K. Michelle – Hard To Do (Official Video)

K. Michelle – Hard To Do (Official Video)

Watch the official music video for “Hard To Do” here!

Download K. Michelle’s “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart” on iTunes right now and instantly receive “Love ‘Em All,” “Maybe I Should Call,” “How Do You Know,” and “Going Under.”

Download on Google Play/Amazon: http://smarturl.it/getAWBAH

K. Michelle’s #1 debut album ‘Rebellious Soul’ is available in stores and online now http://bit.ly/rebellioussoulYT!

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/kmichelle
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Website: https://www.theKMichelle.com

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20 Responses

  1. Shemeha Haynes says:

    She is the only one on Love and Hip Hop who can actually sing……….you
    go K

  2. Angelene Walker says:

    She kissing a girl in the end wild to each it’s own, nice video.and song

  3. SukiGeez says:

    K Michelle mentioned this was a sample of the Total song so she is giving
    credit where it is do. & K. Michelle also mentioned she wanted to a video
    that was unlike herself because all her other videos are
    typically….actually supporters understand what this video represents…

  4. Tiffany Riggans says:

    That’s my ish

  5. Brandon Hunt says:

    Bro said she’s a Deerbrah lol…. Feeling the song tho.

  6. rolanda Fedee says:

    Yesssss!!!!! Love it!!!

  7. honey bee says:

    I like the song but hate the video 

  8. jali276 says:

    Love the zebra look….HOT

  9. Jia Li says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  10. Da Realist says:

    This Video Is Hott!!!!

  11. Yiorgos Stathakis says:

    FIRE!!!!!!!! One of the only albums that i can play from start to finish
    without the urge to skip a track. And so many absolute stand out tracks.
    This album was my travel companion when i was in Europe. I couldn’t have
    asked for a better album to come out at that time LMAO

  12. msgogetter023 says:

    Yesss beautiful! I love you K

  13. Jessica Rivera says:

    Love her!!!

  14. AFISHAMUSIC says:

    I agree I love going under

  15. Carla Scott says:

    Enjoyed the song, and video…

  16. goldenstate2413 says:

    Dam she is sexy

  17. Shardae Davis says:

    I love her
    This is the shit

  18. James Irivng says:

    Something Different K I Love It

  19. wilhard45 says:

    Her azz is bigger than the ass on the zebra. Heck the zebra is more
    attractive than this skank.

  20. differentandalike says:

    I like the visuals and the zebra. LOL