Jordan Peele Crashed A ‘Get Out’ College Course

Jordan Peele Crashed A ‘Get Out’ College Course

‘Get Out’ director Jordan Peele went undercover at a UCLA college course about his own movie.

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71 Responses

  1. aceofbass95 says:

    Duke Ellington

  2. The Modern Investor says:

    It might actually be one of the best movies ever made

  3. Freeballs says:

    I admire Jordan Peele’s dedication to originality. He was so uncomfortable telling another comedian’s joke

    • Hercule Holmes says:

      J Carter, you know the sympathy play, blacks like to use that card against us… shit mlk got hit, shit obama got thrown out, omg mcarthur prize this braindead negro! … I tried to give him credit, but now… I wish I was one of them town folk in the night of the livin dead hadn’t shot him, but got to him with a noose…

    • J Carter says:

      Hercule Holmes lol. This is not an “us” conversation of understanding. This is a direct response to commentary about a movie. I am in entire agreement with Jordan Peele and his movie analysis.

    • Miguel Rodriguez says:

      good job with your one reference

    • Neyonius says:

      Don’t speak for me you racist shit heel.

  4. buckybone89 says:

    One of the two negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes was from a National Review columnist (the other was a blogger that nobody’s ever heard of)…so yeah, turns out that racism does have a column that kept the movie from hitting 100%.

    • 10,000 Subscribers without Videos says:

      GrassTalk4202 did you read the review?

    • BWild523 says:

      The thing about Get Out for me is that, while I like it overall and found it well made, I found it almost predicable that I never felt myself tense by the whole situation.  I get the racial tone and it can be uncomfortable to watch at points, but the horror elements felt overbearing, like its not trying to hide anything from the audience which I don’t like.  I would have enjoyed it more if it was more subtle in the beginning.

    • Stannis Baratheon says:

      Different tastes do not mean racism.

    • 10,000 Subscribers without Videos says:

      Let’s just say Armond White said that: “Get Out does not rank with any of the genre spoofs by the Wayans family, particularly the ingenious Little Man, or the recent Eddie Murphy films (The Klumps, Norbit, Meet Dave, A Thousand Words) that are so personal and ingenious, they transcend racial categorization.”
      The review is extremely biased because he feels that it brings up race in a post-obama America. THAT’S IT. He doesn’t go into detail on the horror, cinematography, directing, acting, editing, pacing, script, nothing… Just that it talks about race, which he believes is “tired”.
      I completely understand not liking the film based on any of those points, but to *only* HATE it because it is a film on race is completely stupid and it shows a clear bias he has.

  5. J Girl says:

    I love him so much. I miss Key and Peele, but I’m glad that they’re growing as artists and that he’s successful. The movie could be improved but holy shit it was great, especially for his first movie

    • Arnav says:

      make the protagonist white

    • J Girl says:

      I’d have to rewatch it but sometimes the timing was off or certain things didn’t make sense and took me out of it a little. I didn’t like the ending how *spoiler*

      the friend miraculously saved him. That’s the only specific thing I can think of right now though. I heard they have an alternate ending where the cops showed up instead, but I haven’t seen it yet

    • alexandria blumberg says:

      then you didnt get the point of that ending… hence you dont understand.. hence watch it again!

    • J Girl says:

      We’re all entitled to our opinions. The fact that he shot an alternate ending makes me feel like he had second thoughts, too. What do you think the point of the ending because I just found it a little absurd?

    • alexandria blumberg says:

      I know the point of the ending. I’m black, i live this every single day of my life. the point is at the end of the day… as black people the only people that truly have our back, give us the benefit of the doubt will be there to save us are other black folks. the alternate end shows the other end of the spectrum… how we are constantly looked at as criminals and not given the benefit of the doubt, even when we do nothing wrong and are the VICTIMS, by police. so it’s a dichotomy, showing the two completely different, yet completely possible outcomes. its a movie. its not meant to be completely realistic, but it is and that’s what is so horrifying about it.

  6. DeeRock says:

    Gosh this is such a good Interview !! Well done to both of you

  7. Madara Ushiwa says:

    I don’t know why but i was uncomfortable watching this interview

  8. Hawaipandat says:

    Why is he so uncomfortable here???

  9. Sophia N says:

    Stephen you don’t seem super woke, you just seem like a really cool, funny, open-minded man who treats people with respect and dignity even if you disagree with them which is why I love you.

  10. Tomfoolist says:

    This dude is hilarious

  11. james d says:

    Can’t wait for people to call Jordan racist when he’s literally half white and his wife is also white.

    • dkail08 says:

      james d – actually I didn’t. What I did compare was his argument about racism being a non-issue because of race with a real situation (aka Hitler) as a way to demonstrate that his argument is invalid.

    • DrumWild says:

      Why not? He asserts that I’m racist for being white, when my sister married a black man and I married a Mexican woman. Our Thanksgiving will look like Colors of Bennetton, and I’m supposed to be the bad guy, somehow, because of someone else, because I’m white. That’s racist.

    • Scooters Videos says:

      Saying someone can’t be racist, because of their “race”, is racist.

    • james d says:

      Scooters Videos Another brilliant one how about explain why it’s racist next time dumbass

  12. OneRequiem123 says:

    alright….What the hell is up with Stephen in this ? ? ?

    • Sitting on Ceilings says:

      he white

    • MNax QC says:

      Pardon my english. Many black people has got over slavery and all, cause it’s 2017, but till the day White privilege system will be gone for good, these type of awkward relations between black and white people will always prevails. Even if Stephen or myself love all kind of human being, white privilege is the reason why there will always be an elephant in the room.

  13. Shane Dobson says:

    As someone who loves movies, and majored in filmmaking; Get Out is the only modern film in the horror genre that I believe is even a ‘good’ movie. There’s at least one, maybe two, in the past ten years that were decent as a movie and not just for getting a scare… but Get Out is legitimately up there in storytelling quality with movies like Shawshank Redemption or Jackie Brown. It’s my favorite horror movie, and one of only two, possibly three, horror movies that even make it in my personal top 100 best films list.

  14. Melissa Chapin says:

    We as white people need to hear this message more often. “It’s not about you. I’m glad you liked it but this movie was not made for you or with you in mind.” The shock and discomfort that Stephen felt when he realised his advocacy wasn’t needed may be uncomfortable to witness but it certainly is healthy and needed. If we are serious about being allies, we need to disconnect our egos and expectations. It’s new territory. It’s not our narrative and that’s okay.

    • orgone conclusion says:

      Oh, brother.

    • Scooters Videos says:

      What a bunch of racists and cucks. Black horror? White horror? Black this? White that? Sick people. I guess next we’ll hear how we have to be Storm Troopers or part of the Rebel Alliance to understand Star Wars. Wtf is “OUR narrative”? Stupid people.

    • throwmeaname says:

      I agree, Margaret Jones. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate your point about recognizing fault within ourselves.

    • Margaret Jones says:

      throwmeaname, thanks for understanding what I was trying to convey. Sorry if I got a little too kumbaya for some tastes.

  15. Dominick Sabatino says:

    This seemed like a very unintentional contentious conversation, like they were trying to 1 up each other, or they weren’t sure if the the other was being serious or going with the bit. I like the realness though instead of those boring pre-planned “Conversations”

    • The Dashboard says:

      Watch his interviews with other black actors. It’s all Stephen. He gets super defensive when the topic of race comes up.

  16. Monarch Styx says:

    hey reverse racism isn’t a thing, die mad about it

    • RayRay Tail says:

      Monarch Styx True. Racism is Prejudice + Power. So what people call “Reverse racism” is technically just someone being prejudiced or stereotyping someone NOT being racist

    • FluxTavern says:

      Don’t like a race= racism, white= race, don’t like white people= racism.

    • RayRay Tail says:

      FluxTavern While that may seem like the case, if you read about it or ask a scholar who studies such things they will tell you that racism is not only a personal ideology but also “a system of advantages based on race,” (from Beverly Daniel Tatum).

    • FluxTavern says:

      RayRay Tail Don’t you think that not being labeled as racist is an advantage based on race lmao. No but seriously even if somehow people find a way to not sound like a dick, do you really think not seeing white people on the same level as other races in terms of this will help the divide?

  17. Pamela Boss says:

    I felt as if this were an awkward interview…

  18. first imosa says:

    Why does this video feel so awkward

  19. Mrs. Stewart says:

    It’s safe to say that black people didn’t come up with this idea of “race”. Grouping people according to “race” originates with white/European people. For generations the most accepted opinions about “race” have been those of white/European people, and has gone largely unchalleged. These points of view touch every part of our society. Now that a more diverse group of people have entered the conversation about “race”, much of what has been taught by white/Europeans is being challenged and that makes many people uncomfortable. Discomfort isn’t always a bad thing. Being uncomfortable, especially with the truth, is a great place to create positive change. Simply talking about “race” isn’t the solution, ignoring “race” isn’t the solution. Being honest about the damage that has been caused since the idea of “race” has been created, and effectively working towards a more civilized way of life where we don’t use “race” to judge character would be a better use of our time.

    • palmieres says:

      Mrs. Stewart You are *very* wrong. Several cultures have split themselves into subgroups according to skin colour, and several of those cultures associated specific traits and qualities following that criteria long before white people came into their lives. What white people did was capitalize on already ingrained prejudice within certain cultures. Not with black people in particular (although they certainly make their own distinctions in African countries from group to group), but throughout Asia and some areas of north Africa light skin simply meant you were wealthy enough not to get caught under the sun because you were working for your food, and thus lighter skin was desireable as a status symbol. This happened long before colonial times, and even today it’s still an important feature in the scale of attractiveness in some countries. A very good example are the Japanese, who traditionally considered themselves racially superior to westerners, while also valuing whiter skin within their own culture as attractive – because they consider themselves white-skinned, not yellow-skinned.
      It was very easy and very devious to use this against those cultures by asserting that the whiter skin of Europeans granted them racial superiority by default, but that concept was not created by them. White people just profitted from it, big time.

    • Mrs. Stewart says:

      palmieres so you agree that this idea of “race” was introduced in American culture by whites/Europeans. I wasn’t speaking about the world as you have in your response, the movie Get Out was not about the world. This movie highlights “race” in America abd with that in mind you seem to agree with me about who introduced this idea of “race” into American culture.

    • palmieres says:

      Mrs. Stewart If I believed racism in an American problem, then yes. But racism *isn’t* an American problem. Nor is it a black people problem. It’s a global problem that created and continues to create war and social conflict all over the world. And if racism is being discussed then it should be discussed as a global problem, where its reasons to be eradicated should be universal. I admire efforts to expose and dennounce racism, but I don’t admire the focus that is placed *only* on American individuals who have been victims of it. Even white people are racist among themselves, so it’s everywhere and it affects everyone.

    • Mrs. Stewart says:

      palmieres absolutely racism isn’t just an American problem, it is a global problem. As Americans if we want to address this issue on a global scale, we must address it domestically in order to not be hypocritical. Have a good day.

  20. kaykay12152 says:

    They have a college course for a movie?
    Might as well throw your money in the trash.

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