Judge Jeanine: Mitt Romney awoke a sleeping giant

Judge Jeanine: Mitt Romney awoke a sleeping giant

The establishment is panicked and the former Republican presidential nominee just confirmed it

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19 Responses

  1. MiddleClasshole345 says:


  2. Clint Mayer says:

    Obama was the will of the people, twice. Anyone can be criticized. It’s
    creepy acting as if irreverence towards Trump will be met with violence or
    insurrection. This is why people see him and his fans as fascists.

  3. Florie Wilkins says:

    Judge I agree with all you say.why can’t people set it straight when they
    know whenDonald is telling the truth? I know he is the only one that can
    get the USA straightened out. Thank you for all your support of him.

  4. Remember America says:

    Yes Your Honor.. WE THE PEOPLE, ARE COMING FOR OUR COUNTRY… and we’re
    bringing Donald J. Trump! TRUMP EM !!

  5. burndog79 says:

    To the honorable judge Jeanine: Although your criticism of mr. Romney is
    SPOT ON, your support of Mr. Trump has me terrified that you are still
    ruling or practicing law. You are clearly a bandwagon republican willing to
    support this pig simply because he has the best chance of winning. Shame on
    you. You are EXACTLY what is broken in this country. If we are going to
    take down this commie movement, we are going to have to do it using
    strategy and intelligence yes, but Donald Trump is the opposite of that. I
    am a conservative at heart, but COMPLETELY DISGUSTED in the current party.
    You all make me sick.

  6. fredrich99 says:

    Wow Judge Pirro is 100% right and has balls . Twit Romney is a loser and
    has just been handed his balls to him by the judge

  7. Ian Mark says:

    BRAVO Judge Jeanine! Well said! Donald Trump for PRESIDENT!

  8. Oneda Zinn says:

    awesome rant….wow I love her! And Donald is looking even better because
    all the politically correct are getting their hair sprayed doos & rags
    ruffled. I love truth, I love gutsy people who don’t care what you think
    who love America & haven’t given up yet! I love any up and comer who has
    the tenacity to try clean up the mess Obama has left the American slaves, I
    mean people, before it’s too late.

  9. Dr. Ralph Kennedy says:

    Judge Jeanine just went up around 10,000 points in my estimation – move
    over Hilary, this is a woman with what it takes to be a President

  10. 883 hard Candy says:

    Bless you judge jeanine. Share this clip! Trump!!!

  11. Apsu PatriarchOfTheAeons says:

    What a blow hard! Ha! You American’s are so blind! Lies! You’re all “sick
    of the lies”…. This lady is a puppet, period. A klaxon, whose only
    apparent job is to create and fortify division, suspicion, unfocused rage
    and reactionary fear amongst her *own* party, (and, of course Clinton and
    Obama) whilst touting partisan rhetoric in support of demagoguery and blind
    “patridiocy” . The Repubicrates duopoly have you all salivating for war, a
    police state and economic collapse. And you’re all thinking that a Trump is
    not a puppet in this manufactured farce of an election as well. SMFH!

  12. Richard Zambory says:

    you are an idiot !!
    FACT !!

  13. The Last Goonie says:

    Get ’em Judge!

  14. PROUD AMERICAN says:

    Judge Jeanine for VP with Trump! ??

  15. freddie stewart says:

    Richard W. Bradford wake up and smell the coffee! Do you have your head in
    the clouds? Are you that blind to not realized the truth!

  16. Cordoba78 says:

    this bitch is duuuuuuuumb

  17. AcelSam says:

    I almost vomited.

  18. ink926 says:

    what’s up with your mouth tho?

  19. Pete Kapinos says:

    Trump – Pirro 2016