Kali of the dance

Kali of the dance

*If any money is made from this video it will go towards OUR wonderful daughters future. Thank you for watching:)*
My husband and I tried for years to have a baby and finally one day the universe blessed us with a little miracle. She was the most beautiful baby ever and we were the proudest parents. She was only a month old and we already had 30 gigs of pics and videos. We can’t stop filming everything she does and the number of pictures and videos we have of her are phenomenal. Our wonderful daughter Kali Jazz has a lot of favorite games but she loves the Jolly Jumper and actually crawls to it and points at it and laughs when she wants to go for a ride. One day I had to go out for an hour or so and I left my hubby home alone (Québec) with our princess and he thought it would be fun to film her having a good time in the Jolly Jumper. When it was nap time he looked at what he had shot and thought that she had pretty excellent dance moves and decided to edit the video and create Kali of the Dance. I laughed so freakin hard when I saw it almost peed my pants. I watched it over and over and could not stop laughing. I have the best husband and most wonderful daughter in the world! -Stacy Ann
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18 Responses

  1. Grzegorz Walus says:

    Urocze :)

  2. Alexandria says:

    Reddit needs to go away.

    Ugh. Anyway, thanks so much for this video! Your daughter is really cute.

  3. Yulan Ottenfwicke says:

    I love those things! Cured my lower back condition like that!

  4. Ms K. Johnson says:

    Here u go. A nice clean Sunday laugh.hahahahahhaa

  5. KillinDaWelfareMCs says:

    “Kali ma! Kali MA!! KALI MA!!!” rips out still beating heart.

  6. Superboy1097 says:

    Like if you cross-eyed this so it would be 3d :D

  7. love he says:


  8. MrRavrabbid says:

    I don’t understand what this is supposed to mean.

  9. Mathieu Paquette says:

    So why is this headlining my video feed?? this video is lazy as it
    gets…I’d be mad at my parents for doing this to me. yet youtube promotes
    it over everything like they don’t care!

  10. NatureSeeker says:

    Great edit guys! Brilliant!

  11. Professor Karla says:

    These are cool parents! (my son had one of those “jumping bean” devices
    when he was a baby but I wasn’t clever enough to do this ;-)

  12. Silver Lining says:

    The universe is not alive or conscious–it cannot by definition bless
    anyone–only random chance, which itself is subject too. Only a living
    conscious being can bless someone, as blessing someone requires thought and

  13. Mason Laboucan says:


  14. Bjorn spruytte says:

    Flatley Be Aware!!

  15. Bjorn spruytte says:

    Flatley Be Aware!!

  16. Teddy Jang says:

    Flatley Be Aware!!

  17. Hity internetu says:


  18. Andro A says:

    Who the fuck names their child ”Kali”!? What kind of fucking name is
    that!? I would slap those parnets. It sounds like something from India, if
    your kid is Indian then name it Kali! You see my name, that’s a fucking
    normal european name!

    Anyways cute video :-)