Jordyn Woods Breaks Her Silence On Cheating Rumors With Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian Responds

Jordyn Woods Breaks Her Silence On Cheating Rumors With Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian Responds

Jordyn Woods on Red Table Talk, relationship with Will Smith (00:40)
Jordyn Woods on Tristan Thompson (01:30)
Jordyn Woods Tristan Thompson kiss (02:20)
Jordyn Woods on Khloe Kardashian (03:01)
Khloe Kardashian claps back (03:30)

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Jordyn Woods Breaks Her Silence On Cheating Rumors With Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian Responds

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102 Responses

  1. esilverline says:

    I’m still stuck on Tristan cheating on Jordyn with Khloe, then cheated on Khloe with Jordyn ????

    • Mia Johnson says:

      Tiberlee B. Actions speak louder than words and it seems like you live for this energy. You sound like a Kardashian yourself, miss.

    • Mia Johnson says:

      Dark8Empress I don’t need to check my facts though. Those are all opinions that y’all have that the Kardashians shouldn’t be mad. Every and anyone would be mad. How about grow up and stop trying to hate on people you don’t know. Lol. You sound like one of the girls who would do some shit like this. YOU don’t even have all the facts yourself and telling me to check mine like you are a firsthand account. Not a good look sis.

    • Dolly Lillian Joseph says:

      esilverline ????

    • Marie Thomas says:


  2. Paul 78TM says:

    I don’t give a s**t

    • Paul 78TM says:

      +balleralert PEACE…✌️

    • king lo says:

      Majority of these comments are from females with fake hair ?

    • Candace Moore says:

      +king lo Whhaaat was your point? You really sat through a gossip video and could only think about the hair of the women commmenting. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be so insecure with myself that I worry about what women do with their hair and feel the need to invalidate their opinions (about some unrealistic hollywood gossip) because of it. Who hurt you? Why are you so worried about fake hair?

  3. Chantel Onfroy says:

    Imagine being 34 years old and treating your little sister’s friend like crap but to stand by a man who constantly cheats on you that don’t even love you. This is a prime example of women getting the blame put all on them and not the man,very disgusting smh ‼️

    • Davin Lewis says:


    • MonaLisa #unapoligetic says:

      Tristan does not want to be in a relationship with Khloe & anything she allows him to do to her is her fault cause she should have dropped his ass definitely after the second time

    • Cayden Keenum says:

      Chantel Onfroy I was with you til the last sentence because guys blame the person their girl sleeps with or kisses or whatever instead of their gf

    • thatlovegirl12 says:

      Kat Ramirez God daw Khloe when she was sleeping with Tristen while he was engaged too ?

  4. Tony Brown says:

    There so many real issues going on.. and these people talking about Kardashians..FOH

  5. Couch Tomato says:

    Her story sound Jussie Smulletish…Tristan smashed…

    • mr sir says:

      +noyb noyb stop deflecting this is about jordyn, tristan and khloe not the others

    • Cal V Thomas says:

      mr sir I was thinking the same thing. You’ll say that when you know full well ain’t nobody going to give you a lie detector test.

    • Princess Toyia says:

      Honestly Speaking lol I totally agree!!!

    • Honestly Speaking says:

      +mr sir tell me that when its time to do the lie detector test and jordyn refuses, until then jordyn say run it lol

    • Angel Eyes33 says:

      Couch Tomato I don’t believe Tristan and Jordyn has sex. I think he tried her and Jordyn didn’t want to say out right that he tried her.

  6. Nina Testman says:

    She should just hang out with the Smith family, she doesn’t need the Kardastinans to make it? Yes I spelt it wrong intentionally???

  7. Miss Kay says:

    How can Khloe say Jordyn Woods ruined her family when their relationship was over before the house party

  8. Miss Kay says:

    Jordyn Woods is Khole Kardashian karma

    • UniqueMusicxAddictz says:

      +Kiing milli just because khloe was a bf/fiance stealer doesn’t make it okay for jordyn to do it. There is a girl code regardless if they together or not. With my statement im not saying jordyn deserves to be harassed or that karma shouldn’t hit the Kardashians.

    • Miss Kay says:

      +UniqueMusicxAddictz The Kardashians do not care about girl code why should Jordyn…all Jordyn did was pick up the Kardashians/Jenner habits…they shouldn’t of got made at Jordyn just themselves for doing

    • Miss Kay says:

      +UniqueMusicxAddictz Tristan Thompson karma is not done yet either

    • Miss Kay says:

      +UniqueMusicxAddictz Khole okayed it for Jordyn Woods to hook up with her ex James Harden so obviously the Kardashians can care less about girl code

    • HowE Lee says:

      She’ll get her own

  9. Tila Bryant says:

    Khloé thought the black community was gonna be on her side lol nope ??? never

  10. KY S. says:

    Jordan made a mistake and she took responsibility for it! She doesn’t deserve the death threats and bullying from those stupid Kardashians & their cult fans. I honestly think that they’ve all been jealous of Jordan from the start. #TeamJordan

    • macey austin says:

      Baybeeh Mushie actually in her interview she states that she told both Khloe and Kylie that she was at his house and the only thing she left out was that he kissed her. But the more I hear about this incident the more I feel like he did this purposely to permanently end things between him and Khloe because he wasn’t man enough to tell her he didn’t want to be in the relationship any long….he was seen with someone days after this happened…..he’s such a coward and as Loni said on the Real today community pen***and any decent woman that sees him coming in their direction should run away as fast as they can. I hope Khloe and Jordyn can have a face to face and talk so that the healing can begin and they can put this incident in the past where it belongs

    • Mahogany. says:

      Jojoangel1205 unless you were there to see Tristan put his dick on her pussy, you don’t know what happen.

    • Wil Bridges says:

      KY S. Because Jordan has a “real figure”


    jordyn was not her friend she is kylie friend I am so sick of the Kardashians

    • king lo says:

      Why comment ?? ?

    • Linda Linda says:

      +Mia Johnson But it’s ok for Khloe to do it to her friends? She even dated the game right after Kim dumped him! The problem here is that this is something they normally do to their friends. This is the Kardashians/ Jenners MO. So, why are they mad now? It’s ok for them to do it but it’s not ok for someone else to do it to them!?.

    • Mia Johnson says:

      Linda Linda Did i say that? Let’s focus on things I actually said. Khloé and all of the Kardashian’s who have made jordyn’s mistake were all wrong.

    • Latoya S says:

      +Mia Johnson I am supporting Jordan because it still doesn’t mean persons should say she deserve to die she is someone’s child . I care zero about the hype life a mother’s heart would be broken if her child dies or get hurt tru a simple mistake everyone has made mistake some even worst. But everyone also as the right to their own opinion so I understand u. But I will stand by a child not to be bullied into death by evil person I am a mother too. It’s WRONG!!!!

  12. Tammy loveIsHot says:

    Forgive me but I don’t believe for a second that Jordyn has/had a thing for Tristan. I see it being that Tristan was lusting for her and made a kiss move on her but the poor girl didn’t know how to react. Since Khloe is her best friend’s sister. Khloe should stop holding on to what is not hers or hers never been. The man don’t give 2 cents about you. Maybe it would take him pipping Katelyn for you to see the writings on the wall

    • Peyton Bell says:

      +Steph I you probably have purple hair don’t you? I’m almost certain you’re 5’2 & 200 lbs… bad, I meant 100 kilos. Limey skank

    • Peyton Bell says:

      ? are you really watching a vid called “how to make it out of your 20s”? ….if you have to ask, you most likely won’t make it.

    • Thomas vanDyke says:

      @Tammy LoveisHot…Who wouldnt lust at thick redbone girl…was tristan mindset??????

    • Jane Dough says:

      She had a thing or she wouldn’t have been there in the first place.  Secondly, women don’t put their legs over/on a man they’re not interested in. Lastly, she didn’t complain about the kiss either or dodge it.

    • Mel Tax says:

      I agree with you.

  13. T Mac says:

    Yee left out the best bit that #FreeTristanThomson was hilarious ?? Black Twitter has no chill ???

  14. Talkindurinthemovie says:

    Sometimes Khole looks like Frankenberry…from the cereal

  15. tinaloveseddie says:

    Klamydia Khloe out there blaming everyone, but herself?

  16. Laurie skerchek says:

    The real problem here is Jordans family little siblings are having death threats and literally are unable to attend school the Ks did NOT have to make this public

    • Miss Kay says:

      +icantransformUK True

    • Ladressa Shaw says:

      Monique L I’ve been screaming ?????this forever but no one wants to hear it!!! The k’s gave Jason from Hollywood unlocked the “go ahead “to report the story. Had they have not then we the public would have never known. They could have dealt with it in private

    • Livia says:

      The Kardashian’s owe her no kindness or anything ? Jordyn is lucky she didn’t get her ass beat. She must’ve known this would b a bad move. If it had been Jay z she slept with y’all would have no problem blacklisting Jordyn

    • Justyn H says:

      Livia which kardashian would beat her ass lmao them plastic bitches ain’t about shit. Just a bunch of hoes who can’t keep their men happy

    • Angel Eyes33 says:

      Laurie skerchek Yeah that’s not cool. I can’t fault Khloe for being upset. That’s her baby daddy and this was like a lil sister to her…that’s a NO GO. But Khloe should have stepped in and shut this shit down when it got to threats.

  17. mrguudbar says:

    It ain’t fun when the rabbit has the gun. Khloe’s been taking black women men since the dawn of time. ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  18. Steelo Green says:

    Tbh we need to stop putting the Kardashians and the Jenner’s in the spotlight y’all keeping them relevant what have they done for you smh

    • chauncey ridgeway says:

      Steelo Green Nigga what has Kendrick or Cole done for you? Point is rich people don’t look out for broke people no matter the color

    • Steelo Green says:

      +chauncey ridgeway they put out relatable material quit looking for excuses tryna save these hoes my dude

    • chauncey ridgeway says:

      Steelo Green My nigga do you see a cape? Gtfoh They put out relatable material to “you”my nigga, keyword being “you”. Everybody don’t have to vibe with the same shit, do you actually think people in the suburbs will feel Kendrick and Cole the same way you do? NO because they can’t relate. Put it this way the same way Cole and Kendrick speak to “you”the Kardashian’s speaks to “them”. I hate when niggas say “they haven’t done anything for you”. My question is who has? Not Versace, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Cadillac, Apple, PlayStation, Balenciaga, NBA, and The Breakfast Club I’ll tell you that. My point is nothing helps us my nigga so stop throwing that shit around and let these hoes watch what they want too.

    • J'Shyn James says:

      I know I don’t listen to Kendrick or j-cole, probably because I can’t relate. And just by you commenting on this topic is helping keeping the Kardashian’s relevant sir. Lol

  19. Mom The Ebayer says:

    Why do people continue keeping the Kardashian’s at the front of their minds? The public continue making them relevant by constantly talking about their soap opera facade life. It’s other things of substance to talk about in the world….. trust me!

  20. Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM says:


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