Kangaroo joey takes first hops

Kangaroo joey takes first hops

The Australian Reptile Park has had a bumper year for new arrivals with 8 month old Jellybean the eastern grey kangaroo joey being the latest bouncing bundle of joy showing off at the wildlife sanctuary only an hour north of Sydney

Jellybean is a part of The Australian Reptile Park’s eastern grey kangaroo family which visitors to the Park are able to walk freely amongst and hand-feed them. This hands-on interaction with an Aussie icon is often a highlight to both domestic and international guests.

The Australian Reptile Park is a hands-on zoo located the natural bush setting of the Central Coast of NSW, only 60 minutes from Sydney or Newcastle. Enjoy live entertaining shows, themed exhibits and interaction with many of the wildlife sanctuaries residents. The Park is open daily from 9am-5pm, with complimentary parking and BBQ facilities. More information at www.reptilepark.com.au

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