Jump Up, Super Star! – Super Mario Odyssey Musical

Jump Up, Super Star! – Super Mario Odyssey Musical

Join Mario and Cappy as they dance through the streets of New Donk City and embark on an all-new, massive, globe-trotting 3D adventure! Super Mario Odyssey is available on Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2017!

Enjoying the song? Download a short, free version of Jump Up, Super Star! here: http://supermario.com/

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20 Responses

  1. Cyan Jolteon says:

    Am I the only who thinks this sounds like a Christmas song?

  2. ISpectrum69 says:

    Anyone too poor to buy a Nintendo Switch?
    Imma just watch some random youtube playthrough because why not.

  3. Grey8421 4 says:

    I can’t believe this game is almost out already, this year went by quick!

  4. givemedepussie pliss says:

    Oh god. Imagine Mario and Pauline hooking up.

  5. Helifano says:

    Now *this* is good marketing.

  6. Kim-Lee Judawongnega says:

    0:30 shows that They’re dancing on Krool St. The Dk love is real

  7. Felix Widjaja says:

    “It’s time to raise our sales”

  8. Zoe Spargias says:

    best game for switch with zelda

  9. Logan Bradley says:

    I am in NYC right now (Edit: Damn Mario those dance moves tho. Seriously though I love Nintendo and it’s games, animation, and amazing fan bases. I am going to the Nintendo NY store today!)

  10. Dunkin Productions says:

    I wish the game was an open world game like breath of the wild

  11. Fredbear says:

    This is the best musical ever 😁😁😁

  12. mexo katon /mexo productions says:

    Let’s see here….

    Super Mario odyssey comes out at around the time October ends (a.k.a October 27)

    Sonic forces comes out around the middle-begining of November (November 17 I believe).

    So….Sega and Nintendo. What have you two exactly been planning with these dates besides these two great upcoming games?

  13. İlker Yüceler says:

    0:47 clearly one of them is not playing

  14. Maria Molina says:

    What a good time to be alive.

  15. Shope Animashaun says:

    That thumbnail is Nintendo s new way of dabbing.

  16. TheSupaChest says:

    i cant believe they still use mario 64 sounds lol

  17. B0X TR011 says:

    Why does this give me goosebumps

  18. Ryan Ward says:

    I think the big thing about this is how good it is put together, with the actors and props in the video. Good job.

  19. Rene And Knuckles says:

    Getting this, alongside a Switch, at launch.

  20. Kikillo™ Serrano says:


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