Justin Timberlake on His Super Bowl Halftime Show and Prince Tribute

Justin Timberlake on His Super Bowl Halftime Show and Prince Tribute

Justin Timberlake chats with Jimmy about the nervous tic that slipped out during his halftime performance, nerds out over earning a thumbs-up from The Roots’ Questlove for his Prince tribute, and drops hints about his Man of the Woods tour.

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Justin Timberlake on His Super Bowl Halftime Show and Prince Tribute

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78 Responses

  1. rainjoules says:

    So… he’s drunk, right?

    • Kitt Tenn says:

      I think they both look normal… they’re just being dorky bff’s… their eyes are normal and clear, they’re not slurring their words, and they’re not acting out of control. I’m not saying they haven’t had any drinks tho…cuz just like most people, they’re most likely doing the Super Bowl celebrations. And guess what? There’s Nothing Wrong With That. 🙂

    • Masser Phi says:

      Never trust a sober football fan , they the ones who give the police all dat riot footage afterwards 😉

    • Veronica says:

      The part where he was talking about Prince and he was stuttering like crazy confirmed it for me. But it was the night of the Superbowl after he performed so I wouldn’t expect anything less. Jimmy looked wasted too.

    • Whut says:

      Teddy Brosevelt HA

    • Kitt Tenn says:

      Some peoples children… js 😐

  2. trb4321 says:

    Jimmy kissing his ass like his career depended on it smh

  3. Eddie says:

    He used to be so beautiful. What happened? He looks like a new homeless person

  4. Me Miss Marie says:

    Look I like JT don’t get me wrong. But as someone who watched him throughout his career like most of us I remember HOW impressed he was of MJ……not Prince…. It seemed very forced. But it’s whatever. He gets paid to do a job and he did it soo EAGLES.

    • LiaTheShySinger says:

      That’s what I was thinking…

    • davidcici11Evolution says:

      Me Miss Marie JT is acknowledging Prince Greatness but he is obviously more influenced by Michael but paying homage to arguably one of the greatest musicians ever in his hometown is nothing wrong with that. He is definitely over exagerrating probably some of his sentiments but he admired and respect Prince and has attempted some of Prince musical artistry key word is “attempted”

    • miguel veloso says:

      davidcici11Evolution it’s not the tribute that’s bad. it’s the fact that it’s done by someone that bashed prince so much, someone that prince hated within the industry so much, while also going against everything prince spoke about with posthumous performances

    • mawb town says:

      +miguel veloso prince didn’t hate Justin.he made one joke at Justin an Justin took it wrong way an dissed him

    • Whut says:

      Pietro Michele sheet projection not hologram

  5. Wesley Au-Yeung says:

    jimmy lying through his teeth. greatest flop of all time maybe

  6. Janey says:

    It was a boring performance

  7. Giant Turd says:

    Justin is shit faced hahaha

  8. Resisted1337 says:

    Justin is so drunk, why cant anybody tell 😀

  9. Sarah Shenkan says:

    I loved his performance. He kept it natural without any unnecessary special effects.
    I don’t understand the negative comments here…
    That was a brilliant halftime show!

  10. samantha emily says:

    People have to hate on everything now smh. He did so good! 🙌🏻

  11. Celia Carvalho dos Santos says:

    He said Prince is he favorite musician??? wth??? Just because he was in Minneapolis. Very convenient.
    Prince deserved more than that!!

  12. Eric Albertson says:

    That was a great performance why is everybody hating

  13. RatBoy TM says:

    “One is the best half time performance of all time” jimmy you know DAMN well you lying that show was shit

  14. Cameron Marshall says:

    Can y’all stop Hating on Justin DANG!!! I thought he did an amazing job on the performance!!!

  15. Jordan NyeoSeo says:

    No one can top Bruno Mars and Beyonce’s performance

  16. J Andrei says:

    JT is a hypocrite. You can’t be about Timesup and Woody Allen. You can’t pay tribute to someone who not only disliked you and who you threw shade at, but who also was against being shown post mortem, whether through holographics or a big sheet.

  17. HAWAIIRAMSFAN7 says:

    His halftime performance was boring!!!!

  18. Shea Harris says:

    Bottom line is, JT put on a good performance, great dancing, great singing, it just looked dull because the last few halftime shows were dramatic and crazy amazing. It was far from bad. Also can we put this whole thing where JT disliked Prince (or is it vice versa?) aside? Bc clearly JT respects the man now and did a very nice and brief tribute to him. Obviously JT only meant well and u guys are bringing up past problems. It doesn’t help Prince rest in peace by bringing up old drama.

    • Shea Harris says:

      miguel veloso This isn’t the first time Prince received a tribute though… he’s received 4 tributes by now (that I know of), one by Mariah Carey, one by Bruno Mars on the 2017 Grammys and one by Madonna on the 2016 Billboard Awards. Justin Timberlake is no different. They all mean well, they never meant to disrespect him and that’s what should count.

    • Shea Harris says:

      Happy Sorry, but I don’t see anything wrong with that, he’s just singing a song of his and paying tribute in a way he thought would be respectful. Also devil’s tail??? It’s literally a silhouette of Prince holding his guitar…

    • miguel veloso says:

      Shea Harris using his actual performance video to simulate a posthumous duet is a completely different thing. using his vocal samples and the team considering a hologram is a completely different thing.

    • Felix Näher says:

      Shea Harris you are absolutly right. But sadly thats what too many people don’t see :/

    • Bo Smith says:

      Timberlake sucked as usual. Lame people have to defend the teenybopper compared to a real legend.

  19. RedLightning17 says:

    Are we just gonna pretend like Prince and JT didn’t have beef?

    • schlugg says:

      oddly enough that “drug addicted asshole” upstaged JT even as a projection on a fabric sheet.

    • HOA Bossman says:

      What was their beef about ?

    • schlugg says:

      False, Prince did not dislike covers of his songs. He even wrote a plethora of those for others. He hated artificially created fake duets by the means of whatever tech available. If you paid attention. There was a wave of tributes in his honors ever since his passing. None created any backlash. Because none pretended a duet. JT too would have been fine if he did not sample Prince’s vocals into his song. The lights turned purple, a picture of Prince, and then sing the song alone.. And it all would have been fine.

    • 1 says:

      elementblue780 how low is your IQ that you can’t differentiate between a PROJECTOR and hologram 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • 1 says:

      inasexymood it wasn’t a duet it was a tribute 🤦🏼‍♀️ you people have really low IQs

  20. TimeWatch5 says:

    Omg Jimmy is so funnyyy…😑

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