Joker – Review

Joker – Review

Starring a captivating Joaquin Phoenix, The Clown Prince of Crime gets a standalone origin film for the ages with Joker.

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80 Responses

  1. Random Hajile says:

    It really makes you *feel like the Joker.*
    -*10/10 IGN*

  2. DCney says:

    0:27 Actual footage of me hitting Joaquin because he deleted his insta

    • Youl get your rent when you fix this damned door ! says:

      DCney that was guy pretending to be Joaquin(which is illegal) , that’s why it’s deleted. His sister even confirmed it, plus he’s the type of guy who doesn’t do social media at all.

    • ZOZO GOGO says:

      Lol by constantly pressing the time stamp you can see the sign break before it hits him

    • Joel Gomes says:

      @Youl get your rent when you fix this damned door ! damn he really is the joker

    • Joel Gomes says:

      @Youl get your rent when you fix this damned door ! he was meant for that role

  3. Sahib Preet says:

    Dc should stick with dark and serious movies..they shouldn’t try being marvel.
    Edit: 3.3k likes wow thanx

  4. George Harry says:

    When I found out a year ago joaquin was playing the joker I was hyped about this movie. Now that everyone’s reviews are saying it’s a masterpiece I’m just beyond myself. I can’t wait till this comes out

    • Right turn Clyde says:

      Morbius , you cool with a white actor playing as Shaft ? Equal opportunity NOT special privilege !

    • mperezgu mperezgu says:

      I am feeling just like you I am also just beyond myself waiting every day for this movie for so long

    • SiRavioli_the3rd says:

      George Harry Joaquin Phoenix is perfect for this role, even more so because of some of his most recent work (notably You Were Never Really Here, also probably my favorite movie of all time, or second), and having had the opportunity to delve into his darker side in You Were Never Really Here, I feel that he was perfectly prepared for his role in Joker. Joaquin Phoenix is easily one of the best actors of all time (in my opinion) and I’m so happy that this movie is turning out to be exactly how I’d hoped it would 🙂

    • joe f says:

      Right turn Clyde in the book Shaft was originally white ..

  5. Ticking Clock says:

    No Joke.
    It’s Amazing.

    *Everyone likes that*

  6. Daniel Mims says:

    This film must be awesome. No review embargo and everyone saying phoenix deserves a Oscar. Hell yea

  7. Franz says:

    When was de the last time they gave a film 10/10??!!!

    This must truly be *something else*

  8. Asad Rizwan says:

    for the first time IGN gave a movie perfect 10 masterpiece…???

  9. News Daily says:

    In a world of oversaturated “funny” comic book movies, the only serious one is the one with the clown ?.

  10. mazyar kh says:

    wait wait wait did an IGN reviewer just gave a film a 10/10 ?

    i can’t wait to check this film out

  11. maning04 says:

    What did you guys expect!? Once they cast Joaquin Phoenix, you know he’ll always show a stellar performance!

  12. BinaryStarofShaolin says:

    “JOKER is an indictment of SOCIETY’s collective disregard for the wellbeing of its citizens rather than a critique of any one individual or class.”

    There it is!

    • R Spode says:

      Indeed. The people who are MAD about it without a single note pointing in that direction are acknowledging the truth of what it’s about. They can spot it without one word said.

    • Albe Beltrami says:

      Joker is a product of the sub ploretariat.

  13. Bogan RL says:

    Its about time there is movie that tells more than a story. It tells a life

  14. Move_I_Got_This says:

    First IGN 10 since The Dark Knight which has the only academy award winning character of any comic movie for the Joker.

  15. Thomas Moir says:

    If dc has to make a batman film with joker we need Joaquin Phoenix not Jared Leto

  16. dcanemone43 says:

    Hopefully this movie inspires DC to continue doing standalone else-world stories

    * cough * *BATMAN BEYOND* * cough *

  17. Ichijiku says:

    Jader Leto now sadwiched between 2 of the best joker portrayal, poor him.

    • TheMizifitCity says:

      @Denham Robinson Most of the joker scenes were cut out of the movie. Less screen time. Poorly scripted joker. Can we even blame him?

    • Albe Beltrami says:

      Well, Nicholson performance was the best in my opinion. This is a different Joker and I think Phoenix is great for the role.

    • Gateway Realtor says:

      I feel bad for him. I don’t think he was given a proper shot

  18. Roll Brand says:

    Great job DC you fixed joker. Now fix Batman and Superman

  19. Ontologically Steve says:

    Joaquin Phoenix: “Wanna know how I got this oSCAR”?

  20. Macedthur says:

    Is it me or the thumbnail looks like The Joker is doing the Spiderman Dance?

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