Jonas Brothers Carpool Karaoke

Jonas Brothers Carpool Karaoke

James Corden picks up the recently reunited Jonas Brothers for a commute through Los Angeles singing some tunes and talking about the band getting back together. And James has Nick, Kevin and Joe subjected to a lie detector test to get everything on the table.

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47 Responses

  1. The Late Late Show with James Corden says:


  2. Mouna Feriel says:

    The Jonas Brothers are back together . That’s it that’s the comment .

  3. unicorn lein says:

    Kevin is so funny and cute but sadly very underrated

  4. nooms says:

    Am I the only one who was waiting for them to sing SOS?

  5. Kayleigh Danielle x says:

    they don’t even sing SOS we- throw the whole video away

  6. Harveydentface says:

    I would totally buy jonas brothers purity ring merch and wear it casually

  7. chrissy h says:

    I wish kevin got to speak more 🙁

  8. Adam44155 says:

    Michael Jackson would of made a good carpool karaoke

    • Nishanth Mahendiran says:

      He wasn’t a pedo, the tabloids and couple other sources had spewed up stories, for the views, calling him a pedo and freak. That also was only after his surgery, he did look a bit off, but his soul was pure as gold, all he wanted was everything for his kids. He couldn’t lead a normal life due to his popularity from a child to his return.

    • only MixedMartialArts says:

      If he was why was he aloud to look after his own kids

    • Bonnie Roberts says:

      Yeah let’s _definitely_ have a child molester in the car.
      Someone who forces little boys to spread their ass cheeks while he masturbates.
      Someone who jacks off a *7 year old.*
      Someone who French kisses youngings for his own pleasure.
      Someone who tries to force the kids he molested to testify for him in court (only got one of them because they felt bad for MJ’s kids) after he’s been accused as a child molesterer.

      Look, I was bummed too because he’s got so much heart and talent when he’s on stage – but a molesterer is a molesterer; doesn’t matter who you are or what you stand for, it still makes you a sick person.

    • Bonnie Roberts says:

      +Nishanth Mahendiran dude ?
      Watch the documentary and you’ll understand ???

    • Miriam oviedo villasana says:

      Ayuwoki HE HEEEE

  9. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Who’s better?
    Jonas Brothers = Like
    BTS = Reply

  10. Lucy O'Flynn says:

    Is James wearing Gucci? Do they even do polo shirts??

    LA has changed the valleys boy! Don’t worry James we still love ya!

  11. Kate Bluck says:

    I remember when it was a big scandal because Kevin had been photographed without his ring on and he had lost it at a water park lmao

  12. ScarlettP says:

    Purity rings have left the chat

  13. ScarlettP says:

    Lmfao Nick did sound like he was running for office when he was talking about Disney ???

  14. 3dyli says:

    8 year old me is crying and so is 23 year old me

  15. An19941 says:

    This is my new favourite thing

  16. Meryem Omar says:

    That Lie detector guy is everywhere honestly. Good for him?

  17. ScarlettP says:

    Anyone else dying for Kevin to have a solo part?! He has such an incredible voice?

  18. Professional Fangirl says:

    “It was when I looked at the bill.” ????? spoken like a true Hindi groom

  19. Garrett Pahl says:

    I wonder how much Nick is enjoying all this Jonas Brothers shenanigans

  20. Haley's Corner says:

    *them singing love bug made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside* ☺️

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