Justin Bieber Tells Female Fan You Make Me Sick.

Justin Bieber Tells Female Fan You Make Me Sick.

Justin Bieber Tells Female Fan You Make Me Sick.
Justin Bieber was grossed out by a female fan getting all up in his space for a pic, and he let her know it … straight up.
Justin was in Melbourne, Australia Saturday, where a young girl tried snapping a selfie of herself next to the pop star grubbing on some finger food. He lectures her on respect … and then burns her with a harsh line.
Bieber … don’t bother him … he’s eating.

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20 Responses

  1. Jeremy Cheng says:

    Bugatti Biebs at it again.

  2. worldpeaceforme says:

    why does this cunt still have fans

  3. TheChronic2017 says:

    Justin Bieber has made it clear several times that he doesn’t give a shit about his fans.


  4. locallesful says:

    Who da fuck u think u r. Talking about respect level

  5. BroHamManRaging says:

    Why is this even trending? Nobody cares about this fag anymore.

  6. Miguel Cervantes says:

    I agree that some fans cross the line many of times and this girl probably crossed it. But let’s be honest here do we think Justin Bieber should be allowed to lecture people on respect.

  7. kevin James says:

    Someone slap that little fucker.

  8. Sara S says:

    Ppl are saying that these girls cross the line thats why he actin like that. But just rmmbr. These are the same ‘crazy’ die hard fans who buy 10 copies of his latest album that makes him boast about how many he sold in a year. Rolls eyes. He should be thanking his crazy fans for keeping him at the top.

  9. Rafael hernandez says:

    Wow, look at how he treats the people that made it possible for him to have this famous lifestyle , so sad

  10. zelmar hernandez says:

    Well we didn’t hear the whole story…was she being rude in some matter did she ask him something inappropriate….? He does need an ass whopping to bring him down to ground level…

  11. joshua garcia says:

    Justin bieber treating girls like no wonder selena left or why he can’t have a relationship for week except if there a 15 year old girl Justin is paying to keep it lowkey yeah Justin bieber fans i just made a sex with a minor joke

  12. Brian Griffin says:

    Why are people upset? First of all we don’t know the whole story. A few seconds of a clip doesn’t prove Bieber is an asshole. Second of all Bieber does not have to take pictures of fans, just because they bought his album doesn’t mean they have to take a picture with him, no where on the album does it say ” picture with Bieber included.” And btw I am not a fan, I think his music is terrible.

  13. Cindy Morales says:

    How sad without his fans he wouldn’t be where he’s at today.

  14. Erica Phillips says:

    I mean I would be annoyed if I couldn’t eat my damn icecream without people constantly being in my face taking photos. Was it mean? Yes…. but I understand his frustration. He lives a life with no privacy ?

  15. Blake Willis says:

    give him some room! poor guy!

  16. Derek Davis says:

    Don’t sweat it JB they make me sick too

  17. Joseph Amburgey says:

    This coming from the same guy who was burning out and drag racing in residential areas, even after being asked to stop?

  18. ovorrseer x rayn says:

    “Female fan”
    *Does he have any other kind of fans?*

  19. Better than you says:

    why is this fag still a thing? why the hell are artist like Beyonce Justin bieber Katy perry lady gagga and so on still a thing? they’ve been around for a while now get rid of them already and get some new artist with some actual talent

  20. 1000000000 views says:

    Roses are red
    My name is Dave
    This poem makes no sense

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