Justice League – Movie Review

Justice League – Movie Review

The heroes of the DCEU have come together which means Justice League is finally here! How does it stack up? Here’s my review of JUSTICE LEAGUE!

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89 Responses

  1. PTGKChrisHD says:

    Bruh, Flash Thompson from “Spider-Man” (2002) is on “Justice League” (2017) as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

  2. TheBraunMachine2011 says:

    Well, one thing’s for sure, this movie is gonna breed a whole bunch of DC vs Marvel/Avengers vs JL talk lol

  3. theprops says:

    Watched the movie, feels incomplete? No worries buy our blue ray edition to see everything promise it’ll make sense in blue ray.

    • Tom Caine says:

      You shouldn’t have to pay to see part of a movie though. The next step will be re-releasing the extended editions in the cinema, which means the public are paying three times to see the same movie.

    • Renzy Wenzy says:

      The same bullshit tactic in video games is being practiced in movies now too? Help us all.

  4. John Potter says:

    Simply put, it’s bad

  5. Trunk Films says:

    My favourite comic book Superhero is Captain Underpants

  6. TOOTS MAGOOTS says:

    Can’t wait for the porn parody from Brazzers.

  7. Nagaraj Veer says:

    “It’s not good but we’re too tired to deal with the crazy fanboys that blur the lines between reality and fiction so we’re gonna say ‘it’s ok’, ‘promising’ etc., just to get them off our back. Are we cool? – most of JL’s reviews in a nutshell.

  8. LitCaveman says:

    I’m guessing 70’s on rotten tomatoes

  9. A normal Guy says:

    Metacritic: 51

    Because of this, the Tomatometer will probably be like 58%.

  10. Dark Jedi says:

    I learned from BvS and SS to not waste my money on a cut up version of a movie. I will wait for the extended edition on Blu Ray. Not sure why they want to give us an unfinished product. No freaking thanks.

    • dradra2day says:

      Dark Jedi Boy get your little ass up and see the movie before judging.

    • Odarris Dhaiti says:

      The movie was awesome. Think he just being a bit critical.The first act was a bit choppy but the rest of the move was very well done

    • John King says:

      Caleb J we don’t know if it’s 45 min that was cut…

    • Real Paranormal Oahu says:

      Dark Jedi, I said that I wasn’t watching another DC theatrical release because better home releases in the comments section of Suicide Squad and was attacked by many DC fanatics saying I was being a retarded cheap ass bitch, in summary. I’m glad I decided to do so… none of the DC movies that released since Suicide Squad deserve the $100 it would cost to take my family to a show… don’t mind spending $20 on a bluray with MORE content though.

    • George Franklin says:

      Joseph agreed, after watching the extended version I was a little bit upset that they didn’t have it in the theatrical version. Like the scene that explained why superman couldn’t see the explosions. With that said, I still couldn’t get pass Jesse Eisenberg cringe worthy performance as Lexus. It would’ve been better if they’d just recasted Kevin Spacey.

  11. Jona zzz says:

    Cant be disappointed if your expectations is superrr low. Like rock bottom low.

  12. Who Films says:

    I was hoping to would be a course corrector tbh, but I’m still *ALL IN* on Friday ❤

  13. Muhammed Shagari says:

    So thats it huh, we’re some kinda.. .. justice league

  14. Muhammed Shagari says:

    Who else is pumped for superman!

  15. Albert Flame says:

    “Jeremy liked Suicide Squad! His opinions are shit!”
    “Jeremy liked a Marvel movie! His opinions are the best!”

  16. SSJ Chicano says:


  17. Bala krishna sharma says:

    🍅 Tomatometer
    Critics – 72%
    Audience/fans – 88%
    What do you think about this?

  18. Snarfer Trek says:

    Come on WB!!! , can you imagine what Would have happened if the lord of the rings Would have been 2 hours long!?. Just stop being afraid of long movies

    • PowerhousePR says:

      Snarfer Trek The shorter the more tickets they sell.

    • QUEENDOM says:

      Snarfer Trek shorter movies mean more plays = more money

    • Mike says:

      Snarfer Trek Can we get that a little louder for the people in the back??!

    • Horizontal View says:

      Don’t forget how the industry found out years ago with Lucas making $$$ releasing new versions of star wars on vhs or collector editions & then all franchises did it. New tech gave more features w/unrated editions,blooper reels, bts, while studios make $$$ & changing viewing experience in some peoples head so made people buy blue ray and made “fans” feel like they got to eat a steak while others were having fast food but people went digital. So they just added in what would have been cut originally and add a few extra easter eggs and everyone calls it a masterpiece . By the time you have seen a movie 1x $20 or super fan 2x $40 , rent when first comes out 1x $7 2x $14, buy digital copy $20, your monthly cable or subscription to netflix,amazon or hulu…,then tv licensing making you watch awful commercials you put about $20-$100 down payment on movie and are paying for it the rest of your life. Lol

  19. Jujhar Bling says:

    don’t watch trailer films be x100 better

  20. ChaseOnStage says:

    Justic League Review??? More like Justic League… PEEE EWWW!!!


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