3. Monica Weidman says:

    This dance really showed off JoJo’s personality, and I’M HERE FOR IT! I am beyond happy for JoJo that she has been able to become the gorgeous woman she is today!!! Even thought they didn’t win(cause we all know this show is rigged), this was a win for women and the the LGBTQ+ community

    • Gail A. says:

      @Rashele Lashley Well deserved!!!

    • Gail A. says:

      @Newsflash Stop body shaming. That’s disgusting behavior.

    • Whole Shebang says:

      @sara willy – Yes, and they’re athletes, lean and fit (with very little body fat) from daily hours of practice and years/decades of performance.👭 💃🏻💃🏻👠👠 @Newsflash is a misogynist troll, littering the comments section with “his” ridiculous opinions about women’s bodies, preferences, and what “he” thinks “should” happen. Why does “he” even watch this show? 
      📣 NEWSFLASH! 📣 @Newsflash is peddling the same sexist garbage that close-minded men have been doing for eons. It doesn’t work anymore – he must looks like a sexist fool. Get with the times!

    • pandakatiefominz says:

      @Newsflash Wow you’re out here being misgonyisitc AND homophobic. Hats off, you’re really committed.

    • Me Just Chillin says:


  4. Mari Aro says:

    Gosh I’m in two hearts right now – both soooo happy and devastated. This was such as great culmination of their skills, chemistry, and hard work. I would have loved to see this as a kid. I danced for 10+ years but always as the follower. But in my dreams, it was different. I connected so much with this season because I was seeing my dreams on a screen every week. Not seeing them win felt like a terrible loss. But, as someone who has felt the deep sting of losses many times and has come second even more, I know the true win was seeing a full season of this magic. The trophy while amazing, is just physical. The memories, inspiration, and hope they brought to so many are everlasting. Thank you Jojo and Jenna – you showed me dreams may take a while sometimes, but they do come true.

  5. Bruna Gardel says:

    This is the coolest dance I’ve ever seen on dwts, period. It’s not only technically perfect, but it’s so so meaningful. When the background dancers paired up in m/m and f/f couples I got chills!!! And Jojo looked so confident and beautiful, she owned that stage. Jenna and Jojo’s partnership is epic, and it’s going to be remembered as such!

    Also Jenna is def getting an Emmy this year. The woman is a brilliant choreographer and dancer, I’ve known it since her days in sytycd!

    • Petejano says:

      I was so focused on Jojo had to watch it again after your comment , so cool that the back up dancers did that !

    • Kennedi Taylor says:

      @Newsflash your such a hater literally commenting on peoples weight is not okay, go do something with your life

    • EsotericEnigma Melanin SHE says:

      ROTFLMAO @ it gave me chills

    • Joshua Youngs says:

      @Newsflash just come put of the closet and tell us how you really feel. You’re a bigoted homophobe hiding behind your phone/keyboard.

    • Kimona Natee says:

      Boring compared to Iman’s performance!!! He so deserved to win! She had an unfair advantage but kinda fell off at the end of the comp! He excelled and kept getting better!

  6. Lynn Ngo says:

    Bruno said it best. Children are really lucky to have a great role model like her. And shes a beautiful dancer! Jojo and Jenna have been amazing all season long. That Freestyle Jenna’s choreographed for JoJo’s was UNBELIEVABLY awesome! And more evidence that dance is dance, whether it is male/female, male/male or female/female! ✨🌟🏳️‍🌈💃🏻💃🏼🏆

  7. othBBfan says:

    This was honestly perfect. I left last week wondering how they were going to top that AT and Contemporary and somhow they did it. The choreo from Jenna is brilliant as always but what I cant get over is the confidence and stage presence JoJo shows here. She has really come into her own over the course of this season and I’m so incredibly proud of her. It will be so interesting to see where her career goes from here but I hope she understands how many people she’s inspired and how much of a remarkable young woman she is.

  8. Hayley Nea says:

    This partnership is one for the books. Their chemistry and bond is just something else. Jenna with her amazing choreography & Jojo with her amazing dancing which she has delivered EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. Just hands down the perfect duo

  9. Lucky 17 says:

    Regardless of what your sexuality is there is no denying that this couple has proved the absolute power and beauty of women and sisterhood. The fact that not only is Jojo paving the way for so many future generations to aspire too, found a new found love and confidence in herself and also has got herself an unbreakable bond, friendship and lifelong sister in Jenna, she has won so much more than the value of that mirror all trophy. The biggest congratulations to Jojo and Jenna!

  10. isha says:

    the fact that she’s dancing to the same song she came out to makes this so much better 🥰🥰

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