Just Be Yourself

Just Be Yourself

Just be yourself yo

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Songs used:
I didnt this time cuz i uh… couldnt find a good one

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42 Responses

  1. RiggedFactions says:

    Every like is a thumbs up emoji

    Until March 11th

  2. BaddestPuppet69 X says:

    4:28 my favorite Harry Potter scene

  3. Ainsley Brown says:

    Woah! Your art style has changed! It looks a lot better too! I’ve got to say that your one of my favorite animators and a pretty hilarious one too. In that case, I just want to give you a thanks for all the wonderful content you work hard on for your fans. Love ya~! (Not in that way)

  4. Tommy Keane says:

    *_literally busts through door_*
    Ok Adam, just try to fit in.

  5. Beeancahuang says:

    5:04 oh boii how the tables have turned…

  6. ZterZach Nuggets says:

    Just be yourself

    Or be something else

  7. MarbleTarble says:


    *looks at sub count now*

    *Excuse the hecc me?*

  8. Beth White says:

    You do you, I do me, but we won’t do each other…, probably..? •-•

  9. OutlierCaliber says:

    Always be ur self cuz you are fr*cking awesome you beautiful motherh*ckers

  10. TJ Toons says:

    *YOOOOO! The backgrounds are looking amazing Adam!!*

  11. Skilijest says:

    I’m often told I lack what’s on your shirt

  12. The real Resident nerd says:

    It’s hard when you get bullied for being yourself tho :/ like I’ve basically tried to fit in with any and every one in school and if I do I can’t be me. Wish I could talk about lego or that I like yt animations but then I get beat up and I got enough of that in my school life already

    • Jdog Has Joined says:

      Exactly. Being youself on the end can just cause to more pain and if not delt with right, suicide

    • Artur0712 Eduardo says:

      +Jdog Has Joined
      ALTHOUGH it may lead to this, the lesson that I got from being bullied was “life is mean” and from that I progressed emotionally and pschologycaly to become the person I am right now. Even when everythings looks like shit you gotta pass through it and become better in Life. But that my bro
      It’s not comon sense
      (Please undertand that Imma brazilian and my emglish is very huehue bad)

  13. Alex B. says:

    (reads description)
    You have a Discord?
    (demonitization slapp)

  14. Lily Pyle says:

    I like the new animation style!

  15. bleachyboi 3000 says:

    It’s not even that I care about what other people think, I just hate myself. I’m my own bully

  16. Janna Da Fish says:

    *Moral of the story:*
    Screw the purple people

  17. Le-Ann Win says:

    Can I just how much video quality has improved? Like ?great ?job ?Adam

  18. Eiman Haile says:

    You are now James Charles
    Like to Undo

  19. Can we get 1000 subs with Some videos says:

    The demonetization part was the funniest thing I have seen in my life

  20. YouTube Comment says:

    Finally the YouTube community gets a good message for a video

    Good job!

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