July 29, 2015: Sen. Tom Cotton’s Q&A during Senate Armed Services Committee hearing

July 29, 2015: Sen. Tom Cotton’s Q&A during Senate Armed Services Committee hearing

July 29, 2015: Sen. Tom Cotton’s Q&A during Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Iran deal

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20 Responses

  1. Kioskea Oskia says:

    America. . . arrogant americans. . . what they do no one should question
    them, because they’re always right, what others do they will poke at them.
    They think they own the world.

    • LetreJete says:

      +Kioskea Oskia Spoken like a Bolshevik. If we don’t own it, maybe we
      should. On second thought, now that we have Charlatans in high office,
      Quislings negotiating our treaties, and narcissists doing our fighting,
      maybe you’re right to protest this.

  2. Zio Jimi says:

    HOPE…CHANGE…(in 2016)…There’s some real Americans up in
    Washington…some real Vietnam Heroes…fortunately this slug isn’t
    either…pass the Cats-up!!!

  3. Tyler Stokesbary says:

    Tom Cotton despite being exposed to countless confidential hearings you
    really don’t have a clue about international politics do you? You do
    realize that the United States does not have sovereignty over other nations
    right? Or sovereignty over the United Nations? You’re just playing to your
    ignorant base.

    • Michael Kochin says:

      +Tyler Stokesbary No, Congress can’t make the IAEA turn over documents.
      However, Congress told the administration before the deal was signed that
      unless they got all the material documents they would not approve the
      agreements. This law was passed with only one dissent, Senator Tom Cotton.

    • LetreJete says:

      +Tyler Stokesbary Understood, but it’s a side deal to which the U.S. is
      a party. The law still applies–unless you’re a Quisling or other kind of
      useful idiot.

    • Tyler Stokesbary says:

      He’s not talking about the deal between Iran and the US? Hes talking about
      a side deal between the IAEA and Iran. Neither of which the US can do
      anything about

    • LetreJete says:

      +Tyler Stokesbary Ignorance is as ignorance posts. Much to the contrary,
      Sen. Cotton is spot on. You, however, are confused. The United Nations
      has no sovereignty over the United States. Is that clear to you? The law
      requires the text of the agreement be rendered to the representatives of
      the People–Congress, that is. As for Iran, Kerry is appointed to
      represent us, not Iran. Our interests supersede those of Iran so far as he
      is concerned. He is accountable to Cotton, not the other way around.
      Learn the Constitution, ignorant chump.

  4. Dane Trumbore says:

    This is treason, not ignorance! Treason! Put Kerry and Obama in Jail! This
    is Treason!

  5. ECC Massive says:

    The Iran nuclear review act, voted for by Congress & signed by B.O.The
    Almighty, states that the executive branch (B.O.) is required to present
    Congress with ALL documents concerning the Iran nuclear deal. All documents
    means all documents, however Congress will NOT have access to the
    documents/ agreement between the IAEA and Iran, and the executive branch
    will be in breach of the Congressional review act. It’s mighty suspicious
    that Congress will not be able to review these “secret” documents until
    Dec. 15, months after Congress is to vote on this deal. And Obama wonders
    why Americans don’t trust this deal. This sketchy development, coupled with
    his complete capitulation to Iran on all red lines he previously promised
    means this deal has no business being approved.

  6. Relatively Arduous says:

    I feel like our own government is setting us up. I don’t trust you Kerry!

  7. Charles Hagen says:

    Tom Cotton grills Kerry about SECRET SIDE DEALS WITH IRAN.

  8. RobPaul says:

    Cowardly Kerry continues to DISGRACE our nation.

  9. lowrider81hd says:

    My God! What an arrogant ass!

  10. David Lemon says:

    These guys are idiots.. just idiots

  11. Jamie Hitt says:

    From this video alone, it is safe for me to say that I like Sen. Tom

  12. Omar Hamed says:

    Kerry is protecting an international deal that is classified. Just because
    were americans doesn’t mean we get to know what that information is. Cotton
    is a little out of line in this Q & A.

  13. yakyakyak69 says:

    N. Korea all over again.

    Iran is rejoicing the win over the stupid Americans.