Jonah Hill Tells the Backstory of the SNL Character Adam Grossman

Jonah Hill Tells the Backstory of the SNL Character Adam Grossman

Jonah Hill talks about how skateboarding impacted his life, the magazine he wrote for his film Mid90s and his memories of hosting SNL.
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Jonah Hill Tells the Backstory of the SNL Character Adam Grossman- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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33 Responses

  1. Zoe Du Jour says:

    I just wish I knew what they are putting the “bleep” over…

    • Shawn Alviar says:

      It’s Fuckshit.

    • NicKeLas says:

      +Shawn Alviar Thanks! It seems so stupid to see them discussing something without telling the viewers. Why even bring it up in the first place? If the channel doesn’t allow this kind of stuff, why discuss it?

    • Devin Goulooze says:

      +NicKeLas it was less than 30 seconds…

    • NicKeLas says:

      +Devin Goulooze Yeah, well:) I was just triggered and started criticizing the whole practice of censorship. I mean, I agree that some topics and ideas should probably not discussed on TV, simply because if not properly explained, they may be perceived in a wrong way. But I see no point in censoring certain words, especially if you can say their synonyms perfectly safe, and they will have the same meaning, only a different emotional coloring in most cases. That goes for other languages and countries as well.

  2. Wade Wilson says:

    that beard tho damn

  3. Pushing 30 says:

    “I know that fagel! … I know that!”

  4. ShadowDrift says:

    Wow, where’s the rest of him? He looks different.

  5. fT says:

    He looks 5 yrs older with that beard lol

  6. whiskey jack says:

    I am pretty hype for his movie though, could be this generation’s “kids”

  7. Leah R says:

    He exhausts me.

  8. dimithri94 says:

    damn Jonah Hill is sexy

  9. New Message says:

    “I spent a lot of time” is not the same as working there…

  10. Klara Stern says:

    wow… he looks very(!) different…

  11. Cancun771 says:

    I think he’s on a quest to finally get Emma Stone to return his love.

  12. Jem s says:

    Um..there is already a love letter to skateboarding. You’ve never watched the classic Cristian Slater movie Gleaming the Cube?

  13. Coos Oorlog says:

    what up with them hangover shades

  14. ibrahim rakkah says:

    Jonah is genius

  15. Robyn Boynton Muth says:

    Jonah looks like he has to go in a sec

  16. Two Black Labs says:

    Always dug the Jonah. Very underrated. The variety of characters he’s portrayed over the years, and his career as a whole is pretty amazing if you took the time to look at it on paper…and he seems like a nice guy to have a beer with…

  17. maclean5000 says:

    That jacket is sick.

  18. A Lopez says:

    🖐️👍 six, I watched this 6 times. Hahaha

  19. Kaffekaffe Kaffe says:

    Eat a burger god dammit 🍔

  20. Kenneth Martinez says:

    David Dobriks friend??!!🤣😂

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